Fangs for the Points: Port FC 4-1 Samut Prakan City



Top of the league and spirits were at a high level as the boys took the field at PAT Stadium. Coming off an impressive win last Saturday night, an unchanged eleven had the confidence to go out and do it again versus local “rivals” Samut Prakan City FC (established in 2019 after being stolen from Pattaya).  

The game started with both teams seemingly playing for a draw. Samut Prakan set with 10 men behind the ball and the Port attack was so ordinary that it could have been mistaken for a friendly.  Awful from both sides in the first 20 minutes. However, Port kept pressing forward and were rewarded by a 28th minute free kick. Pakorn (7) set the ball down about 25 yards from goal, outside the left corner of the 18 yard box. His shot hit the far post and bounced out to Rochela (22) who played it square to a Dolah (4), who chipped it into the six yard box and it was finished by a brilliant scissor kick by Go Seul Ki. 1-0! But wait, offside! But wait a VAR review? Port 1-0.

In the 43rd minute VAR was the star again as the referee stopped the play to check the video. In  the end, a good build up by SPCFC saw the away side score from a shot from close range. Played down the left wing, the cross went to the penalty spot and was bundled forward to the striker who shot across the keeper.  No goal. However, confirmed by video that it crossed the line well after the play was finished.  

After 45 minutes  1-1.

Port came out of the tunnel with a purpose. Attacking and dominating at every turn. Port’s second goal came from a similar Pakorn free kick. This time it zipped across the defense with a slight header from Suarez (5) that bounced into the top corner (Suarez didn’t get a touch in the end – Pakorn’s goal. Ed).  Port 2-1. Port dominated from this point forward with many chances gone missing. In the 66th minute Suarez squirreled free down the right wing crossed a beautiful to Bodin (10) who headed towards goal. There was a big shout for handball and the ref checked VAR for the third time, Penalty awarded and Heberty nailed it to the top right corner. Port 3-1. Not satisfied with a 3-1 lead, Port kept pressing and in the 93rd minute a corner was headed on by Saurez to Go (8) at the back post. He took a shot that was walked into the goal by Adisak (9).

A good result for Port and 2 wins in 2, but it doesn’t seem like we have hit full stride. The next two games are away and top form will be needed to keep us top of the league.


The Sandpit Man of the Match: Go Seul-Ki

Bossed the midfield all game.


For an alternative view of the game, here’s Samut Prakan fan Phil Williams’ match report. Though he seems more intent on moaning about having to sit in the area for which he’d purchased a ticket. Bizarre. 


Mike Strunk

Mike Strunk

Mike arrived in Bangkok in 2004 and has been an avid Port supporter since the 2010 season. He is a Physical Education teacher and spends his leisure time taking his kids on adventures, playing cricket and of course supporting the mighty Port FC.

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