Tom’s Transfer Talk: Chenropping and Changing


Port have once again decided their mid-season transfer business is incomplete, reportedly making moves to bring in two further strikers. Yes, that’s two more strikers. One of the deals is more or less confirmed, so let’s look at that first.

I have given a short, unbiased and objective account of Chenrop Samphaodi’s career to date in his player profile, but Transfer Talk is where I say what I think, and I honestly think he’s pretty much the worst striker in the league. And that’s really saying something. How can a player so bad have 25 caps for the Thai under 23 team? And how can he already have 84 T1 appearances under his belt at the age of 24? I have absolutely no idea, particularly in light of the fact that he averages a T1 goal every 8.4 games. He makes Emile Heskey look like Ronaldo. Let’s be absurdly charitable to him, and compare this season – his best to date – with Arthit, who he’ll be competing with for a place in the team. Arthit has 3 goals in 9 appearances at the superb rate of a goal every 58 minutes, whereas Chenrop has 3 goals in 12 appearances at the very Chenrop rate of a goal every 325 minutes.



Even leaving stats aside though, I think there’s a reason he’s so bad. I think it probably stems from being the ‘striker’ in Thailand youth teams’ 4-5-1 system, when he spent most of his games playing against Timorese teenagers. Competing against other ASEAN nations Chenrop was taught to hold the ball up and basically play as a target man, despite being 1.79m or 5 ft. 10 and change. That’s all well and good when you’re playing against South East Asian boys, but put the poor lad up against Victor or Dolah and he’s not going to get a sniff, and so it’s turned out. He’s the big man who never grew up.

There is a young Thai forward who has grown up to be quite a strapping, powerful fella who still may well reach his considerable potential, though. Buriram youngster Supachai Jaided has also been linked with a move to Port, although both our common sense and The Sandpit’s sources tell us the deal is most definitely not happening, as it also didn’t when the same rumour cropped up a couple of seasons back. This would be a fantastic signing if we could pull it off, but it would also be ludicrously expensive and, again, it’s not going to happen.



Finally, the striker that it looks very much as though Port will be signing. This is mental We heard rumours that this Panamanian striker’s name was in the frame to replace Josimar, who has already replaced Boskovic. In fact, the deal for Rolando Blackburn is apparently just a medical away from being signed and sealed, meaning that Josimar will have had just one start before being unceremoniously dumped. That’s if it happens, of course. Don’t count anything out. We could bring Boskovic back in, as we did with Kaludjerovic in 2016, or we could sign the Panamanian, sit him on his arse for 6 months and put Josimar on the bench while Chenrop blasts balls in to the Loxley car park and Boskovic and Arthit dance around shaking pom poms. Nothing is outside the realms of possibility.



Having said that, there’s also a chance that Blackburn could be an excellent signing. The 29 year old ought to be near his prime, and indeed his scoring record indicated that he is in the form of his life, banging in 20 goals in 26 games for superbly names Bolivian side The Strongest, managed by none other than Pablo Escobar. I’m not even kidding. Predicting how things are going to work out for strikers at Port is a fool’s errand though (unless they’re Chenrop), so I’ll reserve my predictions until I’ve seen the guy play. Apparently if the paper work can be rushed through, that could be as soon Saturday. Blimey. Strap in.

Purely for the sake of being thorough, the names Nicolas Orsini and Jose Fajardo have also been mentioned, although there doesn’t appear to be anything to these rumours.


Tom Earls

Tom Earls

Having moved to Thailand aged 10, Tom has been playing or watching football in Thailand for more than 18 years. A keen follower of the Thai National Team and an avid fan of Port FC, he is a regular contributor to The Sandpit.

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