The FAT Catwalk 2019: Every T1 Kit Rated & Slated


2018’s FAT Catwalk, in which we ranked every Thai League T1 club’s kit, proved to be one of our most popular features ever, so we’re doing it again for 2019! I have to say this year’s crop is, with a couple of exceptions, a big improvement on 2018, with local kit makers such as Warrix, Ari and Grandsport upping their game and doing Thai football proud. It’s also great to see more & more clubs trying to blend sponsor logos into the design of their shirts, though the issue of too many garish sponsor logos remains, and it seems the concept of strict sponsorship restrictions is some way off. Anyway, here’s the long-awaited (delayed due to one particular club not releasing their shirt until the second week of the season…) 2019 Thailand T1 Football Shirt League Table!

1 Suphanburi FC

Suphan finished a creditable 4th last season thanks to their simple plain blue home shirt, and whilst that shirt has hardly changed this time round, they’ve blown everyone else out of the water with their stunning away shirt, incorporating a Thai flag motif and just one tastefully integrated sponsor logo. Absolutely top work from Warrix here and an object lesson in how to design a shirt that people will wear out of choice rather than obligation. As a Port fan I am green with envy.





2 Chonburi FC

Chonburi have stuck with Nike and unlike last season – when they were ranked lower for gouging fans 2000BHT for their shirts – have kept prices in line with the rest of the league this time. And what a lovely shirt it is too – simple, eye-catching, plain white sponsor logos, and some equally excellent white and sky blue away versions, as you would expect from the only shirt on this list from one of the big international designers.





3 Prachuap FC

More wonderful Warrix-ness here as last year’s surprise package show that, even if they’re unlikely to perform as well on the pitch as they did last year, they’ll look pretty damned sexy while they’re doing it. It’s a big, bold design that looks just as good in away sky blue & black as it does in home orange, again with the sponsor logos fitting in rather than clashing. Prachuap Khiri CAN!



4 Chiang Mai FC

The highest-ranked new boys, Chiang Mai shoot into the top 4 with this little cracker designed by Thai League debutants Volt. Blue shirts, white sleeves, Leo logo – it screams ‘classic’ as soon as you see it and whilst Chiang Mai fans are unlikely to have much to shout about this season, at least they’ll be well kitted out.







5 Muangthong Utd

It pains me to see the auld enemy this high up the page, but there’s no denying that this is one of GrandSport’s better efforts. They’ve kept it simple this year with a v-neck and plain colours, and again the sponsor logos are plain white so as not to detract from what is a very clean design. I particularly like the black away version which will look great when they lose at the PAT later this year.




6 PTT Rayong

Into mid-table, and a boring but solid effort from Warrix that gives PTT fans nothing to get excited about, but nothing to complain about either. Like the team itself, it won’t win any awards this season but won’t let anyone down.






7 Bangkok Utd

Ari’s only entry this season is an odd one. Had they followed that template for the white & blue away kits throughout they’d have been ranked somewhat higher, but that home shirt, evoking Coventry City’s classic mid-90s away kit, is just way too busy and from a distance – which is exactly how their fans will be watching them – it just looks a mess. Brownie points for that white away kit though which is simplicity at its best.








8 Ratchaburi FC

The Dragons finished in the relegation zone last season but this year’s effort is a big improvement, though like Port they are somewhat hamstrung by having a sponsor logo that would ruin even the greatest shirt design. But I particularly like the promotional picture here, with Kang Soo Il staring enviously at Philip Roller’s moustache.



9 Nakhon Ratchasima FC

Them there Swatcats are the very epitome of mid-table solidity, and as usual they have a shirt to match, though Volt have possibly hinted that Korat might actually be of interest this season by including an unexpected yellow pattern as one approaches the waist. Unlikely of course, but you never know.







10 Chainat FC

There’s not really a lot you can do with shocking pink and even the crack designers at Warrix seem to have given up with this halfhearted effort, other than adding a few dark chevrons towards the bottom of the shirt. The less said about this foul garment the better, though it would look good having beer thrown over it at the PAT, which is sadly not going to happen because THANKS TO CHAINAT WE CAN’T DRINK INSIDE THE STADIUM ANY MORE.






11 Trat FC

Scene: the GrandSport offices.

“OK guys we need you to design the 2019 shirts for Trat FC.”


“Trat. They just came up.”

“Oh. Never heard of them.”

“Well, don’t worry, they’ll be going straight back down so no point making too much effort. Tell you what, grab that old box of blue & red training tops from the store room, slap a couple of badges on, & job’s a good ‘un.”



12 Chiang Rai Utd

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Last season’s sexy Puma kit saw Chiang Rai add the FAT Catwalk 2018 trophy to their already bulging cabinet, but this year they’ve only just avoided the drop thanks to FBT (who picked up the wooden spoon last year for their appalling Police Tero effort). It has an alarmingly low-cut neck – presumably to show off Fat Bill’s cleavage – and large, garish sponsor logos slapped all over it, in what is a very poor effort indeed.





13 Sukhothai FC

Another poor showing from Sukhothai who’ve teamed up with little known designer Mawin for this piss-poor effort. Not quite as bad as their 2018 atrocity but still very unpleasant indeed, though hats off to them for apparently getting former England defender Matthew Upson to model it.







14 Samut Prakan City

Another Sakka effort, presumably because no other manufacturer would sully themselves by association with T1’s second-most hated club. This is simply hideous, with the team’s name spelled out in big letters across the middle just to remind people that they’re not actually Pattaya Utd. Horrible shirt, horrible club, relegation beckons on both counts.




15 Port FC

Since the Pang era began, we’ve been complaining about that hideous big blue sponsor logo befouling some pretty decent shirt designs. This year GrandSport have given up and, instead of following the usual process of designing a nice shirt & then getting the sponsor logos to integrate, they’ve pretty much abandoned the stripes, aping the 2017 Nike ‘fading stripes’ template & leaving a big empty space for MTI’s corporate vandalism. And they’ve put even less thought into the two away shirts. A genuinely awful kit for a club that deserves better.




16 Buriram Utd

Oh my god will you look at this. What have they done? The only possible excuse for kitting out footballers like this must be that club owner Newin’s latest hotel project fell through and he had a few dozen Thai restaurant waiter’s outfits left over. “Stick a Chang logo & a badge on & noone will notice” he thought. Cue several thousand confused fans all shouting “I’ll have the pad thai please.”







Tim Russell

Tim Russell

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    Hi Tim, I think Port FC 2019 tshirt design is not so poor, may be not number 1, but definitely not number 15 ) Make sense put Port FC Kit outside general list without number


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