Remaining T1 Fixtures Announced!


Yesterday the Thai FA finally got around to announcing the fixtures for the second half of the 2017 T1 season. Why they can’t announce them all in one go at the start of the year like EVERY OTHER LEAGUE IN THE WORLD  is beyond me, but ours is not to reason why, ours is just to try & get to Samut Prakan at 5.45pm on a bleedin’ Wednesday.

Following a 3-week break after the trip to Sisaket, Port’s season resumes with a tempting-looking trip to Suphanburi on 17 June. Other tasty-looking away trips include Navy on 28 June (though it’s a Wednesday), Glass on 5 August (thankfully a Saturday), Police Tero on 16 Sept, Pattaya on 24 Sept and, possibly the best of the lot, Ratchaburi away on the last day of the season (18 Nov, a Saturday). Dom and myself have been mulling over the possibility of doing this in fancy dress, though some would argue noone would notice the difference.

As per usual, the second half of the season is highly disjointed thanks to various international breaks – including 3 weeks in July and a ridiculous 5 weeks in Aug-Sept. Quite why the Thai national team need these long breaks when they’re already out of the World Cup, and when lesser teams like Germany, Spain, France etc seem to cope well enough without them, is beyond me, and judging from Thailand’s pitiful recent WC performances they’re not exactly helping.

Another bugbear is the number of 5.45pm kickoffs. These are fine – welcome even – at the weekend, but not in midweek when many fans simply can’t get away from work early enough. Our home game against Ubon earlier this season was half empty until half time due to this early start. It’s hard on the fans and it’s also hard on the clubs who miss out on valuable ticket revenue.

Anyway, enough moaning and on with the season! You can see the full fixture list, which is of course subject to no doubt considerable change, here.


Tim Russell

Tim Russell

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