Reasons to be Cheerful


The idea of reviewing Port’s mediocre season would not serve any purpose; the continual mismanagement of the club and the abysmal levels of performance of many players has been well documented for several seasons on this website and our social media accounts. Also I don’t want to waste my time revisiting the past to analyze what went wrong – reviews should also look at the positive and that’s where we will focus our energy in this article. Let’s dive in shall we?




A name commonly associated with over/under-hit crosses, shots from corners and puffing out his cheeks as the young full back runs past him yet again, this season he’s been a revelation and for me our top performer. The highest number of assists in the league and, while everyone stopped caring in the second half of the season, an experienced professional doing his best to make a difference. The hat trick of assists against Korat after coming on as a second half substitute underlined what a key performer he is for Port, and cemented his position in the team while several Dusit/Jadet experiments with other players and formations failed to work.



The Youth


With seasoned pros underperforming and big name transfers floundering, or failing to materialize, one of the bright spots was the promotion of youth team players and recruitment of young, exciting talent. William Weidersjo has great potential to lead the midfield if he can control his emotions, Teerasak has performed admirably when thrown into the deep end, plus Kannarin, Jaturapat and Sansern are getting more gametime. This young group not only showed more endeavour and fight over the last few months but also justified their selection over certain players clearly outstaying their welcome.


Fan Appreciation


The club has been famous for fostering its “we are family” image while shitting on the fans from a great height but there have been improvements to create a better relationship. Gone are the days of queuing up at breakfast time to get a number so you can return a few hours later to purchase your ticket with a Google form/LINE account system and collection on the day now in place (yes, not perfect but one step at a time). Also the ridiculous entry system and overzealous security (Hi Doris! xx) from earlier this season has ended, plus there were many decent freebies handed out on matchday and our benevolent owner made the last home game free entry to generate an atmosphere like the good old days.


New Manager?


Rumours are abound that Jadet’s fourth spell was only temporary and we will have a shiny new foreign manager installed for next season. This is what the fans have been crying out for over many seasons: a manager who will instill a team ethic and root out those with the wrong attitude both on the pitch and training ground. A certain individual already has an updated wikipedia page and, if true, then it’s a great reason to get excited and more importantly get a tune out of these players. We’ve heard that 3 players who should pack their bags have signed new contracts so it’s clear the club values loyalty over quality. Let’s hope the man at the helm gets a chance to implement key changes so desperately required.


Finally, it’s been a season where I realised just how important football and your club can be in the grand scheme of things. Everyone’s mental health has taken a battering over the last 2 years and it’s great to go watch a match, have an away day with your mates and enjoy doing the things you like again, so stop being so glum; if you want to see the good guys win every weekend then go to the cinema. See you in Zone B in a few months!