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Noone (Should) Like Us, But I Care!

  I have supported Port since the season of 2010, I watched about half the games that year, some home and some away. I have seen plenty of bizarre, fantastic and unpleasant things occur over the years some of the unpleasant ones have included the farcical floodlights debacle, the Port Authority’s squabble over the ownership […]

Happy When it Rains: Port FC vs R&F FC

  After reading on the informative and quite excellent Sandpit site (that should get this posted) of the upcoming Port friendlies and realising that all the forces of the universe had aligned, namely the fantastically well planned, well implemented and fully justifiable elongated break for the Asian Games, which saw Thailand again perform so manfully […]

Ooh Baby I Love Ba-We

  I wrote a piece for this website which praised, lauded you could say, even go so far as to say worshipped a particular ex-Port legend. (It was Moise and I meant every love-soaked word) It was, however on the gushing side of the teeny-boyband idolization spectrum I’ll admit. So being a deeply repressed Englishman […]

Come On Feel the Moise!

  23 October 2009 was my first Thai Port game. I had previously seen Muangthong United play Chonburi during that season but the striking similarity of image and presentation with Man U really put me off. So when I went to watch the FA Cup final between Thai Port and BEC Tero, I was unattached […]