A Date Which will Live in Infamy: Port FC 5-0 Royal Thai Fleet FC (FA Cup R1)


Facing a rather foreigner-thin Port squad, the Royal Thai Fleet Battleships were not able to get loose from their moorings. The last time a group of battleships experienced this kind of carnage in port was December 7th, 1941.

Port’s starting eleven of Dolah, Pakorn, Siwakorn, Rattanai, Pinkong, Meechok, Pinyo, Josimar, Attipol (a last minute replacement for Jadue who injured himself in warmups), Praweenwat, and Piyachart S, were more than a match for the T4 semi-professional Royal Thai Fleet team who donned a mottled black and white kit that would make even a Chainat supporter twinge.

Heavy rains that threatened to turn the pitch into a lake marred the beginning of the game. Memories of a cup match against Glass that had to be abandoned were running through my head. But right on time we began and the rains slowed a bit 15 minutes in. From the initial whistle Port were the better side and just 3 minutes in Josimar (30) scored on a giveaway from Fleet.

Although allowing Fleet some possession early on they never looked threatening and at the 16 minute mark Piyachart (88) drilled home a rebound off Josi. Play was started by a beautiful cross from Pakorn (9) that dropped like a bomb from a VAL dive bomber right on Josi.

Just three short minutes later Pakorn placed a corner in the net and Port were up 3-0. The rest of the first half saw more Port dominance and less and less Fleet possession.

Ekkapoom (8) replaced Pinyo (21) at the start of the second half and Fleet had no answer to his speed. For the entire half plays up the left resulted in chance after chance. On 52 minutes a rare pinpoint cross from Ek found Josi in the box and it was 4-0. The rout was on at this point.

Wuttichai (14) replaced Josi, but nonetheless chances continued. By the middle of the second half Fleet were resigned to their fate and did not mount much of a challenge. The final change was Pakasit (2) for Meechok (20).

At 90 +3 a fine Pakorn free kick led to a Dolah (4) goal. Final score 5-0 and Port are into the next round.


Thoughts on the Match

Even though we played quite well we were content to allow Fleet quite a bit of possession in the first 15 minutes. A better team will create chances.

Pravinwat was impressive. Not only a physical force, he makes smart plays, and seems to be a leader on the pitch. Guess we will see what he is really made of against Bangkok Utd on Sunday.

Dolah is becoming a real physical presence. He has learned to use his body to his advantage and is quite the intimidating defender.

Aside from Pakorn, our crossing still lacks.

It was good to see Pinyo get a game. I hope he did not re-injure himself at the end of the first half.

Even though Pakorn can be maddening (he did go down and require treatment again) he is one of the most vital parts of the team at the present time.

With 8 foreigners on the squad how is it that there are only two in the game day squad? And one did not make it past the warmup!


Man of the Match – Pakorn

Let’s hope he plays this well Sunday. He’ll need to.


Tommie Duncan

Tommie Duncan

Tommie Duncan is from Fort Worth, Texas, USA and a latecomer to football, or 'soccer' as the Yanks call it. He’s been in Thailand for 17 years and an avid Port supporter since 2011. He can be heard shouting at the opposition, the officials, and occasionally the home side from the top of Zone A on matchdays.

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