Port Hoping to Clean Up The Oil Slick: PTT Rayong vs Port FC Match Preview

Port take on PTT Rayong’s Oil Millionaires away this weekend, great to be by the seaside, a great stadium with no running track. This might not be the fun day out at the beach everyone is hoping for. Sometimes you can enjoy a beer sitting out in the sun, sometimes you get hit by a random flying parasol it knocks you out and you end up at A and E. So what’s in store for Port?

Rising Oil Prices

Port managed a draw against what I thought was a decent PTT side at PAT. However their dire early results suggested it was 2 points dropped at home as PTT got off to a woeful start to the season subsiding down to the relegation zone. I had marked this team to go down having another typical yo-yo season. Their marquee signing Jay Emmanuel Thomas showed some skills at PAT but moved about as quickly as a marquee. The JET has moved on after 1 goal from 12 games.

Recently there’s been a surprising rise, PTT have beaten Korat and Samut Prakarn away from home in a run of 4 wins out of their last 5 matches. This is not the time to be playing Rayong. They were not in the FA Cup on Wednesday and they currently sit in 6th place, only 6 points behind Port, after gaining 6 points in their last two games and their mid-season deal with Satan seems to be paying off.

A Tale of Two Victors

At the heart of Rayong’s defence they have Victor Igbenfo(32) from Nigeria via Indonesia and Victor Cardoza from Brazil via Hell, the same man we all loved to hate at Chaing Rai. S.F.D.’s might be more of a worry this weekend, Scary Foreign Defenders may well give Rolando Blackburn a nasty welcome on his first seaside outing in Thailand. PTT also have Saharat(10) a decent attacking midfielder who’s as stick thin as Siwakorn but also has Siwakorn’s work rate what’s more he’s scored 2 in the last 4 matches and made Samut Prakarn’s defenders look decidedly average in the 3-0 implosion at Bang Plee. Dennis Murillo(92) has just returned to Rayong in the transfer window, after he helped PTT to get promotion in 2018 he was booted out for a bigger name at the start of 2019. The return of Dennis has helped Rayong cement their recent discovery of decent form. Rayong are likely to set up with Dennis and Apiwat(9) up front. The Rayong number 9 had a very average start to the seaon, but has scored 3 goals in Rayong’s latest run of wins including a beauty against Prajuap.  Manager Teerasak Poo-on has managed to shit on 4 out of the last 5 teams he’s faced, he will not be too worried about this current Port team.

2 of Cups

Port must be in a better frame of mind after two Muangthong players gifted us a victory in the cup. I normally have a go at Jadet for not changing formations, unfortunately when you don’t change things for 3 years any sort of change comes as a shock to your players.

After looking reasonable at the beginning of the season in this formation Sumanya (11) managed a new level of incompetence. Siwakorn (16) played poorly, looking uncomfortable in his new position. After having everyone in the middle at one point then two players standing next to each other on the wing, I was ready to throw in the towel and say comeback 4-5-1 all is forgiven. If you change formations every now and again then players can work with it, but the team on Wednesday looked out of sorts, the attacking midfield diamond did no one any favours. Back to the drawing board big man, after a hug from Milan.

Struble(15) had a good match working hard throughout the night. The formation proved this team needs to wingers to create standard stock opportunities no fancy diamonds needed here. Nittipong (34) and Strueble fill in well giving other options on the wings in a 4-5-1 but they shouldn’t be played as out and out wingbacks it’s asking them to do too much. Next thing you know we’ll be asking Pakorn to come back and defend. Speaking of Pakorn(7) he proved absolutely nothing new coming on and delivering the killer ball into the box for Teerasil to knee in. We know he can cross, he’s just a lazy player. He reminded everyone of the fact that he’s lazy but we still need him for set pieces and crosses like that. Come back Pakorn, but nothing is forgiven.

Likely Seaside Set Up

Rattanai (17)

Nittipong(34) Todsapol (6) Dolah(4)Streuble(15)


Pakorn(7) Suarez(5) Siwakorn(16) Bodin(10)


As Port and many Importz head down to the seaside this Saturday I just hope the oilmen’s wells will run dry and Port will be celebrating Blackburning up the beach front.

Honest Prediction

PTT Rayong 1-1 Port

PTT Rayong vs Port FC 5.45 p.m. Saturday 20th July. The match is live on True Sports 2 , HD 2 and True 4U. If you can’t make it to Rayong, please support our sponsors The Sportsman who will be showing the game on a big screen.

Dominick Cartwright

Dominick Cartwright

Originally from London, Dominick has been teaching English in Bangkok since 2006 and has been following Port FC since 2011.

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