Spit in the Sandpit: Cold Turkey

Hi. My name is John Spittal. Proud Port FC supporter since 2013. I am excited to share with The Sandpit my observances, beliefs and more importantly my biases about Port FC, and the sport of soccer…soccer? Whoops sorry, I just gave away my Canadian upbringing. I call these little writings..Spit in the Sandpit

Dear fellow Sandpitters. I don’t know if you will see me at the season home opener in February. The reason is I may have succumbed during this unbearable wait. The excruciating wait to watch my beloved Tarua play a meaningful match at PAT stadium.

You say it’s only two more months; I say two more months might as well be two more years. How bad is my withdrawal you ask? Well, I think I have forgotten what a football looks like! What is even more distressing is I have joined that fraternity of Thai Premier League referees in forgetting the rules of the game. When I see the distinctive blue and orange Port FC shirt on the streets, I run up to the startled supporter, clench his shirt with both my hands and openly weep. You hate to see a grown man cry? Then tell the TPL schedule maker about it.

I honestly can’t remember when was the last time I saw the local lads at PAT. Let’s see, I think it was pre-Cambrian age, way way back to the pre-Brent McGrath age. I have even forgotten why I hate Muangthong United….oh….wait, it hasn’t been THAT long. It’s all coming back to me. Thank you MTU, the thought of you has triggered how willing I am to wait months and even more months to see my Port FC. Go Tarua!

John Spittal

John Spittal

John Spittal is originally from Calgary, Canada and has been living in the Sathon area of Bangkok for eight years. After retiring from his work as a CBC radio news and sports reporter after 32 years, he came over to Thailand to teach English in Surin and in Bangkok. He has four children and two grandchildren who all live in Canada. John has been a Port FC supporter for 7 years.

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