After the draw away to Samut Prakan last week, I’ll admit to feeling a bit deflated, whilst also quite frustrated with a few of the players. Our first-half had been dire, there’s no other way to put it, and although we were a lot better in the second-half: we threw away a well-earned lead. I get the feeling that this is going to be quite a tightly contested race this season, so to be throwing away so many points early on in the season, there’s only one way to describe it: not good enough.

If you look around the league, there’s no debating that we’d have assembled one of the most expensive wage bills within, and it’s time for certain players to either justify their exorbitant salary, or be moved on. For a team that seems to be wanting to work towards silverware, we sure as hell know how to handicap ourselves at the same time!

Regardless, it’s PT Prachuap that we welcome to PAT Stadium, and I’m hopeful that we can snap out of our funk, whilst welcome back some of our players from injury. Their form has been equally as patchy as ours, though they’ll be much happier with where they are on the table this season, compared to last. Masami Taki seems to have ironed out a lot of the issues that plagued them last season, whilst some smart recruitment has also seen them bring in some handy players, and allow underwhelming performers to depart.

Take note Port management: poor performers CAN be moved on, regardless of how useful/pretty they might be for marketing purposes.


Dusit is the right manager for us: it’s time to back him properly



Better organization would be nice. I understand that we have injuries, which means that players that typically don’t play, need to come into the starting-11. That’s not really the issue per se. The issue that I have is how far off the pace they are, when you compare them to the player that they’ve replaced. When it’s a youngster, you can handle that, as they just don’t have the experience. When it’s a seasoned pro, it makes it even worse in my opinion, and that’s when you have to wonder what the plan is moving forwards. We currently have a lot of players that, in my opinion, don’t fit with the way that Dusit [ultimately] wants us to play.

Will he be backed in the mid-season transfer window, and allowed to bin off the under-performing players that don’t fit his plans? That’s my big question at the moment.

There’s no doubting that we play good football at times, and when we’re on: we’re on. But there’s also a genuine lack of consistency in some of the players, and we need to be laying down standards that everyone needs to meet. The club has gone through and sacked head coach after head coach for a while now, so, hmm… maybe it isn’t the head coach that’s the issue!?

This is how we lined up last week:



Simply put: it didn’t work. The backline was, for the large part, somewhat reliable, but at the key moments: they went missing completely. What played out in the moments leading to Zarifović scoring our hosts opening goal was simply unforgivable. A free header, from what… 7-yards!? The second goal we conceded wasn’t as bad, albeit it wasn’t good defending either, but it was easier to accept than gifting a player the ‘freedom of the province’ to nod home.

Our players out wide were nullified in the first-half, but came to life in the second, so there’s no cause for concern for us there. The same can be said about the Go-Siv tandem, that may not be all that spectacular, but is able to get the job done time and time again. It was the attacking-third where we had issues, and I’ll allow you to put 2+2 together to see where a lot of the issues stemmed from. We lacked the vision that Suarez offers, and his ability to unlock opposition defences with a well-weighted through ball, and that was a major problem for us. Bordin and Pakorn weren’t getting a steady supply so to speak, which made their jobs a lot tougher, and we didn’t seem to have that ‘killer instinct’ within the 18-yard box either.

I think Patiño made some good runs over the course of the game, and if he can just become a ‘touch and shoot’ style of striker, and not one that HAS to take his man on, then he’ll score a lot more goals for us. He had a couple of chances to get a shot away, but overdid things, and the chance fizzled away.


This is how I’d like us to line up on Sunday:



Honestly, I’d prefer us to play a different system, but we just don’t have the squad for it at the moment. To me, this isn’t the style Dusit prefers either, having watched him rather extensively in his recent spells at Trat and Bangkok Glass. Having also spoken to players who player for and against his teams in the past, they’ve said as much to me as well. I’d only really ever seen him use a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 in the past few years, bar a few games, though I’m sure that over the course of his career, he’s used other formations. For me, I like that style of football, and I’d really like him to be given the freedom to make a number of ‘biggish’ moves in the mid-season window.

Regardless, the changes I made were Worawut, Jaturapat, Dolah, and Charyl dropping out of the XI, with Rattanai, Worawut Baresi, Thitathorn, and Nattawut coming in. The only forced change in there would be Jaturapat dropping out, with him currently in Mongolia with the Thai Under 23 national team. The other changes are all based on form, or lack of, and I won’t go into detail on it. I’d even be willing to start Nurul instead of Nattawut if necessary, I just think that Nattawut would be of more use to us in a central position.

If you allow Roller to bomb up and down the right-hand side in support of Pakorn, and ask Thitathorn to stay back a bit more to allow Bordin the freedom to “cheat” a little defensively so that we can use him as a quick outlet, I think we’re in a much better place come Sunday night.

Whilst I hope that Bonilla will be back soon, I don’t want us to rush him, and the same can be said about Kevin too. I was delighted to see them both pictured training the other day, and whilst I’m eager to see Kevin back in the line-up, but we have to do it at the right time, or we’re going to see him back on the physios table almost instantaneously. Getting him back would be a real “win” for us, and almost like a new signing in a way. Jaturapat has done well in his absence, so I wouldn’t be against us playing Kevin on the left-wing if I’m honest. Unfortunately, that affects Bordin, and so on. A nice headache for Dusit to have regardless!



A sight for sore eyes! Kev is back in training, as is Nelson, Tanaboon, and Adisorn.



I’ve only watched our opposition for the full 90-minutes twice this season, against the Scum on Matchday 1, and against Khonkaen United a week later, with the only footage of them I’ve seen since being the highlight packages that come out on YouTube. There’s plenty to like about the way that they play, but with that being said: they’re definitely a team we SHOULD beat. Ultimately, that means nothing, and these are the games that we typically find a way to somehow lose. It’s the curse of being a Port fan! They’re not a free-scoring side anymore, unlike their ‘heyday’ in 2018 when they had Lonsana Doumbouya and Jonatan Ferreira Reis on their books. With Reis currently stinking the joint up in Thai League 2 at Muangkan, it seems that they moved on from the temperamental Brazilian at the right time. What they would do to have Doumbouya back though!

As I said in my season preview of PT Prachuap, I think their current ‘key man’ is central-defender Adnan Orahovac, who does a fantastic job marshalling the backline. Whilst they’ve only kept two cleansheets [so far] this season, they’re also not conceding as many goals as they did last season, with them currently on track to concede 41-42 goals this season if they concede at the same rate for the remaining 22 games. That’s an improvement of 5-6 goals, and when you consider that Orahovac missed the first-leg last season, you then see his importance to the backline in my opinion.

If Patiño can just be a pest and distract him for the 90-minutes, that’ll help us quite a lot.



I apologize if this preview came across as somewhat negative, and that wasn’t my intention. I’ve seen quite a lot this season from the lads that I’ve enjoyed, whilst there’s also things that they’ve done that have frustrated me. The frustration is due to knowing how talented they are, and being disappointed that they’re not performing to the level that we all know they’re capable of. It’s like when your father says to you “I’m not mad son: just disappointed.”

With that being said, I’m going to go out on a limb, and predict a 2-NIL win for us on the weekend. With the attendance still being capped at 25%, you’ll have to act fast to snap up a ticket, and comply with all the restrictions in place. If you want an enjoyable alternative, I really can’t recommend a trip to The Sportsman [on Sukhumvit 13] to watch the game enough, with them showing the game on a big screen.

And, as always: SUSU TARUA!


A throwback image from a game in 2015, which was shared by the Humans of Thai Port page.


Fans can attend the game, with capacity limited to 25%. Season ticket holders can collect their tickets from 1300 on matchday. The match will be shown live on NNU5 and AISPLAY (possibly limited to AIS network users) at 1800 on Sunday 24th October 2021. If you don’t have a ticket, the best way to watch with fellow Port fans is to head to The Sportsman on Sukhumvit 13 who will show the match on a big screen.



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