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Of the current Bangkok-based Thai League 1 sides, one could argue: Police Tero are the least glamorous. They’re a club I’ll always think of as BEC Tero, though the glory days of the past are exactly that: a thing of the past. The days of them having the best players in Thailand are over, their somewhat dodgy deal with Muangthong saw to that, whilst we also snapped up the Aksornsri twins from them a few years back, in a move that hasn’t worked out well for the players, nor Port FC. I still think that Thitathorn will amount to a good player, but the more I see of Thitawee: the less impressed I am.

There are quite a few new faces in the squad this season, with the signing of Lesley Ablorh being one I’m interested in, whilst the arrivals of Anon Samakorn, Wanchai Jarunongkran, and Alexander Sieghart on loan deals will be extremely interesting to watch too. Anon needs a big season to kick-start his stuttering career, which you could also argue as being the case for Sieghart too. If they can’t shine this season: they may have to drop down to Thai League 2 next time.

This Police Tero squad has a Chonburi-esque [of recent years] feel about it: it’s quite an old squad. Whilst Chonburi have solved that issue this season, Tero hasn’t, with them having at least 9 first-team players over the age of 30 at the time of writing. Also, that’s not mentioning all the older players that they allowed to depart during the off-season! I think that there’ll be an attempt to rejuvenate the squad mid-season, with the first-half of the season spent trying to keep themselves away from the relegation spots.


Police Tero…… Criminal Merch.


Head Coach – Rangsan Viwatchaichok

Police Tero isn’t a club that typically gives their head coach a lot of time: they’ve had 7 managerial changes since 2016. It was the disastrous decision to hire Mike Mulvey in 2017 that would ultimately lead to their relegation in 2018 in my opinion, though the horrendous spells of Scott Cooper and Totchtawan Sripan in 2018 certainly didn’t help either. All 3 of them were complete disasters for the club, they got their recruitment horribly wrong, and they managed to get a club with a strong pedigree and history relegated. Good job lads!

This is Rangsan’s 4TH spell in charge of Tero, with his stats this time around:



It’s not a bad record at all, and though I’m sure people will say “but it includes Thai League 2!”, he can only play the teams in front of him! With that being said, I do think he’ll need to win more than 10 games this season, otherwise, he could very well be on course to be replaced, only to get the job again a few months later. A Jadet-esque situation!


Rangsan Viwatchaichok – out styles the Police merch department


Key Player – Issac Honey

Issac is a tremendous footballer, who’s been at Tero on-off since his arrival in Thailand in 2013. Bar his 2-year spell at Angthong in Thai League 2, he’s been on the books of the club every other season, and it signals how highly regarded he is by club management. I think he’s a better striker than defender, having watched him play as a striker for Angthong, finishing 2ND in the Thai League 2 Golden Boot in 2017 with 17 goals. If all else fails, and Evandro Paulista is let go by the club, they should consider signing another central-defender and entrusting Issac with the key role of finding the back of the net.

Unfortunately, I think that’s extremely unlikely, and it’ll be up to the likes of Teerathep, Arthit, and Evandro to score the goals to keep the club in the league. Can they do it? It remains to be seen.


Isaac Honey


My Prediction – Relegation battle

I honestly can’t see Police Tero doing too much over the course of the season, and I’ll be quite surprised if they manage a few shock results. There just doesn’t appear to be any proper quality within the squad, and the fact that they moved on from Richard Sukuta-Pasu before the season even began is a bit of a shock too. To replace a striker with a midfielder suggest that they’re confident they’ll get enough goals from elsewhere, but I truly struggle to see where those goals will come from. Don’t get me wrong: Lesley Ablorh is a good signing, and I think he’s deserved a chance in Thai League 1 for a number of years. But where will the goals come from!?

I’ve enjoyed watching their style of play in recent years, as they tend to play a 3-4-3 most weeks, but there’s some glaring weaknesses in the squad at the moment. Who knows, they could make a number of changes mid-season and prove me completely wrong!





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