To Port FC: Thank You & Goodbye!


Allegiances are a funny thing. Even though putting the name of Muangthong United on my CV was probably the thing that kick-started my “career” in football journalism, there is something about Port that feels distinctly like home. They say one must never forget their roots. Even though I have been a supporter of the Kirin since 2014, it’s a saying that reminds me as much of the PAT Stadium as it does the SCG.

2018 has been a fantastic year for Port fans. The side has splashed the cash to bring in talents unlike anything ever seen before in Klongtoey. To have such pulsating football played to a remarkable, vibrant atmosphere tucked away in the most mundane of settings gives the air of a fantasy or other-worldly story. It’s a feeling that I tried my best to convey in my debut article for These Football Times, highlighting the club’s unique story.

Most importantly, Port, the Sandpit and the rest of the fandom opened their arms to me at a time of need. This year has been one of major upheaval for me, with my graduation and impending departure to foreign lands to pursue higher education providing a backdrop for major changes in my personal life. During this hard time, I could always rely on the energy and excitement of Zone B to sweep me away from my worldly troubles and take me to a magical land of Nurul dribbles, Rochela tackles, Suarez free-kicks and Boskovic goals.

It is with both anticipation and sorrow that I look forward to my final game of what has been a remarkable season. It is times like this when I know that football is more than just a game.

The reception for my aforementioned Port article was far greater than I had imagined. Maybe it was because of the emotion behind it, and my newfound attachment to this clubs’ fans managed to seep its way through. To find such a welcoming community at I time I needed it most has impacted me in a way no other football club really has.

Thank you.

Gian Chansrichawla

Gian Chansrichawla

Gian is an aspiring football journalist living in Bangkok, Thailand. He currently works as the Southeast Asia editor at Football Tribe and has been a keen follower of Thai Football since 2015.

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