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Caged Lions: Port Stars on Life in Lockdown

  We miss football. We miss that first view of the floodlights as we cross over Sunton Khosa, we miss the smell of sausages, we miss the taste of a cold Leo, we miss our friends. But if we’re missing football, have you wondered what it’s like for the players? Deprived of the exertion of […]

Choke’s Away! Port Coach Victim of COVID-19 Cuts

  Life on COVID-19 lockdown is boring, and many of us struggle to pass the time. Some of us watch old Peep Show episodes on Netflix; some of us discover this amazing new site called Pornhub; some of us watch old Premiership games on Sky; some of us – ie Madame Pang – engage in […]

It’s Grim Up North: Sukhothai FC 1-2 Port FC

  Port made it three wins out of three in their first away game of the season, but where wins one and two featured goals galore and champagne football, win three was gritty, ugly and somewhat fortunate. What with Sukhothai on a Wednesday being one of the least accessible fixtures on the calendar, the Sandpit […]

Swat a Start! Port FC 4-1 Nakhon Ratchasima FC

    The day before the game Dom, Tom and I shared our pre-season previews which were unanimously pessimistic about Port’s T1 chances this season. 90 minutes into the season and Port made us all look a little bit silly with a performance of style, energy and panache which, although it was against truly abject […]

Right-Back At Ya! The Sandpit Meets Nitipong Selanon

  Since his relatively unheralded signing from Buriram in 2015, Nitipong Selanon has steadily improved year on year to the point that he is now undoubtedly Port’s most consistent player – a fact recognised by our readers who voted him the Sandpit Player of the Year for 2019, and by the Thai national team who […]


2020 Vision: Muangthong Utd

  Ignoring the old saying about saving the best ’til last, we finish our series of 2020 season previews with our old friends Muangthong Utd. After a season in which they flirted with relegation and lost to Port three times, can Gama get the Kirins, who lost to Port three times last season, back on […]


2020 Vision: Bangkok Utd

  Once again, the much-fancied Angels flattered to deceive in 2019, coming up trophyless once more despite having arguably the strongest squad in T1. But with Mano Polking still in charge of a squad that has been together for a long time, could 2020 finally be their year? Here’s Svein Falk Lorentzen with his thoughts…