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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say goodbye to Port’s 100% start and in turn their first loss. It was great fun while it lasted and we will remember it fondly… OK, enough doom and gloom; this report won’t be fun to write but before I begin to analyse the subpar performance I’d like to remind you naysayers that Port are still 3rd in the table and this report will be far from a eulogy for our hopes for this season.

The journey up to Rangsit was punctuated with bison grass vodka and a book (novella) salesman pitching his latest effort to us. Thankfully the journey was swift and we were at the stadium with plenty of time to enjoy the local hospitality. As we walked back from the away ticket office, some of us noticed the sprinklers were liberally watering the pitch; this will have an effect on our performance later but I’m not going to blame some gamesmanship on our weak showing. More on that later. The rest of the afternoon was pleasantly spent at The Rabbits Bar screaming “TARUA!” at Glass’ film crew and me breaking a beer tower without even trying.


“3 stands! You’ve only got 3 stands!”


So let’s get down to the shitshow. Port lost the game in the first 8 minutes due to terrible defensive errors and positioning, a general lack of focus and woeful decision making from several players. In the second minute a cute touch from Mario Gjurovski (70) in front of Dolah (4) found Mendy (10), who up to now had done sweet FA all season, and his first touch put him through on goal. With Dolah already nullified, Nitipong (34) tried to make up the ground but was already too far away and Kevin (97) tried to cut off his run but it was too late; he finished low across Worawut (36) into the bottom corner. The back 4 was made to look like a bunch of mugs and before you ask about Rochela (22), he was already taken out of the game for pushing up too high to cut out the initial pass to Gjurovski.

So far so bad, but it then got worse. In the seventh minute a simple ball over the top found Gjurovski. His first touch was reminiscent of Gazza over Colin Hendry, making Dolah a spectator, and then after letting the ball bounce he fired a quality finish under Worawut, who really didn’t look like the world-beater we saw against Pattaya and The Scum. I’ve watched this goal several times for the benefit of this report and think it would be too easy to point the finger at just Dolah and Worawut; Kim (8) could have easily have got his body in the way of the pass to Gjurovski and Rochela once again had pushed too far upfield to offer cover. Mario had to work for the goal, but the manner in which we gave it to him is more than frustrating.


That escalated quickly


I’ll sum up the rest of the first half briefly; it was the worst I’ve seen Port play this season and probably since the failed Zico experiment. Glass had multiple chances and hit the post in the 21st minute, and as the half went on it was clear that Worawut was injured. Port showed a lack of cohesion and wasted ball after ball; no shots were registered in the first half let alone chances made. While we were misplacing passes we also had to struggle against the waterlogged flanks which hampered us on many occasions, clearly demonstrated when Pakorn (7) took one of the worst corners I have ever seen and left a sizeable divot in the pitch.

The second half was a little better and real hope was offered when Glass’ keeper Narit (1) played a very weak goal kick straight to his defensive line. The defender’s first touch back to goal was short and Suarez (5) sneaked in to cut out the ball but his first time shot with the outside of his boot went wide. Next, Pakorn had a shot from outside the box which hit the side netting before Mario had a chance to put the game to bed for Glass in the 63rd minute, but also shot wide. Aside from a tame Siwakorn (16) effort our only real chance for a goal came in the 90th minute when Kim acrobatically latched onto a header, his shot was parried away by Narit and Boskovic (23) was first to the loose ball but his shot cannoned off the post across the face of goal. Even with 6 minutes of extra time it was clear it wasn’t going to be our day.

So hats off to Josep Ferre and Glass; he got his tactics spot on and his players didn’t have to go the extra mile to win today. Knowing that our best attacking play comes down the flanks he made sure the pitch would stop us, and by compacting the centre of midfield he made Kim, Siwakorn and Suarez have little effect on general play. In Mario Gjurovski they have a quality playmaker and Matt Smith (4) was assured in defence. They clearly don’t belong in the bottom half of the table and they won’t be there for long.

Enough praise; lets pick away at the corpse of our defeat. The players clearly didn’t turn up to this game and with no focus or concentration they gave the game to Glass on a silver platter. At 2-0 down their shoulders dropped and it wasn’t until half time (and hopefully after some strong words in the changing room) they decided to make a game of it. We had 2 chances that Suarez and Boskovic would usually bury and we could have escaped with a 2-2 draw, but they didn’t and we didn’t. Our captain was not his usual calm, dependable self and this filtered into the rest of our back 4. I’m struggling to think of any player who gave 100% yesterday; they looked lost at times and didn’t seem to have a Plan B.

So what is Plan B, Jadet? At the moment Plan B is the same as Plan A but with different personnel; bringing Bodin (10) on when it’s clear for all to see that the pitch isn’t true will result in the same problems. It was commendable to take off Kevin, who was having an absolute shocker, and replace him with a striker, but Boskovic wasn’t getting any service so how will Arthit (29) make a difference? Jadet stands on the touchline and studies his clipboard intently like a hungry drunk looking at the menu in a Chinese takeaway only for his players to come over and inform him what’s actually going on. He needs to come up with some real tactical alternatives because the opposition is wising up fast about us, and Madame and the fans have high expectations this season.

Next week Port has a chance to pick themselves up, dust off this defeat and redeem themselves against Ubon, before a tricky away fixture to the other surprise package of the season so far, Sukhothai. With the improved squad we have to look at both matches as winnable, but will the bad habits of last season and the dreaded Operation Fuckup creep back into our play? It shows how much we have already improved that we are asking these questions and not just accepting poor performances as par for the course so I for one am hopeful. TARUA!


Men of the Match

The Fans


Some spectators greet the men of the match


There is no way on God’s green earth I was going to award any player MOTM after what I saw. No one remotely earned this accolade so when I was informed I could award it to the fans my decision was made a lot easier. We came in large numbers, sang our hearts out and basically brought Khlong Toey to Rangsit for a couple of hours. Well played everyone.


Toby Knight

Toby Knight

North Londoner, Arsenal fan and believer in lucky cigars, Toby happily stumbled upon Port FC 4 years ago. The rest, as they say, is history.

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  1. David C. says:

    Good report. You missed that they ran out of beer at half time though. Not good for a Stadium sponsored by the beer they ran out of. Guess they don’t usually have that many away fans.


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