You’re Shirt, and You Know You Are: Ten Years of Port FC Kits


With the 10s coming to a close, I thought it time to look back on Port’s sartorial record over the last decade and rank the home shirts in order of stylishness. There isn’t really a lot you can do with orange and blue stripes, but that hasn’t stopped various designers from trying to put their own unique stamp on the hallowed shirt, and has resulted in some very nice shirts, some unnecessary fannying about, and a couple of real atrocities. So, starting with the worst, here’s my rundown of ten years of Port shirts…


10: 2019



It may be the shirt in which Port won their first trophy of the decade, but other than that there is little to commend it. It clearly marks the point at which GrandSport, tired of working on new Port designs only for La Pang to slap that big, ugly MTI logo on them, simply threw their hands up, cracked open a few Leos, and handed over a shirt designed solely to accommodate the dreaded blue square. There’s very little actual orange on it, the shorts are massive, and as anyone who bought the shirt will confirm, it’s far too long. Hands down the worst Port shirt of all time.

9: 2012



Another shirt that looks like it was designed to give the sponsor some better exposure, this FBT horror from 2012 adds the stripes as an afterthought and has some silly blue bits on the sleeve to make it look as if they’ve put some effort in. What a mess.

8: 2011




There’s a fine line between classic and awful, and this effort falls just on the wrong side due to the designer deciding, presumably after a night on the Blend, to add some yellow stripes, collar and cuffs for no discernible reason. WHY?

7: 2018



Another poor effort from Grand Sport here. It’s half a classic – the right hand side of the shirt with the classic orange & blue stripes is very nice indeed and, had they made the whole shirt like this, it might have made the top three. But for some reason the left hand side throws in black and purple stripes and turns it into a real soi dog’s breakfast. I like the round collar, and it’s a very nice fit, but otherwise it has little to commend it.

6: 2015



Into mid-table now, and a just-about-acceptable effort from 2015, the season when Port had three different shirts. This was the first shirt of the Pang era, and stuck fairly closely to the classic stripes, but lost points by having more sponsor logos than an F1 car, and being very poor quality indeed – my wife’s shirt barely lasted 3 washes before all the badges faded out. But this was the shirt that clothed the mighty Gorka, so a special place in Port history.

5: 2016



A bit of a grower this one. I didn’t like the white sleeves at first but it’s actually become a bit of a classic and, due to the club massively overestimating how many shirts the club would sell in T2 and it not being released until two months into the season, it’s still on sale in the club shop today. Classic stripes, a nice collar, a snug fit, and the debut of the current lion badge make this a very nice shirt indeed.

4: 2013



Pretty much everything a Port shirt should be this – orange & blue stripes, simple round neck, and PAT in big letters on the front. A textbook example of why shirt designers shouldn’t fanny about too much.

3: 2014



Then again, sometimes a bit of fanny can be a good thing, as this lovely Mizuno shirt from 2014 proves. Maybe it has a special place in my heart as it’s the first Port shirt I ever bought, but I really like the way the left & right sides of the shirt mirror each other. Apart from the rather pointless white bit on the collar, it’s almost perfect.

2: 2017



A fine effort from GrandSport this. A stylish collar, nice dark sleeves, and some superb stripe work. Again, it’s let down by that bloody blue square, but otherwise it’s a very nice shirt indeed and if you have the version with the ’50th Anniversary’ badge on, worth at least 2000BHT these days.

1: 2010



Port’s first shirt of the decade would also turn out to be by far the best. The only time this decade Port worked with one of the big shirt manufacturers, it just does everything right – lovely stripes, just the one, tasteful sponsor logo, and the three stripes & Adidas badge. Truly a thing of beauty and the black away shirt was a belter too.


Don’t agree with my selection? Vote for your favourite shirt below and we’ll reveal the readers’ choice on Monday!



Tim Russell

Tim Russell

The founder and editor of The Sandpit, Tim has been in SE Asia since 2003 and in Bangkok since 2012, where he runs a travel tech business. Tim has followed Port FC since 2014, and is also a fan of his hometown club Coventry City, and French club AS St-Etienne. He has written for the likes of Football365,, NME and The Quietus, and is a regular contributor to God Is In the TV. He's a keen photographer and his work can be seen on his website.

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  1. David says:

    You should make another post like this, but than for the away shirts of Port FC. Would be interesting to see what kind of designs those had in the last 10 years.


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