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Wednesday Away

Tom on his portcasts always asks “You’re a Port Fan, is it more about football or more about the social side of things?” For me it’s a 40/60 split. The football is OK. Port are a decent T1 team with a potential for a good cup run, or in a bad year a quality T2 team chasing promotion. More importantly Port are a fantastically well supported club. And some of the best Port days are Wednesdays away. Wednesdays you have to nick off work early or be free to mission to whatever far flung part of Thailand the season throws up. There are no part timers on a Wednesday away. Some regulars can’t make it, this week Hockers was stuck in the library with a trainee librarian, we’ll have to ask him about that on Saturday. Tim Russell was forced to leave the country, because he’s a jinx for away games. Sorry Tim, your Thai Port Visa has been revoked, we’ll let you back in the country for Sisaket Home, and you’re allowed Ratchaburi Away as it’s the last game of the season.

Those of us that did make it converged on Samut Prakan in various different ways like a Thai Port version of Wacky Races. Keith driving, Costa flying in, I went for the bike, then BTS, then taxi, then walk combo. It reminded me of the old Paul Simon Song. “There must 50 ways to Support Port…”


There must be 50 ways to support Port,

Get to the PAT Matt,

Head to Klong Toei Boy,

Stand in Zone B Vee,

Set yourself free


Jump on a bike Mike,

Check out the save Dave,

Support the Lion Brian,

Listen to me


Arrange to meet Pete,

Check out the Tom,

Get a Port sim Tim,

Kick off is on John,

Stand in Zone B Vee,

Set yourself free


Come down and cheer Bank Frank,

Have some belief Keith,

Sort out your biz Giz,

And set yourself free.

(to the tune of “There must be 50 ways to leave your lover”)


I believe Paul Simon re-wrote it and had a small hit with the song a few years ago. I still think his first draft was the best version. Paul Simon, Thai Port hardcore since ‘67.

On the way to the ground most of us noticed the nasty smash up about two miles down the road from the ground. Passing it I thought this might be an omen of the carnage that was to come, Port’s party bus might well obliterate  the Super Power Fiat Punto with an head on collision of goals. Super Power Samut Prakan have only won once this season, could they make it two tonight? Surely not. Pre-match predictions in the taxi were, Costa 3-1, Kenny 3-1, Me 6-4. With Super Power relegated a long time ago and Port safe already, this game had no jeopardy, just one last Wednesday Away in 2017.



Port went up after 15 minutes, a great pull-back from Pakorn (9) blasted in by a resurgent Sergio Suarez (5). The Wednesday Away crowd rewarded for all our troubles. One goal up, Port established the natural order of things, but it was Super Power that had the majority of the chances over the next 60 minutes. With a slim lead we were scared we might slip up and make a sad footnote in Thai football history as one of the teams to give up points to the worst T1 team ever. Josimar (30) popped up with a good chance half way through the second half. Then Super Power came back with a good long range shot turned over the bar by Rattanai (17). We were not worried as Port fans we know…


“Rattanai’s in the goal was is he gonna do?

Rattanai’s in the goal was is he gonna do?

He’s gonna save that shot, that’s what he’s gonna do

He’s gonna save that shooooooooot,

Woo Woo Woo Yeah

Woo Yeah.”

(To the tune of “There’s a rat in me kitchen” by UB40)

Genki always smiling, never tired. Pictured here in Chiang Rai enjoying the Genki Song.

Genki managed to play most of the game for a change and we were given ample chance to sing…


“You were working as a winger in Ratchaburi

When we met you

We picked you out, we signed you up,

We cheered you on

We turned you into something new



Gengki Naga

Genki Nagasato, Genki Nagasaaaaaaatoooo

Genki Nagasato, Genki Nagasaaaaaaaaaaatooo


Oh, Nagasato – you know I don’t believe you when you say you can play football

You’d better step it up or we will sign your sister,

Genki Nagasato, Genki Nagasaaaaaaatoooo

Genki Nagasato, Genki Nagasaaaaaaaaaaatooo

(to the tune of “Don’t you want me baby” by The Human League)



Eventually with the minutes ticking over Genki was subbed off for Pummared (41). I’m not sure why we always sub him off, I think the Jadet just looks at his work rate and figures he must be tired after all that running. He’s not tired he could go for another 45 minutes and then some.

If there are two players I can’t stand to see coming on the pitch it’s Tana (99) and Wuttichai (14). So it was only fitting that while I was hurling abuse and both of them Tana scored in the 82nd minute and Wuttichai set up Pakorn for a Port’s third three minutes into injury time. In between these two footballing aberrations, Super Power got one back to confirm Costa and Kenny’s pre-match picks of 3-1 at full time. And it also confirmed the fact that I should never gamble with predictions like mine.

Post-match beers and cheers saw Pang pushing Jadet forward to receive the adoration of the away end. I think this shows he’s going to be our coach in 2018 and Pang will back him for the long term. When I say long term I mean at least 6 games into the 2018 season.

Oh I almost forgot…


The other night dear while I lay sleeping

I dreamt we won the FA Cup

But when I woke dear, I was mistaken

So I had another beer


You are my Thai Port

My only Thai Port

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know Port

How much I love

Please don’t take my Thai Port Away

(to the tune of “You are my sunshine” by Johnny Cash)


That’s all for this Wednesday Away, See you on Saturday.

Dominick Cartwright

Dominick Cartwright

Originally from London, Dominick has been teaching English in Bangkok since 2006 and has been following Port FC since 2011.

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