Dom’s Thai Port Thai: Lesson 1 – Going to the Match


Football is a universal language – you can have a great day out at Port without knowing any Thai. Positive and negative comments hurled from the terraces are fairly easy to tell apart and beer is the pretty much the same word (เบียร์ – “bia”). So you have all the vocabulary you need there. I speak a bit of Thai so here is lesson 1 in my Thai Port Thai football vocabulary course!


Getting There

PAT Stadium is at 444 Sunthon Kosa Road, Khlong Thoey, Bangkok. See our info page for full directions.

As Tim said in the intro few taxi drivers have heard of Sunthon Kosa. I’d say only about half the taxi drivers I speak to follow Thai football.

You can ask a taxi driver  for Thai Port. Thai Port normally referred to as ท่าเรือ Taa Rua,  the word for Port.

ไปสนามฟุตบอลท่าเรือ  pbai sanaam footbon taa rua?

=  go to Thai Port stadium


ไปสนามกีฬาท่าเรือ  pbai sanaam gila taa rua?

=  go to the Thai Port sports stadium?


If you’re nearby:

ฟุตบอล footbon taa rua

Football Thai Port


If you’re on the other side of town and want to get close:

ไปตลาดคลองเตย  pbai talaat klong toei?

=  go to klong toei market ?

Klong Toei Market is a five-minute walk away from the Thai Port stadium.


Away Games

Away games are a bit tougher. Some football stadium names are very long and unpronounceable. I spent ages trying to pronounce Thupatemi Stadium สนามกีฬาธูปเตมีย์ correctly. Then found out just saying Air force would have been better.

I normally just ask for football stadium and the club name and hope.


ไปสนามฟุตบอล………  pbai sanaam footbon …….?

=  Go to the football stadium of ………………?


pbai sanaam footbon …..Bangkok Glass ?

pbai sanaam footbon …..BBCU ?


Sometimes this still draws a blank, but there’s always another taxi or Uber.


Buying a Ticket

If you are wandering around the stadium and you say “ticket” in English to someone they will normally point you in the right direction. It’s at the corner of Zone B and Zone C. If you are still getting quizzical looks this might help.


ซื้อตั๋วที่ไหน ,    suu tua tee nai?   =  Where can I buy a ticket?

ตั๋ว ,  tŭa   =  a ticket

Normally I hear people say tŭa but also bat is used for ticket.

บัตร  ,  bàt   =   a ticket , = a card
The football vocabulary is largely from , not Thai for picking up but a good website for learning Thai. This page has the essential vocabulary and all-important sound files for the football words and phrases  We can write out vocab in English, but to really get the sounds  right it’s good to listen to the sound files.

Lesson 2 coming soon!


Dominick Cartwright

Dominick Cartwright

Originally from London, Dominick has been teaching English in Bangkok since 2006 and has been following Port FC since 2011.

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