A Knight’s Tale: Toby’s 2019 Season Review


Yes, yes; smashing Chiang Rai, Selanon, Suarez vs Trat, for fuck’s sake Pakorn…. It’s all too obvious so let’s look at some other aspects of this rollercoaster season.


Moment of the Season



Beating The Scum 3 times in a season is something to crow about but Josimar’s late thunderbolt at The PAT brought the house down and lead to some of the most intense and euphoric celebrations I have ever experienced. Suarez’s opener in Buriram was also something I will never forget but that afternoon turned pretty sour and now I’m not welcome in Buriram anymore.


Gripe of the Season


Can The Thai FA ever get its act together? It seems not. From ridiculous match schedules to inept refereeing and a love/hate relationship with VAR, the suited and well minted gentlemen based in Hua Mak have a hard time employing common sense and logic for basic footballing decisions. After last year’s Pattaya away debacle, this year they upped their game with their FA Cup semi-final and final stadium switches, leaving many Port fans stuck outside the stadium or watching on television. They will really have to go some to screw up next season but I’m betting they can reach the next level.


Terens of the Season


An award for the forgotten man (tip of the hat to Mr D Barraclough of Ningbo, China), this year’s Terens is Anon Samakorn; a player of great potential and talent when deployed on the pitch. Jadet was never a big fan of blooding youth and, thanks to Go, Siwakorn and Tanaboon, his chances have been extremely limited this season. The Sandpit never forgets and he is frequently mentioned in conversations about what the team is missing. And if it doesn’t work out at Port there’s always those hashtags to admire #onlytimewilltell #walkinfaithnotbysight #memphisdepay



Away Trip of the Season



Chonburi away was a great smash and grab Friday night trip full of excitement, goals (including a Pele winner), copious amounts of alcohol, lingerie shopping bags and mild accusations of child abuse, plus no one fell into a pond this time (Hi Dom!). I watched the winner standing on an office chair with another fan peering over a fence (Toby Time©) and was drunk enough to sing a very rude Thai song about Muangthong through a megaphone post match. On the other end of the scale I must mention Rayong away which on paper looked like an amazing day out but turned into the biggest damp squib ever.


Som Nam Na of the Season



Surely this season’s slice of humble pie should be stuffed into the face of Newin Chidchob of Buriram United. They have been getting away with absolute liberties for too long. I’m not just talking about the game against us; check out the end of their match against Trat or the very, very late penalty against Sukhothai. The equalizer scored by Chiang Mai was just desserts and consigned them to a season with no silverware. Newin even told the media before the match that he wanted to do the trophy presentation back at Thunder Castle!  Although Chiang Rai are a shithouse team it was a case of the lesser shithouse team won. Just.


What Happens Next?


We buy a striker, a bloody good one, and a big bastard of a centre back to partner Dolah. No back ups – first team quality is needed, and a squad fighting for every position on the pitch. In all seriousness, I thought we wouldn’t improve after last season but I will happily eat my words. If it wasn’t for the mid season slump (and some dodgy reffing) we could have won the league this time around so I don’t see why we can’t do it next season.



Toby Knight

Toby Knight

North Londoner, Arsenal fan and believer in lucky cigars, Toby happily stumbled upon Port FC 4 years ago. The rest, as they say, is history.

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