Our Friends In the South: Port Forge Alliance With Songkhla


T3 side Songkhla FC announced yesterday that they have signed an agreement with Port to become a ‘sister’ club to the Khlongtoey outfit. The agreement apparently covers youth development, sports technology/science, and marketing, which suggests Port will be getting a lot more out of this than they put in.

Such arrangements are fairly common in Thai football, such as Muangthong & Udon Thani, generally and make sense when your squad is as overstuffed as Port’s – with B teams now scrapped again, those players need to get action somewhere and T3 is slightly better than T4. And  Port will no doubt get first dibs on any promising youngsters from Songkhla.

Port have some recent history with Songkhla – popular Port stars Elias Dolah & Sergio Suarez both played for Songkhla Utd during happier days for the southern club, which merged with Songkhla FC in 2012. However, following some licensing shenanigans Utd were banned for two years and demoted to T4, at which point Songkhla FC de-merged and set up as an independent club, and are now in T3. Former Port legend Kayne Vincent also had a successful spell at Songkhla in 2014, scoring 13 goals despite the club being relegated.

Let’s hope that this arrangement benefits both clubs and sees Songkhla restored to T1 or T2 in the coming years.