Tom’s Transfer Talk – 21 Dec 2016


Today, Tom’s Transfer Talk brings you the seasonal Port FC Advent Calendar edition. You remember what is was like when you were a kid and you used to stare at that final box – the Christmas Day one – but you knew you couldn’t open it yet. The box was slightly bigger than all the others. What was going to be in there? It might just be a slightly bigger chocolate, but it might be something completely different. The suspense!

Anyway, that’s how we feel when we hear rumours from Siam Sport saying that Port are making a marquee Argentine signing, but we’re not going to find out who it is until after the New Year. We wouldn’t be much of a transfer column unless we speculated on who the arrival might be, so with our journalistic integrity on the line we’re going to say that it’s almost certainly Leo Messi. At the very least, we can’t rule it out. It could be Messi. Anything could be in that box.

Panpanpong Pinkong, 29

Leaving the potential signing of multiple Ballon d’Or winners aside, let’s move on to the not quite so interesting but slightly more realistic business of the verbally challenging trialists Panpanpong Pinkong and Tatchanon Nakarawong.

Tongue-twisting left back Panpanpong, formerly of Bangkok United and Osotspa, has been training with Port for at least a week, and has taken part in the last two friendlies, being preferred to Piyachart (23) in what looks like Jadet’s current first XI. Panpanpong has not been particularly impressive, however, whereas Piyachart was Port’s best player in the second half against Pahang FA. Whilst we think that the 29 year old could make a useful addition to the squad, it is doubtful whether he will be first choice if he is eventually signed.

20 year old Tatchanon, previously of Army United, has also featured with the first XI, playing alongside impressive new signing Sergio Suarez and Sivakorn (16) in a midfield three. Tatchanon has gone about his business quietly, keeping play ticking over and allowing Suarez and Sivakorn to thrive, but again has not really done anything to make himself stand out. At just 20, he could be one for the future, but is unlikely to feature prominently in the TPL next season, even if he does make the move to Khlong Toei.

Saer Sene, 30

Finally, we are once again left scratching our heads over French trialist Saer Sene. He did what he needed to do and scored against Pahang, but is he fit? And is he really that good? There’s undoubtedly potential there, but in such an important position, and with flops Brent McGrath, Kayne Vincent and Thiago Cunha still fresh in the memory, can Port afford to take a risk up front?

With the squad scheduled to go on their New Year holidays on the 24th, it’s possible that we have seen the last of Sene, and that the mystery Argentine will be with the squad next time they meet. Or not. It is all gossip after all, and we still have no idea what’s in that damn box!


Tom Earls

Tom Earls

Having moved to Thailand aged 10, Tom has been playing or watching football in Thailand for more than 18 years. A keen follower of the Thai National Team and an avid fan of Port FC, he is a regular contributor to The Sandpit.

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