The Portlist 9: Tanagrams And The Most Ludicrous Port Stat Ever


1 (1) Kim Sung-Hwan

Kim remains on top by default, really. Any sustained run of form from any of Port’s key players would have secured them the top spot, but it doesn’t seem as though half the team can be bothered. After an inconsistent start to his time with Port, Kim has settled down in to a mostly mistake-free rhythm in central midfield. It feels like we’ve become so accustomed to his outstanding long passing that it doesn’t raise an eyebrow any more, but just you wait and see how much we’ll miss it if Kim is not retained next season. Firmly in the running for player of the year.

2 (7) Nitipong Selanon

He’s been beavering away on that right hand side all season and finally some real recognition is coming his way on the Portlist. When some of those around him have long since stopped being bothered, Nitipong has continued giving it his all and contributing consistently at the back as well as going forward. Also firmly in the running for player of the year.

3 (5) David Rochela

Port’s captain is never too far away from the top, and he comes in at number 3 this time. His form seems to have improved in recent weeks, having slipped down to his lowest placing yet in the last Portlist. Still one of the better foreign defenders in the league, but his place in next season’s squad is far from assured if Port spend big again to try and go for top spot in 2019. Here at The Sandpit there are whispers of two player of the year awards, one being a fan vote and the other being picked by our esteemed writers. Arguably the most popular man in the squad among supporters will be one of the favourites for the fan vote, but we’re not sure how well he’ll fare in our discerning writers’ estimations.

4 (8) Elias Dolah

He’s had an excellent run of form in the second half of the season, although things haven’t gone his way in recent weeks through no fault of his own. Dolah was ludicrously sent off after the referee got conned by Chiang Rai winger Chaiyawat Buran a couple of weeks ago, suspended the next week and most recently left out by Jadet in the 0-2 loss against Suphanburi. Nevertheless, Dolah’s improved form, his motivation to give his all week in week out and the leadership he has been showing on the pitch all mean that he is a big winner in this season’s penultimate Portlist. A late challenger for the player of the year award.

5 (4) Kevin Deeromram

His form has dipped quite a bit, if we’re being honest. Kevin is another who will run his socks off every week, and is never found wanting where effort is concerned. Is fatigue to blame? Quite possibly, but it could also be the lack of consistency in front of him. In recent weeks he’s had Bodin, Pakorn, Nurul and Boskovic playing left wing, none of whom are known for their tracking back. Kevin probably needs a couple of really exceptional games in the run-in to scoop the player of the year award, which he was one of the favourites for a couple of months ago.

6 (2) Sergio Suarez

The midas touch which Suarez showed so consistently in the first half of the season has gone missing. Since returning from his shoulder injury, Sergio has got nowhere near his early-season best form, and is lacking confidence in front of goal. He has 2 goals and 1 assist in his last 7 appearances. In Suarez’ defence, he did ping in a superb finish against Korat, but only after missing an open goal from about a foot out. At one point a shoo-in for player of the year, now Suarez is sure to have some advocates and also his fair share of detractors after his second leg slump.

7 (21) Nurul Sriyankem

He’s back from injury, and not much has changed as far as his form goes. Still buzzing around the wings hectically, getting fouled a lot and diving even more. Still creating chances, getting in to dangerous positions but not being quite as good with the final ball as we would like him to be. Still, Port always look better with him in the team, and with Pakorn and Bodin already having been on holiday for two months he is undoubtedly Port’s best winger at the moment. Which rather appropriately is something like being the tallest man at a midget convention.

8 (3) Dragan Boskovic

From the last Portlist… “Boskovic’s season looks like it’s going to be one excellent and prolific run of form sandwiched between two underwhelming and barren runs of form.” Called it. We never thought we’d see the day we’d be happier to see Arthit starting up top than the biggest T1 signing of the summer, but that’s pretty much what it’s come to. He’s a great player of course, just not the player Port need as striker in the system Jadet is playing.

9 (11) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Siwakorn scored a lovely goal the other week. How about that! Nevertheless, in all this season has to go down as Siwakorn’s worst since re-signing for Port, and that’s why he has gone from being Port’s most important Thai player to a passenger who honestly has very little effect on proceedings.

10 (10) Pakorn Prempak

He’s basically been on a sun-lounger for the last 2 months, so there’s very little to comment on. The one defence of him is that set-pieces are worse when he’s not on the pitch, but at this point it’s a price worth paying not to have him strutting up and down the right touchline pretending to be a professional sportsman.

11 (9) Rattanai Songsangchan

Retains a place in my first XI based on the fact that when Worawut plays I miss Rattanai just a little. And we know he’ll be restored to the first XI next season, so there’s no point pretending that Worawut’s going to usurp him in the long term, even if he stops flapping at crosses, which he won’t.

12 (14) Worawut Srisupha

A great shot-stopper, poor at dealing with crosses and mediocre at distributing the ball. Perfectly OK for a T1 second choice ‘keeper considering the dross that everyone else has to put up with.

13 (16) Arthit Butjinda

Or ‘young Pele’ as a particularly sarcastic excitable Sandpit contributor christened him. Arthit has been winning admirers of late with his battling performances, and although he’s far from the most technically gifted, what he lacks in talent he makes up for with heart. The team looks better with him in it too, as his sound positioning provides a focal point for a too-often aimless attack to build off of. Deserves another start in the run-in to make a case for himself next season. I personally think Port would be mad to let him go, although that’s as much an indictment of the caliber of strikers available in T1 as it is praise for Arthit.

14 (12) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

While others rise and fall significantly, Adisorn confines himself to the part of the list either narrowly inside or outside of the starting XI. A hard-working, dependable squad player who is welcome to stay at PAT Stadium as long as he’s happy playing a bit-part role from the bench.

15 (13) Todsapol Lated

Loses a couple of spots based on Dolah’s improvement, although he did well when drafted in as the big man got suspended. To my surprise, Todsapol kept his place the following week, although shouldn’t be expected to stay in the starting XI for much longer.

16 (15) Bodin Phala

The man behind the single most ludicrous Port stat of the season. Bodin has played a part in every single game across all competitions this season, and is the only man to achieve this feat. Against Suphanburi he picked up his fourth yellow card of the season, so the streak will finally be broken in Port’s next league match. Still, just let that sink in for a second. He’s been awful on a pretty consistent basis in the second leg, but has still played some part in every game.

17 (23) Sammy Slot

Sammy came off the bench the other week, and delighted his largely female fan base by providing an assist with his first touch in Port’s 4-0 win against Korat. We’ve still yet to see enough of Sammy to make a real judgment on what he brings to the squad, but the fact that he plays the odd minute is enough to move him in to 17th place for now.

18 (19) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Gains a place because when Panpanpong was injured he was the only back-up full back on the bench. He’s not really a full back of course, just the closest thing to it in Port’s rather winger-heavy squad. And he’s not Jetjinn, which is something Jadet seems to value very highly.

19 (18) Terens Puhiri

Speaking of which… Poor old Terens just hasn’t been given a chance by Jadet. Since his only start of the season against Air Force, where Terens put in a useful shift by all accounts, he has played just 2 minutes, neither of which have been in the last 5 games. He would be a useful squad player if he ever, you know, played!

20 (20) Worawut Namvech

Played for Thailand under 23s in their doomed Asian Cup campaign, but hasn’t played for Port since mid-July. Regularly gets a place on the bench, but that’s as far as it goes. Will return to Chiang Rai having thoroughly wasted a year of his young career with Port.

21 (6) Anon Samakorn

The most infuriating case of Port’s managerial incompetence in 2018. This season’s Maranhao. Anon burst on to the scene with a string of wonderful performances which had fans purring, and saw him named in various T1 ‘Team of the Week’ features. Nevertheless, after 3 promising starts Anon was relegated to the bench, from where he made 2 useful cameos. Now though, Anon finds himself out of the matchday squad altogether and will surely be looking for a new club in the off-season. What a monumental waste.

22 (26) Watchara Buathong

Another silly Watchara video, you say? Enjoy this tribute to former Port boss ‘Uncle Chuai’. Personally I particularly enjoy Nitipong’s little cameos, although the inclusion of a 30 yard screamer from Thitipan is also must-view stuff.

23 (17) Panpanpong Pinkong

Absent from the last 6 matchday squads. I think he was originally injured, but now he’s fit and just being left out.

24 (24) Pummared Kladkleep

Pummared has played 36 minutes for Port’s first team in 2018. They came against Thailand Amateur League West side Tamuang FC in the FA Cup. He was booked.

25 (22) Somprasong Promsorn

That’s 25 more minutes that Somprasong managed. He’ll be heading off in the off-season for greener pastures. Maybe his next club will give him the opportunity to show if he’s any good or not.

26 (25) Jetjinn Sriprach

And the award for ‘least involved first teamer’ goes to… Jetjinn! Poor fella has only made 2 match day squads all season, even while Panpanpong has been crocked for the last month and a half. That’s got to hurt.

27 (27) Chanayut Jejue

Won my ‘Man of the Second Half’ award for his performance with the first team in a friendly just over a month ago. Should be involved more next season, after impressing whenever he has been given the chance.

28 (28) Sarawin Phakdeekan

Another good performer in that friendly, playing alongside Todsapol and looking the more assured of the pair. Mind you, I saw him play in midfield rather than central defence for the B team and he was absolutely shocking.

29 (NE) Apisit Thornorman

The third Port B youngster to get a run-out against Southern FC didn’t get a lot of time, but saw a fair amount of the ball and looked pretty decent.

99 (99) Tana Chanabut



T2 statistics are not easy to come by, but I’ll do my best to sum up Tana’s season with a bit of research and a bit of guesswork. I THINK that Tana has started few games, but regularly come off the bench. This is based on looking at the last few games and extrapolating. I KNOW that until 10 days ago Tana had failed to score a single goal all season. Until 10 days ago that is… Nongbua’s last two games have seen the Moustachioed Pink Cock score 2 late goals. It’s almost as if he’s trying to impress enough to get another gig next season…

Of course I couldn’t let this segment go to waste by not handing out gratuitous abuse to my favourite punch bag, so here is my best attempt at a Tanagram: u banana tach. It’s one letter short of a full anagram, but in a way so is Tana, so we’ll call it even.


Let me know if you can do better than my Tanagram by commenting below. The winner gets absolutely nothing.

The Portlist 8: You Can Teach ’em to Type…


1 (5) Kim Sung Hwan

Well, well, well. He’s made it. Kim started off inconsistently, was plain poor for a while but recently has been Port’s best player in most of the key games, and is one of very few real leaders on the pitch. The emergence of Anon has given him the freedom to push further forward, and he’s added goals and assists to his (at the moment) excellent passing game. It’s just a shame that most of his teammates haven’t shown up to give him a hand.

2 (1) Sergio Suarez

Suarez has not quite been himself after returning from injury, and is now set for another spell on the sidelines. Nevertheless, the performances and results with him in the team are so much better than the performances and results without him that he simply has to be near the top. Suarez’ stats per game are second to none in the Port squad, but he has managed just 19 starts in 2018. That’s a real concern.

3 (2) Dragan Boskovic

Boskovic’s season looks like it’s going to be one excellent and prolific run of form sandwiched between two underwhelming and barren runs of form. Nevertheless, it’s hard to make an argument that many other players are more key to Port’s success this season than Dragan. His numbers are the best of any Port striker since Leandro (20 goals and 10 assists in all competitions), and if he plays well and scores another 6 or 7 goals, Port will likely finish third.

4 (4) Kevin Deeromram

One thing that has been more or less constant throughout all of the formation changes in recent weeks is how reliant Port are on Kevin. Without him the left hand side is a disaster. He has played left back, left wing back and left wing in recent weeks, and no matter what Jadet does with the team, you can be sure Kevin will be a key part of it. That was a peach of a cross on Sunday, too!

5 (3) David Rochela

El Capitan is starting to slip down the Portlist. It’s not just the own-goal on Wednesday – that could have happened to anyone – but rather the feeling that the Spaniard has been at fault for more goals of late than we’re used to seeing. If Port go on another spending spree this off-season then, unlike in previous seasons, surely other options in central defence are going to be explored.

6 (26) Anon Samakorn

The very big winner of this Portlist, and the biggest single jump yet. Boy did I underestimate this youngster when I dismissively dropped him in at number 26! To be fair I hadn’t seen him play yet. Having been in a Port B squad and been an unused substitute for the first team it looked like Anon was going to be making up the numbers until next season, but Jadet flipped the script on us and showed surprising faith in his new midfielder. Anon repaid that faith with smart, solid performances on the four occasions he has been called on. You’ll notice that he’s risen higher than Adisorn and Siwakorn, and should now be considered Port’s best Thai midfielder.

7 (6) Nitipong Selanon

Excellent assist for Port’s only goal on Wednesday, and an all-action display on Sunday, too. He’s back from suspension, and much like Kevin his stock can only have risen in the formation reshuffle. He’s most definitely Port’s best right full back and right wing back.

8 (7) Elias Dolah

Dolah has gone from strength to strength since he finally cemented his place in the team, and only drops a place because of the arrival of Anon. The errors have become less frequent, and he even picked out a 50 yard pass that Kim would have been proud of on Wednesday. I wouldn’t have thought that he’d have been within three places of his central defensive partner on the Portlist a few months ago, that’s for sure. Keep it up, big fella!

9 (9) Rattanai Songsangchan

A sustained run of fitness has, as we thought, led to Rattanai getting back to something like his best form. There are still nagging issues though, like communication with the centre backs and distribution, which prevent him rising higher for now. Oh, and he’s only gone and got injured again!

10 (11) Pakorn Prempak

Pakorn is still in the first XI, but only because Nurul is injured, Bodin isn’t productive enough and the 5-3-2 experiment seems to have ended in failure. He looked rubbish in the first half on Wednesday when he was playing more centrally, but Port will be going back to his and Jadet’s favoured 4-2-3-1 for the rest of the season, meaning that Pakorn will keep grinding out the assists and popping up with the odd goal form the right wing. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Pakorn is lazier now than he’s ever been for Port, and that’s saying something. With his ability and productivity he should be at number 5 or higher at all times, but with the current level of effort and teamwork, I just can’t bring myself to put him above hard workers like Kevin, Nitipong, Anon and Dolah. Cracking free kick on Sunday, though. Pick that out!

11 (10) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

He’s still hanging in there in the first XI, but only just, based on the fact that he offers more creatively than the other midfield options, although this doesn’t translate in to goals or assists nearly enough. He certainly isn’t in there because of his shooting, although he unleashed a surprisingly threatening attempt on the Buriram goal on Wednesday.

12 (8) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

He’s flying up and down the Portlist much as he flew up and down Port’s right flank against Bangkok United, showing his versatility by playing right wing back in Nitipong’s absence. Unfortunately he had the same problem on the flank that he has through the middle: the fact that he’s just not a very good footballer. I’m reminded of a quote from Charlie Wilson’s War about hiring secretaries: “You can teach ‘em to type, but you can’t teach ‘em to have big tits.” Adisorn is an enthusiastic typist, but doesn’t and never will have the tits to be Port’s first choice defensive midfielder, although he will continue to be a crucial squad player. Currently out for roughly a month with an unspecified injury.

13 (13) Todsapol Lated

Had an absolute shocker on Wednesday. Lost his marker, who scored from the early corner, then less than a minute later panicked after an admittedly poor ball from Kim and gave Buriram an easy second goal which turned out to be decisive. Most definitely third choice centre back, which after Port return to 4-2-3-1 means a place back on the bench.

14 (14) Worawut Srisupha

Had been getting regular games with Port still in the cups, but Rattanai was called on when things got serious. Will only see more action if Rattanai’s injury keeps him out until after the break.

15 (12) Bodin Phala

The more Bodin continues to look promising but produce nothing the more places he will lose. Has either started or been subbed on in almost every single game, but rarely makes a decisive difference.

16 (16) Arthit Butjinda

Just when you’d forgotten about him after a few weeks on the sidelines, Arthit showed us what we’d been missing in his absence. Decent flick-ons and hold up play with the odd horrific touch thrown in, and a completely unpredictable mash-up of the good, the bad and ugly in front of goal. He was desperately unlucky not to get Port back in tot he game with a textbook striker’s finish with his weaker foot on Wednesday, but was denied by the superb Siwarak, T1 player of the month for July.

17 (18) Panpanpong Pinkong

He’s not gaining a place because he’s any good, just because with Kevin getting significant game-time at left wing in recent weeks, he occasionally slots in at left back. Now injured, but should be back by the end of the break.

18 (15) Terens Puhiri

Only just hanging on to a place in the matchday squad right now. It’s been a while since Flash has touched the ball. Boooo.

19 (17) Chakrit Rawanprakone

His performance at right wing back looked almost like a left winger playing in a completely alien defensive position. Funny, that. His abysmal finish against Bangkok United betrays a player who is just not of the required caliber.

20 (19) Worawut Namvech

Currently in the Thailand under 23 Asian Games squad, where he can expect to get a whole lot more action than he has done in 2018 for Port. I expect that he’ll return to parent club Chiang Rai without registering another competitive minute of Port action.

21 (21) Nurul Sriyankem

We’ve really missed his pace and directness. Will hopefully be fit by the time the August break is mercifully over with.

22 (20) Somprasong Promsorn

Needs a decent run-out to show off his skills. He brought out some pretty tidy touches during the half time kick-about on Wednesday, but that’s just about all I have to go on for now!

23 (23) Sammy Slot

He’s consistently making match day squads at the moment, but hasn’t been given the chance to show us what he can do yet.

24 (22) Pummared Kladkleep

A move back to the second or third tier is the only thing that is going to get Pummared back on the pitch. There are simply too many better midfielders at Port.

25 (29) Jetjinn Sriprach

With Panpanpong injured he was on the bench on Sunday. How exciting!

26 (24) Watchara Buathong

There is absolutely nothing interesting going on in the world of Watchara nowadays, so here’s a video of one of his raps. W-Hot in da house!

27 (25) Chanayut Jejue

Back in the Port B squad after Arthit’s return to fitness and Sammy Slot’s arrival.

28 (27) Sarawin Phakdeekan

Likewise back with Port B after the defensive crisis abated.

29 (28) Chaowala Sriarwut

I’ve opened a couple of the pretty awful Facebook live feeds showing recent Port B games and seen poor old central midfielder Chaowala – Port B’s top scorer – playing left back. What a waste.

30 (RE) Danudet Treemongkonchok

Port B’s captain scored a rare goal in T4 on the weekend. He’s dispensed with the man bun too, which helps.

31 (30) Anipong Kijkam

If only I had a rap by Port’s fourth choice goalkeeper to show you. Then again, Anipong actually plays football every now and then so I guess he has better things to do!

99 (99) Tana Chanabut



Now, I may be the sort of person who would go in search of a picture of a large erect pink cock in order to juxtapose it with a picture of Tana in his lovely pink shirt for Lolz, but in this case the photo comparison comes from the striker’s own Facebook page. You could at least try and make it hard for us. Erm, wait, no, I didn’t mean like that…


The Portlist 7: New Blood


With Port’s two debutants, and a very fresh-faced bench on Sunday, it must be time for another Portlist.



1 (1) Sergio Suarez

Suarez has been out of action for a few weeks now, and my word does it show. Without him in the side, no other player is capable of linking midfield and attack, making Port look disjointed and impotent going forward. Even having missed several games now, Suarez is still Port’s top T1 scorer with 13, although Boskovic has now overtaken him in all competitions.

2 (2) Dragan Boskovic

Ever since that fateful Chainat away clash, we’ve seen a completely different Dragan. He works harder, he links up play better and he has far more confidence in front of goal. That last fact means that he now has 19 goals in all competitions. That’s what he was signed to do.

3 (3) David Rochela

El Capitan continues to be a crucial figure in Port’s team, especially with injuries and suspensions meaning that changes in personnel are now weekly occurrences at the back. Crucially, Rochela’s calming presence helps those who play alongside him.

4 (4) Kevin Deeromram

He flew up the last Portlist, and I see no reason why he doesn’t deserve to stay at number four. Always full of energy, contributing wholeheartedly to the attack and making key defensive contributions too, you couldn’t hope for a better full back in Thai football.

5 (7) Kim Sung Hwan

Kim regains a couple of spots, having slowly but surely settled in to the rhythm of Thai football. He makes fewer errors, adds another dimension to Port’s play with his vision and long passing, and has popped up with the odd goal from midfield, too. We certainly miss him when he’s not in the side. Having said that, the feeling has to be that Port could do more with their Asian quota spot, and it’s hard to imagine former Buriram star Go Seul Ki, who is rumoured to be in talks with Port, not doing a better job than Kim.

6 (5) Nitipong Selanon

There’s no direct competition for Nitipong in this Port squad. Setting aside for a moment how absurd that is, it means that even when he gets sent off and suspended, his importance to Port is just further underlined. With Adisorn suspended, will they use a left back out of position, or deploy a winger like Chakrit or Terens there? One thing is for sure, Port will miss Nitipong on Saturday.

7 (9) Elias Dolah

The second half of the season has gone well for Dolah. He has missed some games with injury and suspension of late, but his performance levels have been consistently good, and it really feels like Port are missing something when he’s not on the field. Todsapol is still a viable alternative, but Dolah does seem to have taken a lengthy stride ahead of him for now.

8 (13) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

He seems to be the answer to just about every question, and he doesn’t seem to do injuries. Whether it’s Suarez, Kim, Siwakorn or Nitipong that’s unavailable, you can be sure Jadet’s solution will involve the little terrier. His performance level rarely changes (for better or worse), and the energy he brings to the team is undeniably a big positive. On Sunday he gave the ball away then won it back twice in the space of 15 seconds. Typical Adisorn.

9 (14) Rattanai Songsangchan

He has cemented his place in the team, and he put in one the best Port goalkeeping performances of the season to give us a fighting chance against Air Force. His distribution is still a constant source of frustration, though. It may have improved significantly from when he first broke in to the team, but he still insists on aiming the ball at Pakorn or Nurul rather than Suarez or Boskovic.

10 (8) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Siwakorn continues to drift down the list. He still makes the odd important contribution, but the frustration at his final ball continues to overshadow the neat linkup play he provides in midfield. Last season, I couldn’t have imagined putting Adisorn above Siwakorn, but on the basis of their performance levels throughout 2018, it feels justified.

11 (10) Pakorn Prempak

I just can’t bring myself to drop him lower than eleven, even though I’m monumentally annoyed by his attitude and work rate of late. Why not? Well, he’s the top provider in the entire league for one thing. Yes, he may be just about as frustrating as could be, but he continually, consistently provides chances for his teammates in a way that other wingers like Nurul, Bodin and Terens just don’t. On merit, I’m sorry to say he has to stay in the first XI.

12 (12) Bodin Phala

Bodin is probably closer than he’s been at any point this season to changing that, though. His forced move in to midfield against Sukhothai was the revelation that most of us thought it would be, but with Nurul injured he will be occupying Port’s left wing for the foreseeable future. It’s time to add goals and assists to all that clever one-touch nutmegging stuff now, fella.

13 (15) Todsapol Lated

His goalscoring record for the last two seasons stands at 6 goals in 20 starts. Most Thai strikers would be proud of that strike-rate! Nevertheless, Todsapol has rightly slipped below Dolah in the defensive pecking order, although it’s still a close run thing, and Jadet may well call on him when more mobility is required.

14 (11) Worawut Srisupha

An excellent second choice goalkeeper, and getting plenty of minutes in cup games.

15 (17) Terens Puhiri

Finally, he started a game! In keeping with Terens’ frustrating season though, the red card meant he was asked to play right wing back for the majority of the game and was unable to show the pace and attacking ability Port fans are so clamouring to see.

16 (16) Arthit Butjinda

He’s had a fair few chances this season, but really hasn’t made a convincing argument that he brings much to the team. Yes he can win the ball in the air against most Thai defenders, but more is required in front of goal for Arthit to be anything other than a squad player at Port. Having said all that, experience tells me that as far as Thai strikers go, he’s really no worse than most teams have on their bench.

17 (21) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Is he Port’s second choice right-back as well as fifth choice winger? We will know on Saturday when the first XI is named.

18 (19) Panpanpong Pinkong

Gains a spot based on the fact that Kevin must be bloody knackered, and Panpanpong will be required to actually play some football at some point.

19 (20) Worawut Namvech

Injury and suspension have finally given him a first team chance, and the results are… inconclusive. Worawut was hooked at half time in a tactical switch in his first start, but played 90 minutes in his second. He looked good in the air, solid in the tackle but has to be partially at fault for Air Force’s first goal, where he let Air Force’s only striker have far too much room. Still definitely fourth choice.

20 (NE) Somprasong Promsorn

Somprasong was the first of the three new arrivals from Europe to make a match day squad, and against Air Force he became the first to make an appearance. Looks quick, lively and Jadet must quite like him.

21 (6) Nurul Sriyankem

Poor old Nurul fought his way up to sixth in the Portlist, but his long-term injury and the raft of young wingers chomping at the bit to take his place mean that The Penguin will do well to get back on to the pitch this season. Get well soon, little guy.

22 (26) Pummared Kladkleep

Named in several successive match-day squads due to injuries, although he hasn’t seen a minute of action so far in 2018.

23 (NE) Sammy Slot

I think young Sammy may well move up this list in coming weeks, although that will require Jadet to take something of a leap in faith in a young player, which would be rather out of character.

24 (22) Watchara Buathong

Still third choice goalie, and has even made the odd first team squad, as well as getting a few games for Port B. Is he the most unambitious man in Thai football? Quite possibly.

25 (24) Chanayut Jejue

Chanayut made his first match day squad against Air Force. He impressed in a friendly a couple of months ago, but he really looks like he needs to bulk up in order to make an impact in T1. Should be having daily appointments with Rod Pellegrino!

26 (NE) Anon Samakorn

The final arrival from Europe and the youngest of the three has made one matchday squad, but was not sent to warm up. Don’t expect to see him on the pitch in 2018.

27 (RE) Sarawin Phakdeekan

Reentering the Portlist, having been absent from the last four. The defensive injury crisis looks short-lived though, as will be Sarawin’s time on this list.

28 (23) Chaowala Sriarwut

Poor old Chaowala – Port B’s top scorer despite playing in central midfield – must be wondering if he’s ever going to be given a whiff of hope of first team involvement with the likes of Pummared and now Anon being favoured.

29 (25) Jetjinn Sriprach

Third choice left back behind two left backs who don’t get injured.

30 (27) Anipong Kijkam

With Watchara expected to move on, Anipong was in line for a promotion. Now he’s back where he started, which is still at the head of the Port B queue. Not bad for a young ‘keeper.

99 (99) Tana Chanabut



What’s that? You thought with Tana leaving Port he would lose his place in the Portlist? What you fail to consider is that Tana is doing far more for Port in a Nongbua Pitchaya shirt than he ever did when he was actually with the club. Promotion hopefuls when the crooner arrived, they have slipped down the T2 table with just one win in six since his arrival. His contribution so far? A yellow card. His shirt number? 69. Lulz



The Portlist 6: Redemption


You know the drill. Port’s players ranked in order of importance.




1 (4) Sergio Suarez

Sergio has spent more time out of the team than in the team since my last Portlist, but he’s back now and showing us what we’ve been missing. Who’s going to stand up and take the deciding penalty in the dying minutes? Sergio. Who’s going to gamble and get in to the 6 yard box for a tap-in? Sergio. Who’s top of the Portlist again? Sergio.

2 (2) Dragan Boskovic

Dragan has been anything but consistent this season. Fortunately for him he has not been punished for his poorer performances, and now he’s on the upswing again he’s good to retain his number 2 spot in the Portlist. Since a fair amount of abuse was thrown in his direction after Chainat away Bole has looked like a different player, and that hard-working committed striker is the man who is now at number 2.

3 (1) David Rochela

David has presided over a defence which has had some great games and some very poor ones in 2018. He himself, however, has been mostly consistent, and that calm presence at the back is one that certainly makes Port a better team. Whilst I don’t think he is in the very highest echelon of defenders in Thai football, he’s still a crucial player for Port.

4 (6) Kevin Deeromram

We’re at that point in the season now where the potential to play well and influence games is irrelevant. All season long I’ve been talking about how players could make a difference if and when they find form, but at this point it’s time to elevate the players who have been doing that all season long. Step forward Kevin, who has been an example to his teammates with his application and ambition, and more than deserves to be moving up and up the Portlist.

5 (8) Nitipong Selanon

For too long Nitipong has been kept down at number 8. The ability to put in a 7/10 performance pretty much every week is one that very few in this Port team possess, and Nitipong’s value is that he is consistently churning out performances regardless of whether those around him share his willingness to work.

6 (9) Nurul Sriyankem

Nurul’s end product still isn’t where we would like it to be, but he’s a hard worker and is starting to figure out how to get the best out of himself on that unfamiliar left wing. The more he can help out the forwards by popping up in the box and getting on the end of things the higher he will rise.

7 (7) Kim Sung Hwan

I was hoping that moving Kim down to seventh would be temporary, but on current form he certainly doesn’t deserve to be any higher. The hope still remains that he hasn’t quite adapted to Thai football yet and could still find his feet, but at the moment all he seems to be able to find is his finger and his voice. Shouting and pointing is all well and good, but more is required.

8 (5) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Siwakorn’s inability to make the right decision in the final third was brutally exposed against Korat. Yes, Siwakorn’s work is primarily done in the middle of the park, but why oh why does he have to be such a liability going forward? He has the awareness and the technique anywhere else on the pitch, but just can’t seem to summon it when it really matters. What a shame.

9 (17) Elias Dolah

This list’s big mover. Dolah has finally found his way back in to the side and made himself undroppable for now with some excellent, solid performances. The more he grows in confidence and works on his concentration the more Port’s back line will fulfill it’s promise. Could easily move up the list if he performs consistently.

10 (3) Pakorn Prempak

The list’s other big mover, this time in the wrong direction. Pakorn has been serving up utter garbage with the odd assist sprinkled in since his match-winning turn against Air Force, and with the options at Jadet’s disposal surely can’t hold on to his place indefinitely if he keeps up this level of performance. Send him to the monastery in the break please, guys!

11 (10) Worawut Srisupha

I never quite know what’s going on with Port’s ‘keepers, but in terms of minutes played Worawut is usually ahead of his friend and teammate Rattanai, and that’s enough to keep him at number 11.

12 (13) Bodin Phala

He just looks so damn smooth when he comes on. He’s not the quickest or the most energetic, but he certainly offers something different, and it ought to be enough to give him a run in the first XI sometime soon.

13 (12) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

Port’s back-up to Kim, Siwakorn and even Suarez is another extremely consistent performer. If possessed with a little more natural ability he would be a nailed-on regular, but both he and Port seem happy to keep him around as a key squad player.

14 (16) Rattanai Songsangchan

Rattanai continues to win back his place in the team and then be swapped out again. It’s probably an injury, and the same thing will probably happen again in a few weeks.

15 (14) Todsapol Lated

Since the last Portlist, Todsapol regained his place after an injury lay-off then lost it again. He’s a good man to have around as a back-up.

16 (12) Arthit Butjinda

Arthit has made some excellent cameos and popped up with a crucial goal, but the more Boskovic returns to form the fewer chance Arthit is likely to get in the side.

17 (18) Terens Puhiri

Terens has finally been given the chance to show what he can do, and the signs were looking promising. Then Terens picked up a knock and has been replaced in the squad by he who shall not be named until much, much later in the list. Still, surely when Terens returns to fitness which, judging by a video he posted on his Instagram will be if not this week then next, he will be back on the bench and primed for 20 minutes of action.

18 (11) Athibordee Athirat

Athibordee has had his chance in the side, performed as a squad player playing out of position would be expected to perform and now finds himself back on the bench. All is right with the world.

19 (19) Panpanpong Pinkong

Firmly installed at number 19, with Kevin going absolutely nowhere save for injury.

20 (21) Worawut Namvech

It’s a real shame that one of Thailand’s top young defensive talents wasn’t given the opportunity when Port opted to play Athibordee, and surely Worawut will now cut his loan spell with Port short and go somewhere where he actually has a chance of getting some game time.

21 (24) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Chakrit made his debut as a late substitute against former club Korat last week, but with Terens returning to fitness will probably be back to playing for Port B before long. He’s scored for the T4 side and seems to be handling the situation well considering that he was a regular T1 started last season. Surely must be seriously considering his future with Port with the transfer window approaching.

22 (22) Watchara Buathong

Still third choice goalie, and he was even named on the bench last week. How exciting! Watchara is reported to being close to a move away from PAT Stadium, so expect that to go through soon.

23 (23) Chaowala Sriarwut

Continues to earn rave reviews in T4, and must feel like a place on the bench isn’t all that far away. After all, Buriram fielded a 15 year old the other week!

24 (29) Chanayut Jejue

Chanayut has scored a couple of superb goals this season for Port’s B team. Probably not enough to get him elevated to the first team squad, but the quality of some of his play has been impressive.

25 (25) Jetjinn Sriprach

Playing consistently. In T4. Another surely looking for a way out.

26 (26) Pummared Kladkleep

There’s been no sign of Pummared anywhere near the first team. Arguably less likely to move on as he has always been a lower league player anyway.

27 (27) Anipong Kijkam

Keeping his place in the Port B side, and could potentially be in the frame to be Port’s third choice ‘keeper should Watchara move on as expected. It would make sense.

28 (20) Meechok Marhasaranukun

Meechok has already announced his impending departure from Port, with a deal apparently in place to take him to Port’s opponents this week Suphanburi. I’m not surprised that Meechok has chosen to move on, but I am surprised that he has chosen another club where he is unlikely to be getting regular first team football. He had some excellent performances for Port, particularly in 2016 when he broke through as an 18 year old, and will always be thought of well by port fans.


99 (99) Tana Chanabut



How I wish Tana would keep on this strapping uniform and take to the streets with a whistle rather than don the blue and orange and mooch about PAT Stadium pretending to be a professional footballer. How I wish that were the case.


The Portlist 5: What Port Are Made Of


My last Portlist came after the pitiful 2-0 defeat to Bangkok Glass, when I said that the response to this defeat would show what Port were really made of. A hard-fought last minute 1-0 victory against Ubon was the immediate response, although it was followed by a disappointing capitulation late on against Sukhothai, where Port threw away a goal and a man advantage to draw 2-2. Port then overcame bottom-of-the-league Air Force 3-1, a scoreline which probably flattered Port, before putting on an absolute horror show away to Police Tero, losing 4-2.

Whilst some are now saying that the response to the Police Tero defeat will show what Port are really made of, I think the response to the Bangkok Glass fiasco answered that question in no uncertain terms. We’re formidable at home – capable of taking on all comers and emerging victorious – but take us away from PAT Stadium and we can lose to just about anyone.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but one Port have been fighting against for years. The one undeniable improvement that has been made this year is that Port have shown that they are able to keep complacency at bay against weaker clubs at home and grind out victories. Away from home it’s the same old story.

With all that being said there have been a lot of individual performances of note over the last month or so, so let’s get on with the task at hand. It’s Portlist time!



1 (3) David Rochela

The whole team has been fighting their hardest not to be number one on the Portlist this month, so El Capitan wins it by default as much as anything else. I have nothing particularly good or particularly bad to say about his recent performances, and in the context of most of his teammates, that’s a positive.

2 (2) Dragan Boskovic

Dragan hangs on to his spot at number two, having contributed towards a fair amount of goals, despite some less than inspiring performances. A goal and an assist against Sukhothai was supposed to ignite his campaign, and he followed it up with an excellent header against Air Force, before winning a late consolation penalty against Police.

3 (6) Pakorn Prempak

Yes, he occasionally goes missing, but when he’s on form he’s just so damn good. It was Pakorn’s cross that Arthit headed home to seal the injury-time win against Ubon, but the Midfield Monk really starred against Air Force, scoring a brace and assisting another. In a team full of increasingly inconsistent performers, I can’t see how I can keep Pakorn out of the top three.

4 (1) Sergio Suarez

The early season goal-rush had catapulted Sergio to the top of the Portlist, but just one goal in four and a few lackluster performances later, and it’s as you were for the Spaniard.

5 (5) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Phew. Siwakorn finally got his first yellow card. As always, Siwakorn has been consistent in his efforts, although their have been some less-than-stellar performances. I think it was Sukhothai away where the Thin White Duke put on an exhibition in how not to finish, squandering several chances which could have won Port the game, but we already known Siwakorn can’t finish, and that’s not his job. He has continued to keep things ticking over well in midfield, and doesn’t deserve to drop any places all things considered.

6 (7) Kevin Deeromram

Kevin was Port’s best player against Police, although that doesn’t say a great deal. His attacking just seems to get better and better as he grows in confidence, and he does an excellent job providing balance to the team, with his overlapping runs giving Nurul the opportunity to pass to the left when he is more naturally inclined to cut inside.

7 (4) Kim Sung Hwan

What a shame. From being number two on the Portlist after his performance against Muangthong, Kim has slipped five places already after some frighteningly poor displays. As defensive midfielder you are responsible for dealing with the guy in the hole. Against Police that was Aung Thu, and he was given free reign to run at Port’s defence all night. In Kim’s defence he doesn’t look at all fit, but then that’s not really a defence, and another reason he is sliding down the Portlist. If Kim gets fit and finds some consistency he will rise again, but he needs a couple of huge performances over the next week to convince fans that he is the real deal.

8 (8) Nitipong Selanon

Nitipong has made himself at home at the number eight spot. I see no reason for that to change at the moment.

9 (9) Nurul Sriyankem

He’s ever so promising, but just isn’t quite producing the goods. At times in the first half against Air Force Nurul looked like the most dangerous player on the pitch, but come the final whistle he had produced nothing and his fellow winger had notched up two goals and an assist. Of course the ability is there, and I still have confidence that Nurul will influence games in the way that some of his teammates do, but it just hasn’t quite happened for him yet.

10 (13) Worawut Srisupha

Worawut’s early season heroics turned out to be the exception, not the rule. This is unsurprising to those of us with a few years of watching Worawut under our belts; what has been surprising is that he’s managed to hold on to the first choice goalkeeping spot ahead of Rattanai, who has been fit for a few weeks now.

11 (21) Athibordee Atirat

Gaining ten places on the Portlist by virtue of his elevation in the centre back rankings. Having overtaken Dolah, Athibordee has had a decent run in the team, although he has done little to show that he could ever establish himself as a T1 centre half. Once Todsapol is fit again (I’m hearing rumours suggesting he could be primed for a return this week but steadfastly not holding my breath) he will be straight back in the team. Nevertheless, Athibordee’s stock has undoubtedly risen, as his ability to do two jobs to a decent standard is a quality that will come in handy at some point later in the season.

12 (14) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

A few solid performances this season and the inconsistency of Kim mean that Adisorn edges up the Portlist.

13 (11) Bodin Phala

That freekick is increasingly fading from the memory, and Bodin once again needs to do something from the bench to stand a chance of replacing either Pakorn or Nurul.

14 (10) Todsapol Lated

Until I see him on the pitch, I’m not going to believe he’s fit, although I really, really hope he is.

15 (15) Arthit Butjinda

Arthit can count himself unlucky not to have moved up a couple of places. His match-winning header against Ubon and his lay-off for Kevin’s goal against Police were classic centre-forward play, something which Port lack when Arthit is not on the pitch.

16 (12) Rattanai Songsangchan

The goalkeeping crisis is over, and surprisingly Rattanai has emerged in second place, still deputising for Worawut. I’ll be intrigued to see how long that lasts.

17 (16) Elias Dolah

Punished for his display against Bangkok Glass, Dolah has touched the ball just once since, winning a header just before the final whistle was blown against Air Force.

18 (18) Terens Puhiri

Poor Terens still hasn’t touched the ball in a competitive game. Please can we see him in action, Jadet? Pretty please? #PickTerens #PassToTerens

19 (20) Panpanpong Pinkong

Bringing on Panpanpong for Kevin when Port were in need of a goal against Air Force was a real head-scratcher. Still, he got on the pitch so he gains a place.

20 (19) Meechok Marhasarunukun

And Meechok drops a place as a result.

21 (17) Worawut Namvech

If Todsapol does return to fitness then Worawut, who must be gutted to have been overlooked when Athibordee made it in to the first XI ahead of him, will probably fail to make the match day squad.

22 (22) Watchara Buathong

Still third choice goalie.

23 (27) Chaowala Sriarwut

Now that some of Port’s first team squad have been appearing for Port B, the fact that Chaowala is still the main difference-maker shows just how good he is.

24 (24) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Until injury strikes a winger higher up the Portlist, Chakrit will probably continue to find himself playing for Port B.

25 (26) Jetjinn Sriprach

Swap winger for left back.

26 (24) Pummared Kladkleep

Pummared has probably fallen below Chaowala in the midfield rankings. Get comfortable in T4, mate.

27 (23) Anipong Kijkam

After nearly sneaking in to the matchday squad after a couple of injuries, Anipong can once again focus on keeping goal for Port B, although he appears to still be training with the first team. Can’t be bad.

28 (28) Partchya Katethip

The exciting young winger has to try and outperform Chakrit for Port B if he wants to move up the Portlist.

29 (29) Chanayut Jejue

Scored a fantastic goal for Port B a few weeks ago, taking on a couple of players on the left, playing a neat one-two on the edge of the box before slipping the ball past the goalie.

30 (30) Danudet Treemongkonchok

I’m developing quite a record with telling players they need a goal to stay on the Port list. I’ve been successful with Chanayut and now Danudet, who scored just a day after my last Portlist, but I think I’ll save my Midas touch for the next Portlist.

99 (99) Tana Chanabut



A picture is worth a thousand words.


The Portlist 4: Reality Check


Port overcame Ratchaburi at home, before succumbing in worrying fashion to Bangkok Glass away on Sunday. After spending the first 3 weeks of the season in pole position, it’s now time to see what this squad is really made of. Port B also slipped to their first defeat of the season, giving them 6 points from their opening 3 games.

The main feature of this list, though, is a mad goalkeeping scramble, with Port’s three first team ‘keepers all injury doubts for next week’s clash with Ubon.



1 (4) Sergio Suarez

It’s impossible to ignore Port’s top scorer right now. He’s scoring the kind of goals that seasoned strikers make a living off, using the movement of Boskovic to find space and punish the opposition. His miss against Bangkok Glass was a reminder that he’s not a natural striker, but with 4 goals in his first 4 games, we can hardly complain. Keep it up, Sergio!

2 (1) Dragan Boskovic

Dragan hasn’t kept up his scoring form, but he has undoubtedly made a huge contribution to Port’s early success. In occupying the opposition defence Dragan has allowed Suarez to flourish, and has a goal and two assists to his name. He really should have buried that late chance against Glass, though.

3 (3) David Rochela

Not particularly at fault for goals in either of Port’s last two games, but not at his vintage best, either. Nevertheless, Port’s captain is and will continue to be the key man at the back.

4 (2) Kim Sung Hwan

Kim has only played two out of the first four games, and only one of them was a performance of merit. As good as he was against Muangthong, Kim needs to stay fit and stay on form if he’s going to have the impact on Port’s 2018 season that we know he can.

5 (6) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

He’s been very consistent, and he seems to have kept the work rate up, while turning down the aggression.

6 (5) Pakorn Prempak

That first half corner against Bangkok Glass was indicative of Port’s performance as a whole, and particularly Pakorn’s. Needs to keep working hard and keep producing if he wants to stay near the top of the Portlist, and keep himself in Port’s first XI.

7 (7) Kevin Deeromram

Kevin was magnificent in his duel with Phillip Roller against Ratchaburi, but had an absolute stinker against Bangkok Glass. Still likely to be a big player for Port though, with his superb raids forward providing a balance to the team that hasn’t been seen for some time.

8 (8) Nitipong Selanon

Still performing consistently. Must have been quite a shock to have found himself as part of a back 3 for 15 or so minutes against Bangkok Glass. He was primarirly a winger just a couple of years ago!

9 (9) Nurul Sriyankem

Once again it’s one performance out of two for Nurul. His fantastic curling finish just before half time against Ratchaburi was the key moment in the game for Port, but he has largely anonymous against Glass, and did less than his fair share defensively.

10 (11) Todsapol Lated

Todsapol ought to have been sliding down this list after picking up the injury we all knew was coming and missing the last two games, but we really missed him against Bangkok Glass.

11 (12) Bodin Phala

In putting Bodin in 11th, I’m not saying the Fresh Prince is favourite to start, just that he’s coming off the bench first in every game, and I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with Port’s goalkeepers.

12 (15) Rattanai Songsangchan

Rattanai got his chance in the second half against Bangkok Glass, and didn’t have much to do. He made a couple of regulation saves and his distribution was pretty lackluster, and then – surprise surprise – he picked up a knock after a clash with Frederic Mendy. All three of Rattanai, Worawut and Watchara are supposedly injury doubts right now, so with all 3 equally injured, I’m picking Rattanai because… well, read on and find out.

13 (10) Worawut Srisupha

Four goals conceded in two games, and a frankly outrageous display of selfishness in Port’s defeat to Bangkok Glass. Worawut should have been off the pitch the first or the second time he was treated. The bench indicated to him that he should come off, but he stayed on, clearly unable to move freely. In the highlights he can be seen telling the bench that he’s indeed not able to continue just as a tame shot, which he got nowhere near, rolled wide of his post in the 43rd minute. If his selfishness had cost Port a goal, he would be much lower on the Portlist.

14 (14) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

Put in an excellent performance against Ratchaburi, before Kim put in a poor performance against Bangkok Glass. He’s very unlikely to win his place back if Kim stays injury free, but he’s giving himself the best possible shot.

15 (16) Arthit Butjinda

Got a few minutes against Bangkok Glass, indicating that he’s one of Port’s go-to men when a goal is needed.

16 (13) Elias Dolah

Played well against Ratchaburi, but didn’t look like himself in the first half against Bangkok Glass. Dolah struggled for balance, didn’t use his strength as effectively as usual and looked nervous on the ball. That’s not the way to make a claim for a starting berth.

17 (20) Worawut Namvech

Dolah’s shakiness could open the door for this young man to push for a starting place if Todsapol doesn’t return to fitness in time for Ubon next week.

18 (17) Terens Puhiri

After writing about Port’s new Indonesian winger last week, I want to see this guy succeed more than ever. Unfortunately, all Terens has had in his first month with Port is a couple of injury time run-outs and no touches of the ball. #PassToTerens

19 (18) Meechok Marhasarunukun

With Nitipong performing so consistently, Meechok is a distant second choice at right back.

20 (19) Panpanpong Pinkong

As is Panpanpong at left back.

21 (20) Athibordee Atirat

Athibordee came on to shore up the midfield against Ratchaburi, and din’t do much wrong. He gets told to warm up an awful lot, indicating that Jadet feels comfortable sending him on.

22 (25) Watchara Buathong

I’m not sure if Watchara should be higher or lower on this Portlist. Both goalkeepers ahead of him are struggling with injuries, but at the same time he is struggling with an injury. Terrible timing for Watchara.

23 (NE) Anipong Kijkam

Port B’s young goalie could just be in line for a shock call-up this week against Ubon, with all 3 first team stoppers being injury doubts.

24 (23) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Scored in a Port friendly, although he was with the second string and playing out of position up front. Still, he scored…

25 (22) Pummared Kladkleep

Quiet times for Pummared.

26 (24) Jetjinn Sriprach

And Jetjinn.

27 (26) Chaowala Sriarwut

Chaowala continues to impress for Port B, and played nearly a full half of football alongside Port’s first team in a friendly. He looked pretty damn useful, too!

28 (27) Partchya Katethip

As did Partchya, who got an assist in that game.

29 (29) Chanayut Jejue

From the last Portlist: “Will need to rack up some goals to stay on the Portlist.” Chanayut scored for Port B, although they slipped to a 2-1 defeat last week.

30 (28) Danudet Treemongkonchok

Port B’s captain is the next one who is going to have to show something special to keep his name up here.

99 (99) Tana Chanabut

You know what Port’s criminally awful first half performance reminded me of? Tana.


The Portlist 3: Ranking The Heroes


Port’s perfect start to the 2018 season, featuring a 3-0 victory against Pattaya and a stunning 2-0 away victory against fierce rivals Muangthong, has seen one player gain 6 places in the Portlist. Port B also got off to a winning start, overcoming Dome FC 3-1, meaning a few of their key players make their Portlist debuts.



1 (1) Dragan Boskovic

Coming with such a hefty price tag, Boskovic went in to his competitive Port debut with a point to prove. One cheeky nutmeg and a stunning top-corner finish later, point proven. Dragan had a bit of a tougher time against Muangthong, but although he didn’t get on the scoresheet, his hard work led to opportunities for his teammates. So far so good for the 50 million baht man.

2 (3) Kim Sung Hwan

Kim had to wait a little longer for his debut, but when the time came the Korean showed just what he can bring to this team. Just as valuable as Kim’s own considerable abilities on the ball are what he does off the ball, directing proceedings in the middle of the park and demanding the best out of his teammates.

3 (2) David Rochela

Yes, it’s a bit mental that after 2 clean sheets and 2 superb performances Rochela has slipped a place in the Portlist. Besides his rather tame penalty against Pattaya he certainly hasn’t done much wrong, but if credit is going to be given for Port’s improved defensive performances, I’m more inclined to give it to the newer arrivals, who seem to have upped the ante and inspired the older heads to raise their game.

4 (4) Sergio Suarez

He played well against Pattaya, not so well against Muangthong, but most importantly he scored against both. With defenses focusing more of their energy on keeping Boskovic quiet, Suarez is taking full advantage by popping up unmarked in the box and scoring simple goals. Long may it continue!

5 (5) Pakorn Prempak

Pakorn was upstaged a little by Nurul on the opening day, but he held on to his spot on the right wing. The Midfield Monk then more than vindicated Jadet’s faith with a superb performance against Muangthong. An assist for the first goal and several dangerous raids forward indicate that Pakorn’s superb form has carried through to 2018.

6 (6) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Two games and two feisty, effective performances from Siwakorn in the middle of the park. Still up there as one of Port’s most important players.

7 (9) Kevin Deeromram

Kevin must get a sizable chunk of the credit for Port’s improved defensive displays, but it was his raids down the left wing that really caught the eye against Muangthong. With right-footed Nurul often opting to drift inside, Kevin has been hugging the touchline and finding plenty of space from which to deliver dangerous balls in to the box.

8 (8) Nitipong Selanon

I’m the one who writes this list, and I’m still not sure why Nitipong is only at number eight. He put in another couple of solid displays and provided a composed assist for Port’s second goal against Muangthong.

9 (7) Nurul Sriyankem

Nurul was outstanding against Pattaya when given a chance on the right hand side, but he hasn’t really taken to his new role on the left. He struggled to get in to the game against Muangthong, and his final ball was found wanting on numerous occasions. Given time Nurul will surely shine, but he’s slipping a couple of places on the Portlist for now.

10 (16) Worawut Srisupha

The big climber on the Portlist after a penalty save against Pattaya and an official Man of the Match award against Muangthong. If Worawut continues to stop everything that comes his way ans the defence start to feel comfortable with him dealing with crosses then Rattanai could find himself spending a lot of time on the bench. What an improvement!

11 (11) Todsapol Lated

Todsapol’s performances probably merit a higher placing than number 11, but his injury on Saturday reminded us how fragile he is. Fortunately his injury is not serious, and he is apparently in contention to start against Ratchaburi next week.

12 (12) Bodin Phala

Bodin may not have started a game yet, but his performance off the bench against Pattaya put him firmly in contention for starts in the future. Also, apparently the lad can take a free kick…

13 (15) Elias Dolah

Called on to replace the injured Todsapol against Muangthong, Dolah didn’t put in a mistake-free performance but he did enough to keep the extremely dangerous Jaja quiet in a tough physical contest. That’s what he’s there for.

14 (13) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

Against Pattaya, Adisorn showed why he is still a good option in defensive midfield with a typically high-energy, combative performance. He may not challenge Kim for his place, but he will prove useful this season, as he showed by coming off the bench to shore up the midfield against Muangthong.

15 (10) Rattanai Songsangchan

Despite returning to fitness and getting a place on the bench for the first time against Muangthong, Worawut’s performances must have made him undroppable for now.

16 (14) Arthit Butjinda

Played a few minutes against Pattaya but was not called on against Muangthong.

17 (17) Terens Puhiri

Came on against Pattaya but didn’t get a touch of the ball. Flash must wait patiently, and take his chance when it comes.

18 (18) Meechok Marhasarunukun

With Nitipong performing so consistently, Meechok is a distant second choice at right back.

19 (19) Panpanpong Pinkong

As is Panpanpong at left back.

20 (21) Athibordee Atirat

Athibordee has made it on to the new nine man bench for both of the opening games. Just.

21 (20) Worawut Namvech

The young centre back got a place on the bench against Pattaya but was in the stands against Muangthong.

22 (22) Pummared Kladkleep

Very much a squad player this season, although he is probably only one injury from the bench.

23 (23) Chakrit Rawanprakone

As is Chakrit.

24 (24) Jetjinn Sriprach

And Jetjinn.

25 (25) Watchara Buathong

And Watchara.

26 (NE) Chaowala Sriarwut

Announced his arrival at Port B with a brace and an assist from midfield against Dome FC. One of the goals was a peach as well! On top of that, Chaowala was named one of the ‘Top 5 Rising Stars of the Thai League 2018‘ by Siam Sport. Watch out for this lad!

27 (NE) Partchya Katethip

The other goalscorer, getting on the end of Chaowala’s cross to head home from close range. Partchya impressed me in the 2017 Coke Cup, and seems to be carrying on his good form for Port B.

28 (NE) Danudet Treemongkonchok

Trained with the Port first team in 2017 pre-season, and captained Port B in their opening day victory.

29 (27) Chanayut Jejue

Started for Port B, but will need to rack up some goals to stay on the Portlist much longer.

99 (99) Tana Chanabut

You know what, mate? If you fancy extending your police training a little longer I don’t think any of us would mind…


The Portlist 2: Deadline Day Defensive Shake-Up


Deadline Day is as good an excuse as any to publish our second Portlist. Port’s two arrivals, two departures and news of injuries and recoveries slightly reshape the Portlist in the week before the T1 season finally restarts!



1 (1) Dragan Boskovic

If anything, the decision to keep Suarez over Nebihi just makes Boskovic even more important. Whereas Nebihi would have been able to function passably as a back-up front man, Suarez is clearly not cut out for that role, meaning that at any given time Port are one injury away from the completely unproven Arthit leading the line.

2 (2) David Rochela

El Capitan will have been happy with Kevin Deeromram’s arrival, as he should now be spending more time where he belongs in the centre of defence, and less time covering for errant full backs.

3 (3) Kim Sung Hwan

There are suggestions that the knock Kim picked up in last week’s friendly could keep him out of the opening day clash with Pattaya. What’s Korean for ‘get well soon’?

4 (7) Sergio Suarez

Suarez finally overcame Nebihi and kept hold of his place in the squad, but the big German being loaned out to Chiang Rai will create an interesting opportunity to compare their relative performances this season. Regardless, Suarez now has to focus on trying to perform as well as he did in the second half of last season for the whole of this season. If he can do that he will move still higher up the Portlist.

5 (4) Pakorn Prempak

Little changed for Pakorn on deadline day, although Kevin Deeromram will provide a left-footed option from corners and free kicks that could decrease Pakorn’s stock a little.

6 (5) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Kim’s potential injury just reminds us how much we rely on Siwakorn to move the ball around in midfield.

7 (6) Nurul Sriyankem

Nurul’s job on the left wing will hopefully have been made a little easier by the arrival of Kevin Deeromram. If these two can strike up the kind of productive partnership that Pakorn and Nitipong had last season, then Port will have significantly strengthened their first XI on deadline day.

8 (9) Nitipong Selanon

There is now a legitimate argument against Nitipong being Port’s best fullback.

9 (NE) Kevin Deeromram

But Kevin’s got some work to do. First he’s got to be picked ahead of Panpanpong, and then he’s got to do what Panpanpong couldn’t and find the right balance between defence and attack to keep Port tight at the back, and provide a useful attacking option. If he does this he will quickly lock down a place in the team.

10 (10) Rattanai Songsangchan

Video of Rattanai bouncing around the goal in training suggests that Port’s stopper is at or very near full fitness. Good, timely news!

11 (11) Todsapol Lated

In deadline day signing Worawut, Todsapol now has one more competitor with a legitimate chance of taking his place in the team. A clean sheet on Sunday would go a very long way to securing his place in what is now Port’s most competitive defence in some years.

12 (13) Bodin Phala

Bodin can expect a run-out off the bench in Port’s season opener, but he will have to deliver goals and assists in order to break in to the first XI.

13 (16) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

The prospect of an injury to Kim reminds us how big a role Adisorn could still play this season.

14 (17) Arthit Butjinda

Arthit is now the man Port will turn to in case of an injury to Boskovic. He could have very little to do, or he could find himself carrying enormous responsibility for this ambitious Port team.

15 (14) Elias Dolah

Dolah should still be starting on the bench come Sunday, but he now faces an even tougher challenge to fight his way in to the Port team after the arrival of Thai under 23 star Worawut.

16 (15) Worawut Srisupha

The fitter Rattanai gets the less we have to think about Worawut throwing his fists at crosses this season.

17 (18) Terens Puhiri

His off-field antics just make him more and more likeable by the day.

18 (19) Meechok Marhasaranukun

The final spot on the bench, where Meechok can expect to spend a lot of time in 2018.

19 (12) Panpanpong Pinkong

The biggest loser on deadline day, and the biggest Portlist faller. If you spend 40 million baht on a full back, surely you intend to play him ahead of your weakest link!

20 (NE) Worawut Namvech

An exciting loan signing for Port, who will hope to fight his way on to the bench and then in to the first XI. If his SEA Games performance was any indication, he’s got a decent chance.

21 (22) Athibordee Atirat

If Kim’s injury rules him out on Sunday that should mean a spot on the bench for Athibordee.

22 (23) Pummared Kladkleep

Or Pummared.

23 (25) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Still fifth choice winger, and unlikely to displace either Bodin or Terens on the bench any time soon.

24 (20) Jetjinn Sriprach

On deadline day Jetjinn went from being second choice left back with a decent chance of breaking in to the first team to third choice with little hope of getting anywhere near the first team save an injury crisis.

25 (26) Watchara Buathong

Third choice goalkeeper, with both number 1 and 2 looking fit.

26 (24) Thanakorn Saipanya

As yet unregistered in Port’s T1 squad, Thanakorn might be sent to add a bit of experience to Port’s B team, rather than wasting his time as back-up to the back-up’s back-up.

27 (27) Chanayut Jejue

With Port’s paucity of strikers it is possible albeit unlikely that Chanayut will be called on at some point this season.

28 (28) Sarawin Phakdeekan

With Worawut’s arrival Sarawin went from having almost no chance of seeing any first team action in 2018 to having actually no chance of seeing any first team action in 2018.

99 (99) Tana Chanabut

Number 11 on paper; number 99 in our hearts. But there’s more than just my instinctive distaste for mustachioed moochers that goes in to these Portlist placings. They’re calculated by maths and stuff.

Bear with me while I struggle through some simple addition. Firstly, the Portlist tells us that there are 26 players in the first team squad. Port B, the u16s and the u14s ought to have average squad sizes of about 24 (because it’s convenient for my calculations) which means a total of 72 youth players. 26 first teamers plus 72 youth teamers makes a total of 98. And who better to bring up the rear than that bloke who doesn’t even turn up to training because he’s doing a 4 month police training course?


Tana Chanabhut


Introducing… The Portlist


The Portlist is a new series of articles I will be writing throughout 2018, which will aim to evaluate the importance of all of Port’s players in relation to each other. Their importance is of course partly going to depend on their performance, and partly depend on whether or not Jadet is likely to pick them.

I will aim to be as objective as possible, or at least acknowledge when I’m not being objective, except with Tana, who will be ridiculed without apology in each and every Portlist.

Portlists will be written on an arbitrary basis throughout the season, charting the trajectory of every member of Port’s first team squad, as well as potentially some of Port B’s more talented youngsters.



1) Dragan Boskovic

Dragan may not have played a single competitive minute for Port yet, but more than any other player, his success will determine Port’s success. If Dragan can recreate last season’s 38-goal season then Port could even challenge for the title, but if he flops then we may be scrapping around in mid-table again.

2) David Rochela

El Capitan is often cited as the player Port would miss most if he wasn’t in the team. His leadership and reliability help keep Port’s back line in check, and although they are far from one of the best defences in the league, it would be much, much worse if Rochela wasn’t there to keep the troops in line.

3) Kim Sung-Hwan

I could be getting ahead of myself by putting Kim straight in at number 3, but I really think that the South Korean will turn out to be a supremely important player for Port. Replacing Adisorn with Kim might even be the biggest improvement to Port’s first XI in 2018. A physical presence, a leader in the middle of the park and potentially an attacking threat with his long throws, Kim ought to be a key man for Port this year.

4) Pakorn Prempak

Pakorn’s importance at Port should not be underestimated. Yes his attitude could be better, yes his decision making can at times be found wanting, but if you lead the team in combined goals and assists then you can afford to be a bit of a prima donna. As Port’s go-to dead ball specialist, Pakorn’s threatening deliveries are also sorely missed whenever he is absent from the team.

5) Siwakorn Jakkuprasat

A true player’s player who is never found wanting for effort and will be the first to sacrifice himself for the team, Siwakorn has been the key man in midfield for the last two seasons. Will his role change due to the presence of a real defensive midfielder in the side? Perhaps, and Siwakorn may well have to modify his game to fit in, which is why I have a feeling that The Thin White Duke will finish 2018 lower down the Portlist than where he starts today. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, though!

6) Nurul Sriyankem

Nurul may be Port’s marquee Thai signing, but he’s going to have to fight his way up my list with hard work and results. Most likely playing for the majority of the time on Port’s left hand side, Nurul will not be in his natural position, and will have to figure out how to adapt and thrive in the Port attack.

7) Bajram Nebihi

This may well seem a bit daft in a few days, as there is a strong possibility that Nebihi will not make it in to the T1 squad. If selected, he could play a hugely important role in Port’s campaign. Not only is he a more natural attacking midfielder than Suarez, but a decent option up front if anything happens to first choice Boskovic. I won’t be completely shocked if Suarez is chosen over Nebihi, but I’m sticking to my German guns for now. If he is selected he will probably start making his way up towards the top of this list.

8) Sergio Suarez

Suarez can be one of Port’s most important players when he’s at his majestic best. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as much as us Port fans would like. It doesn’t help that Suarez is perennially played out of position as a number 10 when his best position is central midfield. If selected and in form, Suarez will also probably climb this list, but with the uncertainty surrounding his place in the squad, it’s number 8 for now.

9) Nitipong Selanon

If a Portlist been made at the start of 2017, Nitipong would have probably been the biggest climber. Despite a few defensive lapses in the first half of the season, Nitipong worked hard on his game and cut down on the errors significantly. He was Port’s only man in the T1 Team of the Season, and his work rate would be sorely missed if he were not in the side.

10) Rattanai Songsangchan

Rattanai would be a few places higher on my list if he wasn’t made of glass. Port’s young stopper is superbly talented, but played fewer games than Worawut last season due to a string of injuries. His sharp shot-stopping and ability to pick crosses out of the air and hold on to them undoubtedly makes him first choice, but that isn’t going to mean much if he’s spending more time in the sick bay than on the pitch.

11) Todsapol Lated

Todsapol comes in at number 11 due to his goal scoring exploits at the back end of 2017. Todsapol and Dolah do a similar job defensively, but Todsapol’s attacking threat puts him a hair ahead of Dolah in Jadet’s pecking order. This could easily change during the season though, so his place on the Portlist is far from secure.

12) Panpanpong Pinkong

With the Nebihi/Suarez situation confusing matters, number 12 on the Portlist still scrapes in to the First XI. Panpanpong is on the thinnest of thin ice, having seen 4 goals conceded from his side of the pitch in the last 2 friendlies. The only thing keeping him in the team seems to be Jadet’s lack of confidence in his competitors Jetjinn and Yossawat.

13) Bodin Phala

Bodin is very unfortunate to miss out, but will have to make an impact from the bench in order to displace either Pakorn or Nurul. It’s a tough ask for the former Port futsal star, but after forcing his way in to the Thai National Team setup in 2017, Bodin will be confident that he will earn a run in the Port side before too long.

14) Elias Dolah

Dolah is another who is unfortunate to miss out on a place in the team. All he can do for now is train hard, wait patiently for his chance, and when it comes try and play his way back in to Jadet’s plans. There is always the chance that Jadet will rotate his centre backs depending on the physicality or pace of the opposition, too.

15) Worawut Srisupha

Why is a player who has started with the first XI all throughout pre-season at number 15? Well, Worawut may be first choice for the moment, but as soon as Rattanai returns to full fitness he will likely find himself relegated to the bench again. We’ve seen enough of Worawut to know that a calamitous punch is never too far away, and we are pretty sure Jadet feels the same way.

16) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

Adisorn is not expected to start a huge amount of games in 2018, but he should clock up quite a few minutes from the bench. Who knows, Port’s midfield terrier could even upset the odds and fight his way back in to the team again.

17) Arthit Boonychinda

Arthit’s importance in the squad is strangely connected to the fate of Nebihi and Suarez. If Nebihi is picked then Arthit slides down to third in the striking pecking order, whereas if Suarez gets the nod then Arthit will be second only to Boskovic. He has looked decent in pre-season, although the bar for Port back-up strikers has never been particularly high!

18) Terens Puhiri

Terens has impact sub written all over him. He is stupidly fast, unpredictable and should have tiring T1 full backs bricking it at the prospect of his introduction in the last 15-20 minutes of games.

19) Meechok Marhasaranukun

Getting the final place on the bench is Meechok. He is a good, young deputy who Port can be happy they have, although he isn’t likely to be threatening Nitipong’s place any time soon. He stays ahead of the reserve left backs by virtue of the fact that when the chips are down Jadet often prefers to switch Nitipong over to the left and bring on Meechok on the right rather than pick either of his other left backs.

20) Jetjinn Sriprach

Jetjinn misses out on the matchday squad, but moves ahead of Yossawat based on Jadet’s team selection rather than my judgment. Jadet prefers Jetjinn, so if he decides to replace Panpanpong at left back, it’s Jetjinn who gets the first bite of the cherry.

21) Yossawat Montha

Also missing out on the matchday squad and struggling to find a route back in to contention is Yossawat. What on earth has he done to deserve this? I have absolutely no idea. Widely thought of as one of Port’s brightest young stars, and a regular for Thailand at under 23 level over the last couple of years, Yossawat will surely be looking to move on sooner rather than later if he continues to be overlooked.

22) Athibordee Atirat

I have a feeling that Athibordee’s versatility could mean that he supplants Adisorn on the bench, but only time will tell. At home in defence or midfield, Athibordee is a seasoned T1 performer, and is at the very least a useful squad player.

23) Pummared Kladkleep

Pummared hasn’t done much wrong at Port, but has slipped down the midfield pecking order since the arrivals of Kim and Athibordee.

24) Thanakorn Saipanya

Being fourth choice centre back can involve a lot of waiting, and not much of anything else. This is what we expect Thanakorn to be doing. All season.

25) Chakrit Rawanprakone

As Narakorn discovered last season, being fifth choice winger is not going to get you an awful lot of first team action, either. He’s a little unlucky as he made his move to Port before Nurul and Bodin, but now seems set to have a very quiet 2018.

26) Watchara Buathong

Most Port fans are of the opinion that Watchara is an excellent goalie, but that doesn’t really matter if you’re narrowly behind two others in the pecking order.

27) Chanayut Jejue

Hopefully throughout the season some of the top performers from Port B in T4 will make their way on to the Portlist. Diminutive striker Chanayut will probably be spending the season with Port B, but has been training with the first team throughout pre-season, and although he has only played a handful of minutes this gets him on to the list.

28) Sarawin Phakdeekan

Young defender Sarawin has also been training with the full squad, but should return to Port B at the start of the season.

99) Tana Chanabut

I don’t care what he’s wearing number 11 this season, he’ll always be number 99 to me.