Contributors Wanted! The Couch Potato Edition


Since the last time we at The Sandpit wrote an article titled ‘Contributors Wanted!’ we have had 15 different people write previews, match reports and articles for The Sandpit. Players and managers – not just from Port but from all around the league – have taken part in our interviews. Port fans have sent us their photos, made videos for us and supported us in all sorts of different ways. Of course The Sandpit would not be able to keep up with the mental world of Port in the way that we have without all of your help, and it is always greatly appreciated.

That’s why, before asking more of you lot, we thought it would only be right to acknowledge those who have contributed to The Sandpit so far.



Andy Hailstone, Brian Blanchfield, Dave Barraclough, David Brassington, Dominick Cartwright, Gary Rutland, James Clarke, Joe Kheng, John Spittal, Kevin Machugh, Mike Strunk, Peter Hockley, Tim Russell, myself and Tommie Duncan.


Photographers and Videographers

Alisa Suwanrumpha, John Parbury, Kenny Goodbourn, Landry Dunand, Linny Russell, Tim Russell and all the people who take photos for various Port Facebook groups which we occasionally borrow!



David Rochela, Jason Withe, Josimar Rodrigues, Mano Polking, Matt Smith, Niran Hansson, Patrick Bentley and all of the fans from other teams who we have quoted in our previews.


Big thanks to all of those listed, and anyone else who I’ve forgotten. Of course, we still need all of your continued support to keep on producing the content we do, and we are always excited to welcome new contributors to the fold.


Couch Potatoes Wanted

What we’re after now is a particular kind of contributor: the sort that doesn’t really want to do any work, but would rather sit around with a chilled beverage in hand and have a chat about Port. We’re of course talking about our new series of Podcast Interviews called Zone F, which is basically me sitting around with you lot and asking some questions which we hope will help to create a Port-rait (geddit?) of the weird and wonderful Port supporting world. The first interview with Tim is here for you to listen to, and during the remainder of the break I hope to record a few more of these with anyone who fancies participating. Whether I’ve never met you before or see you at every match, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer you’re welcome to join me for food, booze and a good old chin wag. I’ll send you the questions in advance so you know what to expect, but it’s really just a chat about Port. What could be simpler?

You can get in touch with me through the Thai Port Importz Facebook page, or by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.


Tom Earls

Tom Earls

Having moved to Thailand aged 10, Tom has been playing or watching football in Thailand for more than 18 years. A keen follower of the Thai National Team and an avid fan of Port FC, he is a regular contributor to The Sandpit.

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