The Portlist 9: Tanagrams And The Most Ludicrous Port Stat Ever


1 (1) Kim Sung-Hwan

Kim remains on top by default, really. Any sustained run of form from any of Port’s key players would have secured them the top spot, but it doesn’t seem as though half the team can be bothered. After an inconsistent start to his time with Port, Kim has settled down in to a mostly mistake-free rhythm in central midfield. It feels like we’ve become so accustomed to his outstanding long passing that it doesn’t raise an eyebrow any more, but just you wait and see how much we’ll miss it if Kim is not retained next season. Firmly in the running for player of the year.

2 (7) Nitipong Selanon

He’s been beavering away on that right hand side all season and finally some real recognition is coming his way on the Portlist. When some of those around him have long since stopped being bothered, Nitipong has continued giving it his all and contributing consistently at the back as well as going forward. Also firmly in the running for player of the year.

3 (5) David Rochela

Port’s captain is never too far away from the top, and he comes in at number 3 this time. His form seems to have improved in recent weeks, having slipped down to his lowest placing yet in the last Portlist. Still one of the better foreign defenders in the league, but his place in next season’s squad is far from assured if Port spend big again to try and go for top spot in 2019. Here at The Sandpit there are whispers of two player of the year awards, one being a fan vote and the other being picked by our esteemed writers. Arguably the most popular man in the squad among supporters will be one of the favourites for the fan vote, but we’re not sure how well he’ll fare in our discerning writers’ estimations.

4 (8) Elias Dolah

He’s had an excellent run of form in the second half of the season, although things haven’t gone his way in recent weeks through no fault of his own. Dolah was ludicrously sent off after the referee got conned by Chiang Rai winger Chaiyawat Buran a couple of weeks ago, suspended the next week and most recently left out by Jadet in the 0-2 loss against Suphanburi. Nevertheless, Dolah’s improved form, his motivation to give his all week in week out and the leadership he has been showing on the pitch all mean that he is a big winner in this season’s penultimate Portlist. A late challenger for the player of the year award.

5 (4) Kevin Deeromram

His form has dipped quite a bit, if we’re being honest. Kevin is another who will run his socks off every week, and is never found wanting where effort is concerned. Is fatigue to blame? Quite possibly, but it could also be the lack of consistency in front of him. In recent weeks he’s had Bodin, Pakorn, Nurul and Boskovic playing left wing, none of whom are known for their tracking back. Kevin probably needs a couple of really exceptional games in the run-in to scoop the player of the year award, which he was one of the favourites for a couple of months ago.

6 (2) Sergio Suarez

The midas touch which Suarez showed so consistently in the first half of the season has gone missing. Since returning from his shoulder injury, Sergio has got nowhere near his early-season best form, and is lacking confidence in front of goal. He has 2 goals and 1 assist in his last 7 appearances. In Suarez’ defence, he did ping in a superb finish against Korat, but only after missing an open goal from about a foot out. At one point a shoo-in for player of the year, now Suarez is sure to have some advocates and also his fair share of detractors after his second leg slump.

7 (21) Nurul Sriyankem

He’s back from injury, and not much has changed as far as his form goes. Still buzzing around the wings hectically, getting fouled a lot and diving even more. Still creating chances, getting in to dangerous positions but not being quite as good with the final ball as we would like him to be. Still, Port always look better with him in the team, and with Pakorn and Bodin already having been on holiday for two months he is undoubtedly Port’s best winger at the moment. Which rather appropriately is something like being the tallest man at a midget convention.

8 (3) Dragan Boskovic

From the last Portlist… “Boskovic’s season looks like it’s going to be one excellent and prolific run of form sandwiched between two underwhelming and barren runs of form.” Called it. We never thought we’d see the day we’d be happier to see Arthit starting up top than the biggest T1 signing of the summer, but that’s pretty much what it’s come to. He’s a great player of course, just not the player Port need as striker in the system Jadet is playing.

9 (11) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Siwakorn scored a lovely goal the other week. How about that! Nevertheless, in all this season has to go down as Siwakorn’s worst since re-signing for Port, and that’s why he has gone from being Port’s most important Thai player to a passenger who honestly has very little effect on proceedings.

10 (10) Pakorn Prempak

He’s basically been on a sun-lounger for the last 2 months, so there’s very little to comment on. The one defence of him is that set-pieces are worse when he’s not on the pitch, but at this point it’s a price worth paying not to have him strutting up and down the right touchline pretending to be a professional sportsman.

11 (9) Rattanai Songsangchan

Retains a place in my first XI based on the fact that when Worawut plays I miss Rattanai just a little. And we know he’ll be restored to the first XI next season, so there’s no point pretending that Worawut’s going to usurp him in the long term, even if he stops flapping at crosses, which he won’t.

12 (14) Worawut Srisupha

A great shot-stopper, poor at dealing with crosses and mediocre at distributing the ball. Perfectly OK for a T1 second choice ‘keeper considering the dross that everyone else has to put up with.

13 (16) Arthit Butjinda

Or ‘young Pele’ as a particularly sarcastic excitable Sandpit contributor christened him. Arthit has been winning admirers of late with his battling performances, and although he’s far from the most technically gifted, what he lacks in talent he makes up for with heart. The team looks better with him in it too, as his sound positioning provides a focal point for a too-often aimless attack to build off of. Deserves another start in the run-in to make a case for himself next season. I personally think Port would be mad to let him go, although that’s as much an indictment of the caliber of strikers available in T1 as it is praise for Arthit.

14 (12) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

While others rise and fall significantly, Adisorn confines himself to the part of the list either narrowly inside or outside of the starting XI. A hard-working, dependable squad player who is welcome to stay at PAT Stadium as long as he’s happy playing a bit-part role from the bench.

15 (13) Todsapol Lated

Loses a couple of spots based on Dolah’s improvement, although he did well when drafted in as the big man got suspended. To my surprise, Todsapol kept his place the following week, although shouldn’t be expected to stay in the starting XI for much longer.

16 (15) Bodin Phala

The man behind the single most ludicrous Port stat of the season. Bodin has played a part in every single game across all competitions this season, and is the only man to achieve this feat. Against Suphanburi he picked up his fourth yellow card of the season, so the streak will finally be broken in Port’s next league match. Still, just let that sink in for a second. He’s been awful on a pretty consistent basis in the second leg, but has still played some part in every game.

17 (23) Sammy Slot

Sammy came off the bench the other week, and delighted his largely female fan base by providing an assist with his first touch in Port’s 4-0 win against Korat. We’ve still yet to see enough of Sammy to make a real judgment on what he brings to the squad, but the fact that he plays the odd minute is enough to move him in to 17th place for now.

18 (19) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Gains a place because when Panpanpong was injured he was the only back-up full back on the bench. He’s not really a full back of course, just the closest thing to it in Port’s rather winger-heavy squad. And he’s not Jetjinn, which is something Jadet seems to value very highly.

19 (18) Terens Puhiri

Speaking of which… Poor old Terens just hasn’t been given a chance by Jadet. Since his only start of the season against Air Force, where Terens put in a useful shift by all accounts, he has played just 2 minutes, neither of which have been in the last 5 games. He would be a useful squad player if he ever, you know, played!

20 (20) Worawut Namvech

Played for Thailand under 23s in their doomed Asian Cup campaign, but hasn’t played for Port since mid-July. Regularly gets a place on the bench, but that’s as far as it goes. Will return to Chiang Rai having thoroughly wasted a year of his young career with Port.

21 (6) Anon Samakorn

The most infuriating case of Port’s managerial incompetence in 2018. This season’s Maranhao. Anon burst on to the scene with a string of wonderful performances which had fans purring, and saw him named in various T1 ‘Team of the Week’ features. Nevertheless, after 3 promising starts Anon was relegated to the bench, from where he made 2 useful cameos. Now though, Anon finds himself out of the matchday squad altogether and will surely be looking for a new club in the off-season. What a monumental waste.

22 (26) Watchara Buathong

Another silly Watchara video, you say? Enjoy this tribute to former Port boss ‘Uncle Chuai’. Personally I particularly enjoy Nitipong’s little cameos, although the inclusion of a 30 yard screamer from Thitipan is also must-view stuff.

23 (17) Panpanpong Pinkong

Absent from the last 6 matchday squads. I think he was originally injured, but now he’s fit and just being left out.

24 (24) Pummared Kladkleep

Pummared has played 36 minutes for Port’s first team in 2018. They came against Thailand Amateur League West side Tamuang FC in the FA Cup. He was booked.

25 (22) Somprasong Promsorn

That’s 25 more minutes that Somprasong managed. He’ll be heading off in the off-season for greener pastures. Maybe his next club will give him the opportunity to show if he’s any good or not.

26 (25) Jetjinn Sriprach

And the award for ‘least involved first teamer’ goes to… Jetjinn! Poor fella has only made 2 match day squads all season, even while Panpanpong has been crocked for the last month and a half. That’s got to hurt.

27 (27) Chanayut Jejue

Won my ‘Man of the Second Half’ award for his performance with the first team in a friendly just over a month ago. Should be involved more next season, after impressing whenever he has been given the chance.

28 (28) Sarawin Phakdeekan

Another good performer in that friendly, playing alongside Todsapol and looking the more assured of the pair. Mind you, I saw him play in midfield rather than central defence for the B team and he was absolutely shocking.

29 (NE) Apisit Thornorman

The third Port B youngster to get a run-out against Southern FC didn’t get a lot of time, but saw a fair amount of the ball and looked pretty decent.

99 (99) Tana Chanabut



T2 statistics are not easy to come by, but I’ll do my best to sum up Tana’s season with a bit of research and a bit of guesswork. I THINK that Tana has started few games, but regularly come off the bench. This is based on looking at the last few games and extrapolating. I KNOW that until 10 days ago Tana had failed to score a single goal all season. Until 10 days ago that is… Nongbua’s last two games have seen the Moustachioed Pink Cock score 2 late goals. It’s almost as if he’s trying to impress enough to get another gig next season…

Of course I couldn’t let this segment go to waste by not handing out gratuitous abuse to my favourite punch bag, so here is my best attempt at a Tanagram: u banana tach. It’s one letter short of a full anagram, but in a way so is Tana, so we’ll call it even.


Let me know if you can do better than my Tanagram by commenting below. The winner gets absolutely nothing.

Tom Earls

Tom Earls

Having moved to Thailand aged 10, Tom has been playing or watching football in Thailand for more than 18 years. A keen follower of the Thai National Team and an avid fan of Port FC, he is a regular contributor to The Sandpit.

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