Save The B’s: Port B Beat T4 Drop… Maybe


The Controversy


It wouldn’t be Port if we went a whole two seasons without being deducted points in a relegation or promotion fight! It looked like a win and two draws had been enough to guarantee Port B T4 survival after Dome FC missed out on a chance to take it to the final day, losing 2-1 to Pathumthani University FC on Monday. This is Thai football though, so the potential for tomfoolery and incompetence is almost limitless.

It appears that Port are largely to blame in this rigmarole, having fielded an ineligible player in their last game against Grakcu Sai Mai. Port were reported for the violation by their opponents, and the FAT has awarded a 2-0 win to Grakcu, despite the game being drawn 1-1.

The funny thing about this situation was that Port must have known they were, if not breaking the rules, at least bending them pretty brazenly. Now, let me say up front that I don’t know what the rules actually are on which players are eligible for which tournaments, so how do I know that Port knew they were doing something naughty? Well, they were about as subtle as a brick. After just 5 minutes, Port subbed on Chakrit Rawanprakone (9), a regular in T1 matchday squads who has made 11 appearances this season. Then on 15 minutes came Arthit Butjinda (29), another T1 regular who has made 18 appearances. Neither substitution was forced by injury, meaning that bringing them off the bench was supposed to be in some way covert, or designed to get around rules about them not being able to start the game. As it turns out, only one of the two – Arthit – was ineligible, but bringing him off the bench was as much of a violation as starting him.

The result of all of this? Port’s ‘loss’ reopens the possibility that Port could finish bottom of the Bangkok region. So defeat on Saturday means WE’RE DOWN?! Hold on, THERE’S MORE! It has also emerged that Port B can not be relegated as they are a ‘B team’, and B teams can not be promoted or relegated. WE’RE SAFE! Not so fast. THERE’S MORE! The entry on T4’s Wikipedia page suggests that Port could still be booted out of T4 in 2019 if there are too many teams in the Bangkok region. Or in their own words… “Could not competed in 2019 Thai League 4 when this zone have member too much. PLT judge this quota.”


So will Port be in T4 in 2019? I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine. Flip a coin, draw straws, cast runes… it won’t be any less logical than what FAT is doing.


T4 Bangkok Table BEFORE Port had a point deducted


Controversy Aside


Humour me for a while as I pretend that none of this nonsense actually happened.

It has not been the inaugural campaign that Port B would have hoped for, but with a season of competitive experience behind them, Port’s youngsters will be better prepared for next year, and should be looking forward to an improved finish.

They cap off their season on Saturday at home against Dome FC on Saturday at 16:00, so if you want to catch them before their season ends this will be your last chance.

Despite a low-scoring season there have been some promising debut performances, with Chaowala Sriarwut (57) contributing 4 goals from left midfield, Chanayut Jejue (99) scoring 3 times from attacking midfield and Danudet Treemongkonchok (42) also scoring 3.

Chanayut was the most widely-praised of the bunch from the few that watched him play in the back end of the season, and he has been rewarded for his efforts with an appearance in a T1 match day squad as well as a couple of first team friendly appearances. Likewise, Sarawin Phakdeekan (48) was also involved with the first team after impressing in defence.

Next season will hopefully see a few new arrivals to supplement the success stories of 2018, with Port ultimately looking to replicate their distant neighbours Bangkok United B, who need a win on the final day to guarantee second place in the league. Port’s B team and academy is still in it’s infancy of course, but with the first team having made such strides forward over the last couple of seasons, similar attention should also be put in to trying to get hold of the best Thai youngsters and blood them in T4 with a view towards the best breaking in to the first team.

If indeed Madame Pang does, as I expect, extend her stay as Port chairperson, she could well save herself a fair few baht over the next few years by investing a little now in bringing in some of the best young talent available.

Port B play at Insee Chantrasatit stadium, which is on the main campus of Kasetsart University. Click here to see the Facebook page, which includes a map.


Port B Take On ‘Poon Army: Port B vs. Kopoon Warrior Preview, 12 August 2018


This has been a long time coming! Port B have been trundling along below The Sandpit’s radar all season and, besides our Squad List and the odd Portlist, Port B’s youngsters haven’t really featured in our coverage. Part of the reason for that is the fact that they’re second bottom in the Bangkok region of T4, and are the equal lowest scorers in the division with just 14 goals. With three games remaining, Port are just 2 points above the only relegation spot.



Where do you go if you’re relegated from T4? The Thai Amateur League. No Thanks. Currently in the drop zone are Dome FC, who will be Port’s final day opponents. A 3 point cushion going in to that crunch game would be nice!


Kopoon Warrior


No, not Warriors; Warrior. Just the one. Kopoon, 4 places but just 2 points above Port in the table, are Sunday’s opponents. Winless in their last 6 games with 2 draws and 4 losses, Kopoon look like just the kind of team Port will fancy facing. Wittawat Wongnarat (11) is the main goal threat (he has 7 so far this season), whilst captain Ratchanon Ragsa-ad (13) has scored 4.



That kit is an absolute beauty. And so ends my detailed analysis of our opponents!


Port B

The Players


Yes, I thought it would make rather more sense to introduce some of our own players, most of whom will be complete unknowns to Port fans. We’ll start with a first-teamer who has been helping out in T4 for a while, and hasn’t played a minute of first team football in 2018.

It’s Port’s number 1. Watchara Buathong (1) is a fine ‘keeper who could quite easily be playing for a bottom half T1 team or at least a decent T2 team. He has spent some of his time with Port on loan in recent years, although for the last 2 seasons he has taken the cushy option as Port’s third choice stopper. He might not be at his sharpest, having featured only a few times for Port B, so Port could also opt for Anipong Kijkam (81), who has played more regularly in 2018.



Regular defender Sarawin Phakdeekan (48) was suspended last week, but expect him to come back in to the team and slot in alongside big fella Siriwat Chumyen (86). Sarawin has made a couple of matchday squads for the first team this season, as well as appearing in a pre-season friendly.



Pummared Kladkleep (41) joined Port’s first team in 2017 from just-disbanded BBCU. Having played for teams like Chamchuri United and Khon Kaen United it is a bit of a head-scratcher that Port thought there was any chance he would make much of an impact in T1. 3 first team starts in 2 years later, he’s playing more regularly in T4 than he did in T1, and at this level Pummared should be a dominant force and an experienced head in central midfield. Alongside him in midfield or perhaps the wing will be Port B captain Danudet Treemongkonchok (42), who spent the 2017 pre-season with Port’s first team and scored his third goal of the season in last week’s 1-0 victory.



Either alongside Pummared or slotting in at left back will be Port B’s top scorer in 2018, Chaowala Sriarwut (57). One of the only Port B signings to be announced to any fanfare, Chaowala is very highly rated, and his shown his potential by netting 4 times, despite having been deployed at full back on numerous occasions.



The front line is where Port B have struggled this season. Young forward Chanayut Jejue (99) is the pick of the bunch, having scored 3 times in 2018, but he certainly doesn’t have the physique to lead the line, and if I had to guess, this is probably why Port have struggled so much going forward. Small technically proficient forwards are nice to have if they partnered with some muscle, but pretty ineffective otherwise. Looked excellent when given a run-out in a mid-season friendly a couple of months ago.





Before last week’s huge win over Police Tero B, Port had suffered four consecutive losses, with a draw coming before that. Let’s hope the tide has turned!




As this is a Port B game, it will NOT be at PAT Stadium, but Insee Chantarasatit Stadium (สนามอินทรีย์จันทรสถิตย์ > click here to see the Facebook page, which includes a map) and kick off is at the earlier than usual 17:00. It isn’t going to be on TV, so the only way to see the boys in action is to come along. As this stadium is on a university campus there will be no beer being sold, and we imagine that the independent Leo salesmen who so often accompany us on our away trips will also not be making the trip. Bring your own booze, fellas. It’s a holiday on the Monday, so don’t hold back!