The Sandpit 2021/22 Big Guess Up- BG Pathum United

Bangkok Glass capped off an incredible 2-years when they won the title last season, though when you consider their recruitment, and how ‘right’ they’d gotten it: it was almost expected. With that being said, they were clear champions, played a good brand of football, with them also proving the masters of the ‘dark arts’ at times. Basically: everything a champion needs.

Not only were they worthy champions last season, they also backed it up with a strong showing in the Asian Champions League, with them reaching the round of 16 in the competition. Good luck to them, as a strong showing is great for the Thai coefficient.

Domestically, whether or not they can maintain the dominance they showed last season is a whole different kettle of fish, with midfield engine [and a key player to boot] Thitiphan Puangchan departing the club for Bangkok United in one of the more confusing moves of the transfer window. Once again, we’ve witnessed what feels like 40 players being brought in, and quickly loaned out to a variety of satellite clubs, with very few of their “new” arrivals seeming to remain at the club for the Thai League 1 season.


The BG Bunny girls. We weren’t going to let you down

Head Coach – Aurelio Vidmar


Vidmar back in 1994

If we thought the decision to allow Thitiphan was strange, the decision to bring back Aurelio Vidmar to the club was even more baffling. At least it was to me! With Dusit not having the required licence for the Asian Champions League, the club needed to go out and hire someone with a Pro licence, and unlike Kaya FC [who brought in Englishman Graham Harvey on a short-term deal for the tournament], Bangkok Glass allowed Dusit Chalermsan to depart the club. Initially it was a “loan” to satellite club Rajpracha in Thai League 2 for the season so he could undergo his Pro licence course, but it wasn’t long before he was tempted to depart the club for Port FC, in what could be a big blow for the club.

Dusit’s record in charge of Bangkok Glass was quite incredible:




In his first spell at the club, Vidmar had a record of:



Only one word can be used to describe the situation: DOWNGRADE.


Key Player – Victor Cardozo

There’s no doubting Victor’s quality, with him just as good in the attacking phases of the game as he is defensively. To have a central-defender contribute 15 goals in the league is quite outstanding really, and I’m sure that fans will be hoping to see him find the back of the net at a similar rate this season. With VAR returning to Thai League 1, there’s a good chance that Bangkok Glass are awarded even more penalties this season, and who knows: maybe Victor can put away 30 this time around!

With attacking talents like Teerasil and Diogo on the books, and a few more on top of that, it could be a case of Victor focusing on his defensive work this time around, and if it’s a case of that: the backline is in safe hands to be honest.

Victor Cardozo the less attractive more effect bunny pictured in this preview


My Prediction – Title Race

I’m not certain who WILL be champions this season, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that it WON’T be Bangkok Glass. Simply put, I think they’ve downgraded massively in the dugout, and with the loss of Thitiphan: that’s not helped them either. I think we can all agree that they were quite an ‘old-ish’ team last season, and with another year gone: the legs will be that little bit more tired. I’ll put it to you this way, of the 30-players currently listed on their Wikipedia page: 12 of them are over 30-years old.

Could they prove me wrong and go on to win it? Certainly! There’s definitely enough talent within their ranks to go out and win the title, but as shown by Vidmar’s time with Lion City Sailors: he’s not someone who can be relied upon to bring you success.




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