Big Ratch Preview: Port FC v Ratchaburi FC, 11th Feb 2017

Saturday 11th February  5.45 p.m.

Live on True Sports 2

Yes, come on, it’s the return of the PAT, once again, the return of the PAT. I have e-mailed Mark Morrison to inquire about him doing a half time show, where he remixes “Return of the Mac” to “Return of the PAT”, my people and his people are currently in negotiations about exactly how much cocaine he’s allowed for his rider. Rest assured we in the Sandpit team are doing our best to bring him to the PAT on the 11th . It’s been so long. How long? Due to away trips and bans it’s been FIVE MONTHS! The last Port home game (that we were allowed to see) was against Air Force on September 11th last year. I’m sure we all remember Port beating Air Force two-zip. Siwakorn put us ahead, then Gengki knocked another one in at the death. The game also featured a twenty minute floodlight failure on the sixty minute mark to stretch out the game and the tension. This put us eight points clear of the nearest promotion contenders with four games left, great days. Just needed to beat Nakorn Pathom, which was going to be a formality surely?

Enough of all our yesterdays, on to Saturday. First game of the season is always a bit of a lottery, we’re not quite sure what the opposition has got, and we’re not sure who Jadet will start with. Three big questions have to be whether Siwakorn(16), Meechok(20) and Pinyo(21) are fit enough to play 90 minutes of football.

I think we’ll start with a 4-5-1

Worawut(36) (yes Tom, or possibly Rattanai(17) it is a close thing)

Meechok(20) (if fit, if not Nittipong(34)) Dolah(4), Rochela(22), Pinkong(19)

Pakorn(9), Tatchanon(39) defensive mid, Siwakorn(16), Suarez(5) attacking mid, Pinyo(21)


Or possibly 4-4-2


Meechok(20) (or Nittipong(34)), Dolah(4), Rochela(22), Pinkong(19)

Pakorn(9), Siwakorn(16) , Suarez(5), Pinyo(21)

Kaluderovic(10), Tana(99)


I’d like to see a 4-4-2, but I think even if we play 4-5-1 Suarez will push up a lot. Ratchaburi home is the kind of game we need to take three points from if we are going to have a good 2017.


Ratchaburi haven’t gone wild in the transfer market. With this sort of squad, they look to be solidifying their mid-table status. They’ve bought a few good players into the club and one marquee signing. That signing and their new SFS (Scary Foreign Striker) is Marcel Essombé who joins them from Dinamo Bucharest. This quality forward is likely to provide a real test for the Port defence on their first day out in T1. Last two meetings have been close, but they’ve gone against us. One nil wins to Ratchaburi on both occasions. But those matches were way back in 2015 with very different starting elevens for both teams. The only two Port players who were on the pitch for those games were Rochela(22) and Genki(18). Only back then Genki(18) was playing in the orange and black of Ratchaburi. If Genki(18) plays today, he’s sure to get a good reception from both sets of supporters. Everyone loves to see an honest hard working player at their club.

Result? I hate making predictions but if pushed I’d say,

Port 2-1 Ratchaburi (completely unbiased prediction there).

The five months away from PAT have not been in vain, we at the Sandpit have been working hard to bring you some classic terrace songs. My two current favourites are this one, to the tune of “Don’t You Want Me Baby” By The Human League.


“You were working as a winger in Ratchaburi

When we met you

We picked you out, we signed you up,

We cheered you on

We turned you into something new


Gengki Naga

Genki Nagasato, Genki Nagasaaaaaaaaaaatoooh”


Now one year later on you can’t control your feet

Football has been so tough for you

Oh, Nagasato – you know I don’t believe you when you say you can play football

You’d better step it up or we will sign your sister,

Genki Nagasato, Genki Nagasaaaaaaaaaaaaatooooohhhh”

By Tim and Me


And this one, to the tune of “My old man’s a dustman”,

Siwakorn’s a genius, he has a magic boot

His passes are perfection, but god don’t let him shoot,

The ref will give him yellow

The ref will shout and ball

He didn’t mean to hack him, just loves the fucking ball


Siwakorn’s a genius, he has a magic boot

His passes are perfection, but god don’t let him shoot,

He is a football genius, he’s married to the ball

Please don’t sent him off ref, or our chances are fuck all.


Also in pre-production is a Kaluderovic song, but at the moment it’s just,


Ka-lu-de-ro-vic laa la la , la la

Ka-lu-de-ro-vic laa laa laaa , la la

Ka-lu-de-ro-vic laaa la la , la la

Ka-lu-de-ro-vic laa laa laaa , la la

And he’s just got another bloody goal, boom boom

To the tune of “Brown Girl in the Ring”.


Should be a close game Saturday, win, lose or draw there will be a party. First day of the season back in the T1, let’s have it large.



Dominick Cartwright

Dominick Cartwright

Originally from London, Dominick has been teaching English in Bangkok since 2006 and has been following Port FC since 2011.

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