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Following last week’s double-signing, the Port transfer window rumour mill went into overdrive yesterday with a story that threatened to shake T1 to its very foundations. Port’s fragrant chairwoman and her no doubt equally fragrant entourage were seen getting on a plane to some unspecified destination. At roughly the same time, former Buriram goal machine Diogo was ALSO seen on a plane to the Philippines, and thence onto Thailand. Several publications jumped to some rather bizarre conclusions and assumed all this air travel added up to one thing: Port were about to announce the signing of Diogo.

After a brief period of excitement during which we planned the Sandpit’s T1 Champions party, it appeared the story was, as we all suspected deep down, groundless. But hours later another equally surprising story emerged, but one that, it seems, is actually true – 2017 top scorer & Sandpit favourite Josimar Rodrigues is coming back to the club!

Since leaving Port, Josi has won a trophy in Brazil and helped PTT Rayong get promoted, and has spent the 2019 season absolutely banging in the goals for T2 side Police Tero. His 11 goals in 15 games have kept Tero in sight of the promotion places and, clearly, impressed his former employers who are sorely lacking in backup forwards, especially since Arthit’s costly miss at Nakhon Ratchasima probably scuppered his chances of regular action this season.

Obviously The Sandpit are big fans of Josi, having interviewed him not long after his arrival at Port & had a very enjoyable couple of hours in his company. He was also a participant in the first ever Sandpit podcast, though such was our inexperience at such things that the results were barely audible. He’s clearly in the form of his life and, unusually, is getting a lot of goals from headers, so will be an excellent addition to a squad still lacking a target man. He also knows how Jadet plays and will be a very good fit if he does join.

Of course if Josi arrives, then one of Port’s current foreign contingent has to make way, and rumours suggest that, sadly, that man could be captain David Rochela. We won’t speculate more on this right now as nothing has been made official, but with Todsapol having played superbly well this season, and Port having already reinforced the defence with Tanaboon and Piyachanok, it might just appear that a foreign CB is something of a luxury at Port 2019…

Tim Russell

Tim Russell

The founder and editor of The Sandpit, Tim has been in SE Asia since 2003 and in Bangkok since 2012, where he runs a travel tech business. Tim has followed Port FC since 2014, and is also a fan of his hometown club Coventry City, and French club AS St-Etienne. He has written for the likes of Football365, ITV.com, NME and The Quietus, and is a regular contributor to God Is In the TV. He's a keen photographer and his work can be seen on his website.

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  1. James says:

    Whilst I’m glad we’re being proactive in the upcoming window, I’d much prefer that we were saying goodbye to Suarez instead of Rochela. I’ve been quite critical of Rochela in the past [you could scroll through numerous previous comments of mine!] but if there’s anything that he is: he’s reliable. The same can’t be said about Suarez, and when you add in his tendency for petulant dummy spits… you’re asking for trouble. When you factor in that Dragan can play deeper in the same positions that Suarez occupies: wouldn’t it make more sense to let Suarez go for Josimar? I get that Suarez has those moments of magic in his locker, and I’m appreciative of his goals/assists, but considering the attacking/midfield depth we this season I’d be much more comfortable to see the back of him. The send off against Bangkok United kind of highlighted to me that he’s just not a player that can be trusted in a title push, he’s far too close to a brain snap every time he doesn’t get a decision in his favor. The same could almost be said about Dragan, but he just gets mouthy and he’s a bit more controlled with his outbursts imo.

    I do feel we need to part ways with Rochela: but not right now. The seasons end would be a much better time, as we can enjoy his calming presence at the back until then, and he’s one of the few foreign players that has truly bought into the club since his arrival.

  2. Volkert says:

    We are top of the table and this team is good enough to win the league. Suarez got 1 red card this season, should have been a penalty anyways but it is 1 red card, I do think the goals and assists outweigh this action, which of course was not smart.
    Would be great to see our current 3 foreigners play together; only happened once this season and see what happens. More worried about the recall Go rumours from Buriram but let’s see how the new signing fits as defensive midfielder.

    Though choices


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