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Our Friends In the South: Port Forge Alliance With Songkhla

  T3 side Songkhla FC announced yesterday that they have signed an agreement with Port to become a ‘sister’ club to the Khlongtoey outfit. The agreement apparently covers youth development, sports technology/science, and marketing, which suggests Port will be getting a lot more out of this than they put in. Such arrangements are fairly common […]

Fitter, Happier: The Sandpit Meets Rafael Monteiro

  Since coming to Thailand in 2009, Rafael ‘Rafa’ Monteiro has become one of the country’s most well-known and respected fitness coaches. He was at BEC Tero when they won the 2014 Toyota League Cup, and Buriram when they won the 2017 T1 title. So it’s no coincidence that his arrival at Port in 2019 […]

Gone ‘Til September: FAT Announces Season Restart

  With many teams back in training this week there was some brief optimism amongst Thai football fans that the season just might restart on 2 May as recently suggested; but with COVID-19 still wreaking its human and economic toll on the world, that was always likely to be a little ambitious and yesterday the […]

Outsiders: Why We Follow Port

  NB this article was originally written in February 2019 for an anthology of Thai football writing that was never published.   In Bangkok’s chaotic Khlong Toey ‘slum’ district, no two houses are alike. Sturdy two-storey brick houses sit next to old wooden buildings leaning so far to one side they look like one gust […]

Caged Lions: Port Stars on Life in Lockdown

  We miss football. We miss that first view of the floodlights as we cross over Sunton Khosa, we miss the smell of sausages, we miss the taste of a cold Leo, we miss our friends. But if we’re missing football, have you wondered what it’s like for the players? Deprived of the exertion of […]

Choke’s Away! Port Coach Victim of COVID-19 Cuts

  Life on COVID-19 lockdown is boring, and many of us struggle to pass the time. Some of us watch old Peep Show episodes on Netflix; some of us discover this amazing new site called Pornhub; some of us watch old Premiership games on Sky; some of us – ie Madame Pang – engage in […]

It’s Grim Up North: Sukhothai FC 1-2 Port FC

  Port made it three wins out of three in their first away game of the season, but where wins one and two featured goals galore and champagne football, win three was gritty, ugly and somewhat fortunate. What with Sukhothai on a Wednesday being one of the least accessible fixtures on the calendar, the Sandpit […]

Swat a Start! Port FC 4-1 Nakhon Ratchasima FC

    The day before the game Dom, Tom and I shared our pre-season previews which were unanimously pessimistic about Port’s T1 chances this season. 90 minutes into the season and Port made us all look a little bit silly with a performance of style, energy and panache which, although it was against truly abject […]