PAT’s the Way to Do It: How to Improve the Fan Experience


I have a confession to make; I’m a latecomer to “football” or as we know it in the US “soccer.” Growing up it was American Football, basketball, a bit of baseball, and when Dallas got the Stars in ’94 it was all about hockey. One of the things I knew I would miss when I moved to Thailand was sports, so I soon latched onto the EPL and became a raging football fan, watching a myriad of games each weekend.


Sports on TV are nice, but I really missed the live experience. Giving up my season tickets to the Stars was just about the biggest blow for me, well aside from forgoing good Mexican food, so I was thrilled in 2011 when my gal suggested we go to a TPL match. Truth be told I did not even know there was a league. We first went to a BEC Tero match at Thephasadin Stadium that was ok, but not that impressive. The next week we went to see Port vs Sisaket at PAT and we were immediately hooked.


I have really enjoyed these 6 seasons. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions with a cup final, relegations, promotions, road trips, and lots of new friends both Thai and foreign. I have never felt more connected and attached to a team.


For me the fan experience is really what professional sports are about. And it is one thing that American sports do quite well. From ticketing, to merchandising, marketing and what occurs each game day is well planned and thought out and most of it’s all fan-centric.


I would like to suggest a few things that would make the Port fan experience even better.



As a long time season ticket holder and Zone A denizen, I would like to have a reserved seat and be able to retain that seat season to season.


It would also be nice to have all the tickets ready at the beginning of the season for season ticket holders so that we don’t have to go to the shop each week to get our tickets. They could be labeled Match 1, 2, etc.


Merchandising and Marketing

Some years have been better than others. The years with Mizuno and Joma saw the shopped well stocked throughout the season with plenty of jerseys, t-shirts, and swag available. Other years have seen long waits for jerseys and a pretty barren shop. Port supporters buy a lot of merchandise, so ensuring that the suppliers keep the shop stocked and open during business hours is something all the fans will appreciate.


As I mentioned in the first paragraph; I lived in Bangkok, Khlongtoey specifically for over ten year before I even knew there was a league. I might have found the team a bit earlier had there been merch in the malls.


Game Day Experience

The atmosphere at PAT is great. Each year there is more food, more activities, and the supporters appreciate it. Last year the club sought out discounts on hotels for away trips and there were some buses. For certain effort is being put in by the club to make the game day experience better for the fans. I am hopeful we will have an even better atmosphere during the upcoming season with even more fan-centric events for supporters.


Again, just my two cents on some things I would like to see. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season. Hopefully we will field a competitive team. A mid-table finish would be wonderful!


Thanks to Landry Dunand for the photo


Tommie Duncan

Tommie Duncan

Tommie Duncan is from Fort Worth, Texas, USA and a latecomer to football, or 'soccer' as the Yanks call it. He’s been in Thailand for 17 years and an avid Port supporter since 2011. He can be heard shouting at the opposition, the officials, and occasionally the home side from the top of Zone A on matchdays.

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  1. Thai_Footy_Farang says:


    nice comment! Thanks!

    Because you mentioned the organised coach trips to away games. I haven´t been able to find any info on those trips, who organises them, whether the are organised for ALL away games, some info on how much they charge for these trips, if you can enjoy a beer on the coaches or whether these are “strictly no alc” etc.

    Would you are anyone else with some insight on these questions mind to share some info on these questions? That´d be greatly appreciated.


    • Tom Earls
      Tom Earls says:

      Hi, TFF.
      As far as I know, there are usually buses organized by the club, but the information is always released on the club facebook page in Thai, so it’s not accessable to your average foreigner. I’ve never been on one myself, but – knowing Port fans – I would be shocked if there was any kind of no-alcohol rule!
      For the short-haul weekend away trips to nearby cities the Sandpit crew often organizes minibuses privately, which usually costs 400ish per person for the round trip. If you’re interested in coming along to an away game with us just let us know 🙂 and if you fancy the Thai option, you will probably need someone to help you translate the posts on the Port facebook page.
      Hope that helps.


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