Don’t Write Off The Honda: Port FC vs. Thai Honda, 2 July 2017


Port host Thai Honda on Sunday, looking for revenge for the 5-1 thrashing inflicted on them in March. It was Port’s worst performance of the season, and a particularly tough one to take for the fans who had traveled to Lad Krabang to watch the car crash unfold. It’s not just a revenge mission on Sunday though, but a key moment in Port’s season. Having suffered second half capitulations in their last 4 league games, Port’s belief that they can continue the form that accelerated them up the table must be taking a battering. Promising first half performances followed by abysmal second halves saw Port lose comfortably to both Suphanburi and Bangkok Utd, and in the other two games Port surrendered two goal leads by giving away late penalties away at both Sisaket and Navy. Port just can’t seem to get in to gear. With 4 tough games coming up – 3 away from home – Port need to bank some points now to avoid reversing down towards the danger zone.


Thai Honda

Players to Watch


I’ve always thought of Ricardo Jesus (9) as one of the better Scary Foreign Strikers around, but he is having a real stinker in 2017. Jesus’ two goals against Port in March and the winner he scored against Bangkok Glass in April are his only goals of the season, which for a foreign striker in T1 is inexcusable. Quite a drop from being signed for 2 million Euros by CSKA Moskow. His dip in form has led to Jesus playing just 58 minutes in Honda’s last 3 games, and it seems that when they drop him, they really don’t have any decent back-up. 20 year old Sittichok Kannoo who is on loan from Buriram will probably be a good striker one day, but 4 goals in 16 isn’t anything to write home about.


Jesus (9)


It was winger Rafinha (7) who really ripped Port to shreds in the last encounter, chalking up two assists and looking like the best player on the pitch by a mile, but funnily enough, he has also had a pretty poor season. One goal and five assists is a very unremarkable record for a winger. Do Honda have any decent players?


Rafinha (7) and Roninho (77)


Well, no, not really. Not that I can find, anyway. They had a couple of decent Thai attacking midfielders in the first half of the season, but they have been picked up by bigger clubs, and Honda really seem to have little else of note. New Brazilian Roninho (77) is probably the best of the rest, having scored an assisted from dead balls against Bangkok United, but that’s about it.




It doesn’t get any better for Honda when you look at the form table, either. Since their stunning upset against Muangthong, Honda scraped past Super Power by virtue of a late penalty miss, and have suffered 5 league losses on the bounce. They had a bit of fun in the Cup, though, putting 10 goals past Muangkan United, who as far as I can tell don’t play in a league and have no players.


Port FC

Starting XI


With the switch to 3-5-2 resulting in a draw against Navy, it’s anyone’s guess whether Zico will stick with his new system on Sunday. Whilst it was refreshing to see Genki (18) and Pakorn (9) giving Josimar (30) some real support, the same old problems came back to haunt Port at the back.

Rattanai (17) messed up for the first goal on Wednesday. As far as I can remember it’s his second clanger of the season, after spilling a catch early on in the season against Suphanburi. Shit happens, but he’s still my number 1 ‘keeper.

In defense, Rochela (22) and Dolah (4) were joined by Pravinwat (55) as Zico trialed the back 3 that worked so well for Thailand under his tutelage. Perhaps the difference was that he had Heea Um at left wing back, and we have Panpanpong (19). Panpanpong has had his moments this season, but let’s be honest. He can defend – sometimes – but he’s an absolute disaster with the ball at his feet, and has less than no pace. Surely Jetjinn (51) or Yossawat (28) are better bets in that position. On the other side, however, Nitipong (34) has really found his dream position. More license to attack, less responsibility to defend, and less chance of him being near enough the penalty area to give away penalties. Still, Pravinwat (55) made sure Port still gave up their obligatory penalty. In fairness to him, it didn’t looks like a penalty at all. I think the referee was conned.

In midfield, Adisorn (13) and Siwakorn (16) took up their usual positions, but without the extra midfielder to drop back in to give them a hand they looked more exposed than usual. I’m starting to feel like I did at the beginning of the season again, when I was calling for Adisorn to be dropped and replaced with a more natural defensive midfielder. Unfortunately, Tatchanon (39) doesn’t seem to be getting any more love from Zico than he did from Jadet, so if Adisorn is going to be replaced, there’s probably going to have to be some transfer activity. Piyachat (88) came on for Adisorn in the second half against Navy, but although he may be better with the ball than Adisorn, he’s no defensive midfielder. Ittipol (7) is a more disciplined option, although at 33 that would hardly be a long-term fix.

Going forward, I was very happy to see Pakorn (9) and Genki (18) really given the freedom they need for this system to work. Genki’s goal was a textbook example of how far forward he needs to play to offer Josimar (30) the support he needs, and in the first half at least Port did have some cutting edge. With the Mongkol transfer hanging in the balance, and the proposed deal for Rungrath apparently dead in the water, Pakorn could yet hang on to his right wing berth.

In injury news, Josimar (30) has picked up a nasty knock in a motorcycle accident, and will be out of action for 2-3 weeks, meaning Zico has a real dilemma about who to replace him with. Could Kaludjerovic (10) finally be given another chance? Will available-again Suarez (5) play out of position up top? Will Wuttichai (14) or Tana (99) attempt to lead the line? Over to you, gaffer.


Predicted lineup



Key Battle


The Port defence against the referee. My unconventional choice of Key Battle here reflects Port’s unconventional choice of how to defend a lead. This season, the received wisdom seems to be that stopping your opponents by kicking them is the way to go. Unfortunately, the referee’s job is to give a penalty when this happens inside the box. Port’s tactics and the rules of the game are therefore largely incompatible. If they don’t grow up and learn some discipline, Port’s aim for a top half finish is not going to be realized. Sad, but true.


The match will be shown live on True Sports 2 at 19:00 on Sunday 2 July, 2017.


Blistering Barnacles! Siam Navy vs. Port FC, 28 June 2017

Note to Readers: Although there are few nautical puns in this report (there aren’t many left), there are references, including some, long discredited, to a popular children’s cartoon show based on-board ship.

Port travel to Sattahip on Wednesday to what is universally recognized (well, by me and Keith anyway) as one of the worst grounds and worst views in T1. Conflicting statistics on Wikipedia list the Navy Stadium’s capacity as either 12,500 or 6000, depending, I suppose, on how many hapless Navy Cadets they can press-gang inside the ground. Visiting this long-suffered, architectural inconvenience is only tempered by the cultural delights on offer 20 minutes away in the small town of Ban Chang. More on those later.

Port won the reverse fixture early in the season, 1-0, with a cross-cum-shot from a raiding Nitipong (34) in the first half and always looked in control of the game.  However, we were in control of the game at Suphanburi for the first half, and for long stretches against Bangkok Utd, but, if you don’t take your chances when you are on top, you get punished. Coddling Codfish, football!

Port are, I believe, a better team than Navy, in spite of their recent decent results; we have more points, we have a new, hopefully, inspirational manager, but just for once, down here, we have to do it on the pitch. This will be my fourth visit to the Navy ground and I have never seen us scramble even a point. True, we were right royally shafted on one occasion when Matty Christen’s equalizer was flagged offside by a linesman, the Liechtenstein international receiving the ball with 3 defenders waiting behind him. The linesman was mysteriously shot three days later (he survived).  Shuddering Sharks! An appalling decision, but that was a tad drastic!

Navy have recently acquired a useful Brazilian striker, Andre Luis Leite (7), from Chonburi, who will team up with his fellow countryman, ten-goals to date, Rodrigo (23). A potentially lethal striking trio is completed by Nigerian, Adefolarin Divosinmi (40) – there are goals in all three of these, so containing them will be the key to our chances of a rare victory on the road. Tottering Turtles – I’m nervous already!

Navy manager, Somchai (Pugwash) Chuayboonchum, in the giddy excitement of his pre-match team selections, is likely to leave Seaman Stains on the bench, or, Roger the Cabin boy. Either way, the consequences could be messy. Master Bates is another viable option and perhaps less risky. Dithering Dogfish! The choices a manager has to make these days!


Players Of Whom We Are Afraid

Rodrigo Vergilio

Andre Luis Leite

Adefolarin Divosinmi


Port FC


As for Port, Sunday’s late collapse against a very fit, classy Bangkok Utd, after a promising start, should have helped manager Zico decide who is good enough for the type of football he is trying to introduce and who isn’t. Worawut (36) might keep his place but if Rattanai (17) is fully fit, he needs to start getting a regular game. Dolah (4) and Siwakorn (16) will be back, but centre back Pravinwat (55) looked impressive and may turn the Boss’s thoughts towards a back three, allowing the full backs licence to attack (not that they don’t anyway). We are trying to play modern football after all! Pick two from Pinkong (19), Nitipong (34) and Meechok (20). Siwakorn and Adisorn (13) will fill the middle with a possible front three of Genki (18), Josimar (30) and, most likely, Pakorn (9), although it is difficult to predict the manager’s thoughts at this early stage. Tommy’s MOM from Sunday, Ittipol (7), may have done enough to keep his place. With Jadet, you more or less knew who he would pick, unless a player’s parents were in the crowd or it was their birthday. Wuttichai (14) and Tana (99) should never pull on a Port shirt again, unless it is to stand in Zone D.

Meanwhile, back in Ban Chang all is waiting for the post match celebration or drowning of sorrows.

Suffering Seagulls! What match-memories will our intrepid bunch of travellers bring back with them to this short-sprint street of dreams, which boasts no fewer than 34 drinking holes, mostly on the same side of the road; Lolloping Landlubbers! These entertainment venues are a hit with the local ex-sailors and oil-riggers and, on any given night, the charming hostesses will expect to have their naval bases overflowing with discharged seamen.

So, Dear Friends*, will our Farang contingent be (Varee) Happy, blowing Kisses, with a Smile on their Face and looking forward to a Good Time, having seen a Surprise, yet Classic domineering away performance – like taking Candy from a baby? Plundering Porpoises! Even just One-nil, Featuring a Ram-Inn goal from our hero, Siwakorn, after watching him Beaver away in midfield, will be Love-Ly. No more memories of hitting The Bar or ballooning the ball into the Sunny, Blue Sky, or over the Rainbow for Nasa to track. This time there will be Noot to be sad about, no Rumours of defeat, just time to visit the ATM by the B an K and Start-Up the celebrations at places you would, quite frankly, never invite your ‘Mam’. Then it’s up and down the street like a Yo-Yo, with cries of ‘Bottoms-Up’, ‘Down the Hatch,’ ‘be a good Sport and taste that Moonshine’,  to Crown a great evening. Will the night end with unintelligible, grunted, monosyllabic enquiries like, “Where House?” Stuttering Starfish! Will we behave – of course we will; Ban Chang is heaven but we are all angels, keeping The Angels’ Secret.

*Names in Italics denote the BC strip’s 34 bars.


The match will be shown live on True Spark Jump (Ed – No, us neither) at 19:00 on Wednesday 28th June, 2017. 


Zico Promises Hell For Angels: Port FC vs. Bangkok Utd, 25 June 2017


New Port manager Zico will take charge of his first game on Sunday as Bangkok United travel to PAT Stadium, and he has promised to make Port’s home patch hell for the visiting Angels. The side who put six past Port in the first half of the season are formidable opponents, but Port have made a habit of saving some of their best performances for the toughest opponents this season. With the fabled new manager effect also in play, what we have on Sunday is a highly unpredictable encounter between two sides who have shown both brilliant and dire performances in up-and-down seasons.


Bangkok United

Key Players


In the first half of the season I highlighted Mario Gjurovski (20), Dragan Boskovic (7), Jaycee John (22) and Sanrawat (29) as my key players, but in a shock move by manager Mano Polking Mario, Boskovic and John were dropped, and it was Thai National Team striker Teeratep (14) who took centre stage, netting four goals, and Brazilian trickster Gilberto Macena (10) who provided most of the ammunition.

Of the key protagonists in the tragedy at Thammasat Stadium, Mario and Boskovic have gone on to net a truly outrageous combined tally of 29 goals, whereas John and Macena have not made the cut for the second half of the season. Replacing them are German winger Chinedu Ede (17) and Iranian midfielder Mehrdad Pooladi (9).



Ede (17) is a former German Under 21 player who has spent his career to date in Europe, most recently scoring 6 goals in 48 games for Dutch club FC Twente. He has not yet played for The Angels, with his signing only being confirmed last week, but it seems likely that the German will make his debut on Sunday, whether he starts or comes off the bench.

Pooladi (9) is an Iranian centre midfielder who has been capped 28 times by his country. He started in The Angels last two games, but with Ede now in contention for a place, it would seem that Pooladi is most likely of the foreigners to drop out of the starting XI.

Teeratep Winothai (14) was Bangkok United’s star as he put four goals past Port in the 6-2 thrashing, although he has only managed one other league goal in the rest of the season. Fresh off putting another hattrick past Chiang Rai city in the FA Cup on Wednesday, many fans are calling for Teeratep to regain his starting spot against Port, although I think it’s more likely that he will start on the bench.

For my views on Mario – including a rather raunchy picture – Boskovic and Sanrawat check out my preview from the first half of the season.



The Angels are on fire at the moment, winning 5 of their last 6 games and scoring a pretty scary total of 22 goals. They had an outrageous 9 goal thriller against Honda last week where despite leading 5-2 they almost managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, conceding 2 late goals and just about hanging on for a 5-4 win. Their only loss in the last 6 games came away at Buriram, where they succumbed to a 2-1 defeat. Impressive home wins against and Suphanburi and Sisaket, and a hard-fought 2-1 away win at Ratchaburi are the rest of The Angels’ recent results. All things considered, if there’s one thing we can say with relative certainty, it’s that there are likely to be goals in this one!


Port FC

Starting XI


Zico has a tricky first game on his hands, with suspensions ruling out Dolah (4) and Siwakorn (16), whilst Panpanpong (19) is unavailable due to the terms of his loan agreement with United. It seems that Pravinwat (55) is a straightforward replacement for Dolah at the back. With Zico having picked him in numerous national team squads, we know that he rates Port’s new centre half. In centre midfield, Piyachat (88) seems to be first in line to replace Siwakorn, although Zico could also go with Ittipol (7) or Tatchanon (39) if he decides to take a more defensive approach. At left back, Yossawat (28) may be unavailable after a family tragedy, so fellow new left back Jetjinn (51) could make his debut filling in for Panpanpong.

The truth is, though, that we have no idea what Zico plans to do with this team. Players who unexpectedly found themselves in the starting XI this season like Adisorn (13) and Nitipong (34) could well find less favour from Port’s new manager, with younger players like Tatchanon (39) and Meechok (20) possible replacements. With Zico only having had a couple of days training with his new players, it really is mystery what he will do.

In terms of Port’s foreigners, it really has been a messy affair. Just as Port announced the arrival of their new much-heralded manager, news of Maranhao’s departure was quietly making the rounds. The Brazilian forward, who had finally fought his way back in to the reckoning with an excellent performance in Port’s 0-2 defeat at Suphanburi, has been allowed to go to Sukhothai in a bizarre move which could see Suarez (5) and Kaludjerovic (10) hang on to their places in the squad, whilst new arrival Jadue (32) will likely only be available for cup action. The status of Spanish winger Asdrubal (27) is also unknown, both in terms of his fitness and his contract. We can only hope that Zico acts decisively, ending the period of uncertainty which can’t be much good for the players and looks very much like a farce to the fans. One way or another, a decision has to be made.


Predicted Starting XI



Key Battle



It’s 18 goals and 4 assists in 17 games so far for Boskovic (7). Bloody hell. Rochela (22) is sure going to have his hands full with the Montenegrin forward, and can only hope that the rest of the defence isn’t too busy being bamboozled by Mario (20), Teeratep (14), Ede (17), Jakkapan (77) et al. and have time to give him a hand.


The match will be shown live on True Sports 2 HD at 19:00 on Sunday 25 June, 2017.


Livin’ on a Kouprayer! Sisaket FC vs. Port FC, 27 May 2017


Whooaah, we’re half way there!

Nearly, anyway. On Saturday, Port will round off the first half of the season with a tricky away trip to the home of the Dangerous Koupreys.

“A kouprey is a little-known, forest-dwelling, wild bovine species from South East Asia. Kouprey form small herds led by a female, and graze on grasses.”

Sounds like a Port pre-game huddle.

“They are affected by degradation of their habitat and are hunted for their meat, horns and skull.”

By Lions?

“There are thought to be few, if any, kouprey left in existence. The last confirmed sighting was in 1988.”

So, you would be pretty hard pushed to find a dangerous one, then…

Sisaket, much like the kouprey, are struggling for survival in 2017. In what is likely to be a close game, players from both sides will be trying to seize the final opportunity to impress their managers and ensure their places in the squad for the second half of the season. Whilst Port are deservedly favourites, arguably Sisaket have more at stake. With Port sitting pretty in 7th and Sisaket languishing in 16th, it’s clear who needs the 3 points more. The question is, who will want them more on the day?



Key Player


Usually this segment is used to look at a few of the opponents more dangerous players. In the case of Sisaket, though, I thought it more appropriate to look at just one. There’s only really been one. Leandro Assumpção (37) was linked with Port in pre-season, but a move to Klong Toei never materialized. Instead, Assumpção has been banging in the goals up North. Ten of them, although bizarrely those 10 goals have come in just 4 games, three of which were hattricks. When he’s good, he’s really good!

So important is Assumpção to Sisaket that 11 of their 14 points have come in games where he has scored or assisted. The other 3 were from Super Power, and as they give 4 goal head-starts, they don’t really count.

Curiously, it’s been reported in recent days that Assumpção has agreed to join a team who have lost their last 5 games in a row, including 3 against promoted teams. Why on earth he wants to go from a team who has won 2 on the bounce to this mob of ne’er-do-wells I don’t quite understand. Nevertheless, this development could have important repercussions for Saturday. Although Sisaket manager Velizar Popov has said that Assumpção will be starting, having one foot out the door may mean he will not be as focused or motivated as usual.


Assumpção bags his third match ball of the season



Sisaket have only won 2 of their last 6 games, but those 2 wins came last week, with a 3-2 win at relegation rivals Honda following an impressive 4-2 victory over Navy. Sisaket are pretty decent at home too, picking up 11 points at the Sri Nakhon Lamduan Stadium. With famously devoted fans who turn out in large numbers to support their team, the home side will probably think they’re in with a good chance of picking up a point or more again Port. You get the feeling that Port would probably take a point on the road, too.



Starting XI


There are no suspensions for Port this week, but one injury to report. Serial substitute Tana (99) is out of action, having played a part in every game for which he has been available so far this season. In 5 starts and 10 substitute appearances, Tana has contributed 2 goals and 2 assists. With his form having fluctuated between meh, bad and worse throughout the season, Port fans probably won’t be shedding too many tears.

The starting lineup seems very unlikely to change, so expect to see the usual suspects in the usual formation.


Predicted Lineup



Key Battle



Josimar (30) is exactly halfway to what he told The Sandpit was his goal target for the season (equaling the 16 he scored at Army in 2016), with one game remaining before the mid-season break. The Brazilian fired in two absolute scorchers against Muangthong, then bundled one over the line against Super Power, so confidence should be high.

His main opponent is likely to be Brazilian defender Denis Silva (2). The tall centre half played in Brazil, Albania and Sweden before finding his way to Sisaket, but has been part of the second worst T1 defence in 2017. 42 goals conceded in 16 games. That’s ugly. I have a feeling Josi will fancy his chances in this one…


The match will be shown live on True Sport 2 at 20:00 on Saturday 27 May, 2017. For those who can’t make it out to Sisaket, feel free to pop over to The Sportsman on Sukhumvit 13, where the match will be shown on a big screen with full sound. 


A Loki Affair: Port FC vs. Super Power FC, 21 May 2017


Having won the mid week “war of heroes” against the villainous Muangthong United, the Port super heroes will return to fortress PAT, on Sunday, with the distinct possibility of finding a Batmobile or two parked up outside, as they welcome Super Power Samut Prakan. Whilst the name may allude to powers above that of mere mortals, the start to the season for Super Power has been more of a Loki affair for the team previously working under the alias Osotspa, as they’ve collected just one point after 15 rounds.

So, a game that in preseason jumped out as potentially the first genuine relegation six pointer feels significantly less important, with Super Power appearing to be close to a reunion with former sponsors M150, who now sponsor the lower leagues. Port are closing in on enough points to stay up, two rounds short of mid-season and on the back of beating the reigning champions and league leaders. Surely a simple 3 points for the home team?  Yet it’s never certain which Port will emerge from the metaphorical phone booth come kick off. Supermen or meek Clark Kents? As our own Josimar pointed out in his interview with the Sandpit, against smaller teams often something hasn’t quite clicked like it does when facing a gang of oddballs in ugly costumes and vague animal links (beetles, lizards etc.), funded by megalomaniacs with designs on world domination (I like to think such characters run each and every Thai club). Our boys march into their evil den, give them a lead before firing off 3 goals and victory in the name of truth, justice and the Khlong Toei way.



While Port won the Bangkok el khlas iik-o, Super Power were playing in the “surely this can’t still be Bangkok” derby in front of only slightly larger crowd, as 722 people saw them go down to Thai Honda by a single goal, scored by the Bane of Port that infamous night in Ladrabang: Rafinha. In a scrappy game on a cut up pitch, Super Power in fact were handed a chance to double their points tally and secure an injury time equalizer via a penalty for handball, but Komenan’s spot kick was nowhere near the corner and became a routine save with keeper Natchanon Jothavon guessing the right way.

The season as whole has been a slog for Super Power and holy defence statman the numbers don’t look good for them. Their sole point came in round two from a somewhat unexpected source as they held Bangkok Glass to a 0-0 draw. Since when things have Gotham bad to worse with 13 straight defeats.

So, there really aren’t a lot of high points to point out or variations on ‘turned up and lost,’ sadly. All season they’ve scored just 10 goals and conceded at an average of over 3 a game (46 in all). Away is slightly worse (having played 8), scoring an average of a goal every other game and conceding an average of 3.25 (26 in total). Only once have they scored more than 1 goal in a game, which occurred when they bagged 2 v Bangkok United, however they were already 5-0 down when they started their mini fight back.   The only teams they’ve managed to stop scoring twice were fellow basement dwellers Sisaket and Thai Honda who have recently moved out of the relegation zone thanks to back to back wins over Muanthong and the 1-0 win mentioned above. So, things look tough for the team from the SAT stadium, such that even manager Jason Withe told the Sandpit a result on Sunday would count as a surprise.


Players to Watch

Korean defender/midfielder Lee Keon Pil (33) had played every game until recently but a red card and suspension for massing 5 over yellows have seen him miss 2 matches. Expect to see him back in the team and charged with trying to stop Suárez.

At the back Withe has taken to pairing Thai Tanapol Udomlap (99) with Bulgarian Lyuben Nikolov (5) a product of Levski Sofia who came to Thailand 3 years ago via Belarus. He started his time in the Land of smiles with Sisaket, making it into the Thai league’s top 11 transfers of 2015 in his first season. The only time they’ve not started recently was when Nikolov was serving a suspension for a red card and can expect to have their work cut out handling Josimar.

Up front they have one of those enigmas you find in Thai football in the Namibian Sadney Urikhob (10), who arrived into Thai football with Saraburi scored 3 great goals almost immediately, one of which was in a 2-2 draw with Port (Ed – I remember that vividly, he was electric!) and another the only goal in a 1-0 win away to Suphanburi. Come the end of the season Port were relegated with 33 points while Saraburi stayed up on 35 only then to resign from the league and fold. How different it could have been for Port without Sadney’s goals. Last season he moved on to Super Power scoring 10 goals in 22 games. This season has been much more of an in and out affair (with more out recently) and his only goal came back in February, in the form of a last minute consolation away to Sukhothai with the score 5-0 to the home team but if decides to be the player of 2015 he could cause a few problems at the back.

However, the more regular start up front is Ivorian Anthony Moura Komenan (11), who has been with Super Power in their various guises and bases since 2012. A man who received a standing ovation whilst on trial at Huddersfield for his performance in a reserve game, however despite some glowing comments from then manager Lee Clark the move to Yorkshire never materialized and Komenan return to France for a few years before heading to Thailand. Not much of a big scary foreign striker, he’s a mixed bag of tricks and pace. Who hopefully isn’t inspired to inflict revenge for that penalty miss and can be handled by mister fantastic and rest of the fantastic four (the barrel is being scraped for a super hero pun).

Christmas Sompen (3) sadly wasn’t born on the 25th of December and has been limited to just 3 appearances this season but if nothing else he has a wonderful name.


Port Line up

It appears that unless any vocal cords went down strained or hands broken banging on the walls at the Lego Stadium post match, Professor Jadet Xavier has a full rota of Xmen to pick from. Wishful thinking has him going all out attack with a partner for Josimar but realistically he’ll probably go with his standard 4-5-1.


The match will be shown live on True Sport 2 at 19:00 on Sunday 20 May, 2017


Can Lions Roar Behind Closed Doors? Muangthong United vs. Port FC, 17 May 2017


Port take on fierce rivals Muangthong United behind closed doors on Wednesday, hoping to make some noise by securing a shock victory in the eerie silence of SCG Stadium. With the normal feuding between the Yamaha Ultras and the Khlong Toei Army set to be put to one side for a year, we might even be able to talk about the football for once!


Muangthong United

Players to Watch


I’ve had to be extremely selective here, as pretty much the entire starting XI plus a couple of substitutes would be players to watch in any other team in the league.

Even with the abundance of quality on display though, the number one threat has to be Chanathip Songkrasin (18). The 5 foot 2 (yes, you read that right) attacking midfielder has been running rings around and through the legs of defenders across the continent this season. Almost certainly the most talented Thai player of all time, Jay (as he is known by Thai fans) has lightning-quick feet and a football brain to match. He will be playing one of his last games in Thailand before he heads off to Consadole Sapporo in the Japanese top-tier for the next year and a half, so expect the mini maestro to put on a show before his departure.

Theerathon Bunmathan (3), or “Heea Um” – as he is not-so-affectionately known in the Port terraces – is a wing back and dead-ball specialist with one of the best left feet in Asia. He already his nine assists to his name in 2017. From left back. Bloody hell. Um’s ability to land a cross on his teammate’s forehead is unerring, although in recent games against Port Um has let the crowd get to him and performed well below his usual level. He’s probably over the moon that he can get on with his job in peace and quiet on Wednesday!

Teerasil Dangda(10) has his critics (including me, after some of his recent performances for the national team) but his record speaks for itself. When he’s on his game, his finishing is second to none in Thai football, although his work-rate can at times be questionable. If given half a chance in or around the area, Port will just have to pray he has his boots on the wrong feet!

This fella is an absolute brute of a centre half. Celio Santos (29) stands a full foot above Chanathip (6 foot 2) and at times seems almost as wide as he is tall. Celio is a formidable barrier on his own, and his defensive partner – experienced Japanese defender Naoaki Aoyama (5) – isn’t bad either. Muangthong have yet to concede a single goal at home in the league, and most of the credit has to go to Celio who has been outstanding week in week out.


Chanathip, Theerathon, Teerasil and Celio Santos




10 wins out of 13 isn’t too shabby, is it? The only glimmer of home for Port fans is Muangthong’s loss last week to specialist giant-killers Thai Honda. Honda took an early lead to Muangthong, and showed incredible resilience to hang on for a win against a barrage of late attacks. If Port can channel the spirit of their exceptional performances against Chiang Rai and Buriram, they too could spring a surprise at the SCG against opponents who have been busy both at home and abroad in the League and Asian Champions League this season. The catch is, that without their 12th man, the Port players will feel very alone indeed in the SCG.


Port FC

Starting XI


With the mid-season break nearly upon us, it’s time for players to really play for their places. With weaknesses in the squad likely (hopefully) to be addressed in the upcoming transfer window, big performances are needed from several players to ensure that they’re not replaced or lose their position in the starting XI. With that in mind, here are some of the people I think should probably be looking over their shoulder.

With Rattanai (17) now back in training after his injury and Watchara (37) returning the club after BBCU went out of business, Worawut (36) has a big few weeks ahead of him. Rattanai looks odds-on to replace him in the Starting XI when he is back to full fitness, but Worawut still has three games to prove that he belongs ahead of Watchara in the squad. If he continues to look vulnerable under the high ball with his punching (flapping) and distribution very much hit and miss, he could be usurped by Watchara and loaned out if he’s not careful.

Panpanpong (19) has had a decent season to date, but is far from the complete full back. With 21 year old Buriram defender Yossawat being the first arrival, it is clear Jadet is seeking to bolster his options in that area of the pitch, so Panpanpong is going to have to step up his game to stay ahead of his younger teammate in the pecking order.

Adisorn (13) has been a surprising hit this season, performing well in big games and forcing his way in to the first XI. Nevertheless, defensive midfield is a position that Jadet may look to address, as he has shown very little faith in his other options, Tatchanon (39), Wanchalerm (40) and Ittipol (7). Adisorn’s performances in the next few weeks could determine whether or not Jadet will look for another option in the transfer market.

Neither Genki (18) nor Tana (99) has been quite able to make the left wing spot their own so far this season, and that makes them vulnerable. Jadet has already brought in a left sided midfielder in the transfer window, so we know he is looking to add depth in that area of the pitch. The question is, will he be looking to replace either of the two, or supplement them?

Pakorn (9) has been utterly abysmal at times this season. His performance at Korat last week was a prime example of just how bad he can be when his head is not in the game, and it’s a risky time to be at your worst with the window approaching. It’s absolutely infuriating watching a player of his talent blow mostly cold and rarely hot, as he could and should be such a huge asset to Port. If Jadet does look to give himself another option on the right, I would be far from shocked.

Suarez (5) hasn’t quite lived up to the early promise he showed in pre-season. He has had some great games, but has also gone missing at times too. With Maranhao (92) itching to get in to the squad and challenge for a place in the side, Suarez has to put his best foot forward in the coming games to be sure he retains his place.

Josimar (30) has had his moments this season, but he could certainly be more consistent. With Kaludjerovic (10) surely out of the door after being left off the bench against Korat, either Maranhao (92), Asdrubal (27) or another forward will be coming in to the squad and challenging Josimar for his place up front. Josi has three games to prove that he is the man to lead the line for Port in the second leg.

With probably only Nitipong (34), Rochela (22), Dolah (4) and Siwakorn (16) really able to say they are sure their place isn’t under threat, a lot of players have a lot to prove against Muangthong.


Predicted Lineup



Weak Link?



My usual ‘Key Battle’ segment seems a bit redundant here, as Port have 11 Key Battles against 11 excellent players. Instead I’m going to focus on perhaps Muangthong’s weakest player. Premier League fans may remember Xisco Jimenez from his ill-fated move to Newcastle in 2008. With a transfer fee of £5.7 million and £50,000 per week wages, Newcastle were less than impressed with the 1 goal in 9 games Xisco managed before being shipped back to Spain.

Despite his failure to light up the Premier League, Xisco would still be expected to be a dominant force in T1, but as it is the Spaniard has found the net 5 times so far this season (the same as Josimar). The main reason I think Xisco could be Muangthong’s weak link today is that his aerial prowess – his main threat – could amount to little if he is well-marshalled by Port defender Dolah (4). Dolah has looked increasingly confident at the heart of the Port defence, earning The Sandpit’s Man of the Match awards against both Chonburi and Korat, and will be relishing the chance to dominate a big name like Xisco in a physical battle.

I may be clutching at straws calling Xisco a weak link, but it’s all I’ve got!


The match will be shown live on True4U at 18:00 on Wednesday 17 May, but we recommend you join us upstairs at The Sportsman on Sukhumvit 13, where a group of Port fans will be watching on a big screen.


Korat What Cats? Nakhon Ratchasima FC vs. Port FC, 14 April 2017


The Port Lions prowl in to Korat on Sunday seeking to devour their rather less threatening feline cousins the Swatcats. True to nature, the Lions have been in ferocious form this season, scoffing up The Beetles in Chiang Rai and sending the Thunder back to their Castle with their tails between their legs after their visit to the Lion’s Den. As nature intended, the Swatcats have been rather meeker, recording 3 wins (against 3 of the bottom 4), 7 draws (against the mid table sides) and 3 losses (to 2 of the top 3, plus Suphanburi). There’s a good pussy cat! Will Port be King of the Korat Jungle or will the Swatcats pounce on Port’s recent lackluster form?


Nakhon Ratchasima

Key Players


Adiyiah left his mark on Rochela

Port fans won’t have particularly fond memories of Korat forward Dominic Adiyiah (10), after he bicycle-kicked a golf ball sized bruise on to David Rochela’s forehead when the two sides met in pre-season. Port went on to record a 2-0 win that day, but Adiyiah was a constant menace, providing the Swatcats’ spark going forward and using his devastating pace to good effect down the channels. The Ghanaian international has performed well, but has only one goal and two assists to his name in 2017, suggesting that perhaps his meow is worse than his bite.

Thai forward Kirati Kaewsombat (99) proves that over-the-hill former Thai national team strikers like the number 99 *cough cough, Tana, cough cough*. I’ve got Kirati down as a key player more for his illustrious past than his current form. The bulky target man played 27 times for Thailand and enjoyed stints at Buriram and Chonburi, but is yet to find the net in 6 appearances for Korat this season.

Korat have been pretty solid at the back this season (17 goals conceded, to Port’s 25), and much of the credit to this must go to centre half Victor Igbonefo (15). Born in Nigeria but now an Indonesian citizen, the 6 foot 1 centre half is a strong ever-present figure at the heart of the defence. Josimar (30) will have his work cut out in what will be a tough, physical contest between the two.



The Russ Report

We like to get perspectives from fans of the opposition as well as our own, so we asked Nakhon Ratchasima fan, and writer of the excellent Swatcat Blog – Russ John – to give us his take on Sunday’s clash. Here’s what he sent us…

It’s great to have Port back where they belong in the top tier and their fans will receive a generous welcome back to the 80th Anniversary Stadium this weekend

I think this weekend’s matchup is a difficult one to analyze. The Swatcats have become the draw specialists with 7/13 draws so far – converting a couple of these draws into wins would see them well up the table, but my honest opinion is that the team is pretty ordinary and will struggle to make the top ten. Scoring goals has been a problem, and although Dominic Adiyiah (10, my Port fans man to watch) is a real talent he needs a big target man to feed off his work.

The Swatcats defence has looked vulnerable at times against the higher ranked teams – particularly down the flanks and if Josimar can break forward quickly he could be amongst the goals on Sunday.

An inconsistent start to the campaign for Port, producing euphoria then despair amongst their fans. This suggests to me that no real system has been planned or is being employed and that the team is relying too heavily on individuals having exceptional games. As we all know, very few players produce the goods week in, week out and exceptional performances cannot be relied on. It only needs a couple of defeats to plunge the team into mid table obscurity…or worse!!

So its dull old Swatcats verses enigmatic Port – a difficult one to call – if Port’s stars turn up on the day, an away win is possible but with the Swatcats being the draw specialists, one is tempted to suggest that a draw may be on the cards.

I am going to stick my rather fragile neck out and go for a home win.


Port FC

Starting XI


Suspensions are once again the issue, with Adisorn (13) and Suarez (5) both having picked up their fourth yellow card against Pattaya United. Whilst finding the right players to replace these two presents a challenge for Jadet, it could also be an opportunity to switch up the system against a team who – much like Pattaya on Saturday – will be difficult to break down.

After watching the friendly against Nakhon Pathom on Wednesday, it seems very likely that Jadet will switch to a 4-4-2, bringing in Tatchanon (39) for Adisorn, and Kaludjerovic (10) for Suarez. The addition of Tatchanon could bring the best out of Siwakorn (16), as he will have more freedom to attack with a disciplined defensive midfielder alongside him. Kaludjerovic may not have impressed with his early season form, or indeed in Wednesday’s friendly, but the man knows where the goal is. With Josimar (30) winning most balls in the air, there will be more scraps for Kalu to feed off than when he struggled in Port’s first few games. Alternatively, Tana (99) may get the nod up front, although he too is far from his best at the moment. It may not be ideal, but I think against bottom-half teams, Port need to come in to the game with a plan to win, and this system hopefully represents that kind of plan.

Other news from Wednesday’s friendly was that neither Worawut (36) nor Siwakorn (16) played any part, with Weera (1) and Ittipol (7) deputizing. We really hope they were rested rather than injured, and will be fully fit to take on the Swacats on Sunday!


Predicted Lineup



Key Battle




Adiyiah (10) operates mostly on the right, meaning that Port left back Panpanpong (19) will have his work cut out for him. Panpanpong will need his usual discipline and solid defensive play to keep Adiyiah in check, but with the Ghanaian being quite a bit quicker than him, he will also need some help from left winger Genki (18) and his centre halves, Rochela (22) and Dolah (4).


Korat What Cats?


A Sisawat – or ‘Swat’ – Cat


For those of you wondering what on earth a Swatcat is, click here to see our Crystal Balls feature on Nakhon Ratchasima FC.


The match will be shown live on True Sport 7 at 18:00 on Sunday 14 May, 2017. For those who can’t make it out to Nakhon Ratchasima, feel free to join us upstairs at The Sportsman on Sukhumvit 13, where a group of Port fans will be watching on a big screen.


Police On My Back: Port FC vs. Police Tero, 30 April 2017


Port welcome Police Tero to PAT Stadium on Sunday in a clash between two of this season’s surprise packages. Neither side were expected to be in the top 6 after 10 games, but that’s where they both find themselves. With Tero on 18 points in 5th place, and Port on 17 points in 6th, expect a close and hard-fought game, with home advantage probably making Port slight favourites.


Police Tero

Players to Watch


Cheeky rascal that I am, I was intent on doing two separate ‘Players to Watch’ lists. One for players acquired from Muangthong since 2016, and one for Tero’s other players. By presenting these lists as such, I thought, I would subtly undermine the reliance of The Fire Dragons on Muangthong cast-offs, reducing them to the status of a mere feeder team without stooping to the level of direct criticism. Unfortunately, in my sweet naiveté, I hadn’t bargained on just how many of the bastards there would be, and so with my dreams of an indirect yet stinging criticism in tatters, I thought “Sod that. Let’s just get stuck in!”

So, first on the list of former Muangscum is former national team captain Datsakorn Thonglao (7). Probably one of the top 5 most talented Thai players of all time, the 33 year old central midfielder has enjoyed stints in Germany with Kaiserslautern Reserves, and Vietnam with Hoàng Anh Gia Lai. After realizing that his best days were behind him, Muangthong put him out to pasture at Tero where he will likely score some spectacular free-kicks, pick up a boatload of cards and generally saunter about the place exhibiting the gratuitous hot-headed arrogance he could only really get away with while he was still good.

Mario Abrante (6) is the second over-the-hill former Muangscummer on the list. The Spaniard has one hell of a resume, littered with spells at a few La Liga teams, as well as representing Spain at all youth levels. Last season most fans at the SCG were impressed by his strong but calm leadership at the back, although management didn’t think highly enough of him to keep him on in 2017. Think of him as an older, less talented and less good-looking Rochela.

Michael N’Dri (9) makes the third thirty plus on my list, but this Muangthong failure still seems to be somewhere near the peak of his powers. Unfortunately for him, it’s not a particularly high peak. Brought in to challenge Cleiton Silva for a starting berth at the SCG, N’Dri never came close to making the Brazilian sweat. 8 goals in 27 games are the kind of numbers that will see you shipped straight off to Tero, and so it went. However, since becoming a Fire Dragon, N’Dri has racked up 6 goals in 9 games, indicating that perhaps he has found his level in a top-half but not title-challenging side. N’Dri is quick, skillful and good in the air, but seems to need an awful lot of chances to score.

Stop the press. It’ a miracle! I’ve found a Tero player who isn’t a former Muangscummer. After wading through Datsakorn (7), Mario (6) and N’Dri (9) I then encountered goalkeeper Witsanusak (1), defenders Suporn (3) and Weerawut (11), and midfielders Kasidech (24), Seksit (17) and Atit (8), who you may remember from his loan spell at Port last season. But I’ve finally found one who, against the odds, has never played for Muangthong. He’s hard to miss, to be fair. Kalifa Cisse (20) is a beast of a central midfielder who at his peak represented Reading 75 times in the Premier League. Moves to the MLS and then the Championship preceded the 6 foot 2 Malian’s move to Bangkok, where he has played for United, Glass and now Tero. On his game he’s practically unplayable, dominating the midfield with Vieira-like strides and Keane-like strength. OK, so maybe I’m giving him a little too much credit, although the comparison to the former destroyers stands up more on the disciplinary side. 3 yellows and a red card so far this season for Cisse indicate that he likes to get stuck in a little too much. With Siwakorn (16) fresh back from suspension, expect a foul-off in midfield. Maybe if he and Adisorn (13) go for one leg each, they might be able to bring him down!


Datsakorn Thonglao, Mario Abrante, Michael N’Dri and Kalifa Cisse




Tero have a lot of quality in their squad, and uniquely with so many new arrivals they have gelled quickly largely based on the fact that they’ve almost all played together at the SCG. It’s not a complete surprise to see them in 5th place in the league table, although most would have had them a few places further down.

This is probably mostly because they’ve had a relatively easy time to date, facing just 2 teams in the top 9, and 8 teams in the bottom 9. Port, by contrast, are just a point and a place behind Tero, but have played 5 of the top 9, and 5 of the bottom 9.

In more potentially positive news for Port, Tero are poor on the road, having managed just a solitary victory away at Super Power so far in 2017. In terms of their recent form, The Fire Dragons are unbeaten in April, with wins against Bangkok United and Honda and draws with Navy and Suphanburi.



Starting XI


The only change since Sunday’s away win at Sukhothai is the return of midfield maestro Siwakorn (16) from suspension. In an unexpected tactical maneuver, Jadet chose to replace Siwakorn by shifting Genki (18) to central midfield, with Tana (99) coming into the side on the left wing. Whilst Port got the 3 points, it’s unlikely that this system will be employed against The Fire Dragons, although it is possible that Tana will be preferred to Genki on the left after impressing in the second half against Bangkok Glass and having a hand in 2 of Port’s 3 goals against Sukhothai.

I expect to see the same XI who have performed so well in recent weeks with the possibility of Tana being given a start in place of Genki.


Predicted Lineup



Potential Suspensions


I’m not going to lie; this is getting scary. Currently on 3 yellow cards – one away from suspension – are Rochela (22), Dolah (4), Nitipong (34), Adisorn (13), Suarez (5) and Tana (99). Whilst these suspensions will inevitably happen at some point, Port are in the precarious position of 3 of the back 4 potentially being ruled out simultaneously. Don’t all get booked at once, chaps! With a tricky away trip to Chonburi on the horizon, we’ll need our defence as intact as possible.


Key Battle



The midfield is set to be the key battleground on Sunday. Kalifa Cisse (20) will be tasked with doing the dirty work for Tero, whilst Datsakorn (7) will – if selected – take up the creative burden. Interestingly, Datsakorn was on the bench for The Fire Dragon’s 3-2 win against Honda, although it seems more likely that the veteran was being rested rather than dropped.

For Port, Adisorn (13) will try to use his high-energy pressing to make life difficult for Datsakorn, whilst Siwakorn (16) will attempt to move the ball through midfield and start Port attacks. Whether or not the skinny wizard will be able to do that could depend on how much help he gets from Sergio Suarez (5). The more robust Spaniard will have to harry and disrupt Cisse to give Siwakorn a chance, as the Malian man-mountain will simply dominate the tiny Thai if they are left to slug it out one on one.

Teamwork is the name of the game for Port. They will need to stick together and fight for every ball in midfield if they are going to overcome their stronger and more experienced opponents.


The match will be shown live on True Sport 6 at 18:00 on Sunday 30 April, 2017


A Journey into Fire Bat Country : Sukhothai vs. Port FC, 23 April 2017


Port travel to Sukhothai – “The Fire Bats” – this Sunday looking to bounce back after the 3-0 thrashing by Bangkok Glass. On Tuesday I was ready to write about a poor Sukhothai with 4 points and not many prospects. Unfortunately for Port, Sukhothai managed a 1-0 win away at Thai Honda. When you know Honda had a player sent off in the 45th minute, the win against 10 men is slightly less impressive. Still we can all remember how we got on at Honda, no wait I don’t want to remember that. So the Bats will be lifted by their second win of the season.



In 2016 Sukhothai were guided through a great season by Somchai Chuayboonchum “Naa Chuai”, an Ex-Port Player (1976–1983) and briefly Port Manager (November 2014–April 2015). In the 2016 season they managed to finish 7th and technically win the F.A. Cup. Sukhothai made it to the semi finals of the F.A. Cup, but the competition was abandoned due to the death of King Rama IX Bhumibol Adulyadej. So the winner was decided by the drawing of lots and Sukhothai were the lucky ones. In the F.A. Cup quarter finals Sukhothai dispatched a Port team 4-0 at the Thung Thalay Luang Stadium. However, this result was against a team made up of 50% first team and 50% reserve players. After this result Port went on the beat Ubon UMT and secure promotion. 4-0 is a bitter pill to swallow, but it did help us win promotion.

After their great showing last year Sukhothai sacked “Naa Chuai” for no discernible reason. And following this unfair sacking they have imploded this year, 6 losses in the first 7 games is a terminal start to any season. With a draw and a win in the last two matches have Sukhothai now turned the corner? Let’s hope not. They have creative midfielder J. Rakotonomenjanahary or “Baggio” (10) for short, and he is quite short! He came to Port as a trialist before the 2015 season and I was one of the people who said he was too small to make it, and having a midget as a foreign player is a waste. He has proved me wrong, being the creative heart of a decent Sukhothai side in 2016. Sukhothai’s two foreign strikers have both knocked in 2 goals this year. Ivory coast forward Bireme Diouf (27) started the last game on the left wing with Admir Adrović (9) playing as a target man, so we are likely to be looking at two scary foreign strikers on Sunday. With only 4 goals between them, hopefully they won’t prove too scary.


Port’s Prospects

So is this a possible banana skin for Port? Yes, but not just because Sukhothai have some confidence now. The official Thai League website (90% reliable) says Siwakorn (16) picked up his fourth yellow card on Wednesday. So Port will be away from home and without Siwakorn. Siwakorn isn’t just a sublime passing genius, he works hard every game and plugs any gaps that need to be filled. He has a phenomenal love of yellow cards, he had a collection of at least 12 last year. Early in his career he had a habit of diving in for silly challenges just because he’d lost possession, now he’s calmed down a bit. He’s channeled this anger into a defensive strategy. If a dangerous player is free or looking likely to cause Port a problem Siwakorn will tackle with all the aggression of a young Graham Souness. Port get a respite from the attack, Siwakorn gets a yellow. Hence his large card collection.


So Port without Siwakorn(16) is the big talking point of the weekend. I think Jadet will bring in Piyachat (88) and he will attempt to play him in similar role to Siwakorn. Port’s line up is fairly settled now. Jadet did play around with the line up at Honda away, the last time we had two matches close together, but we all know what happened then. I hope we’ll see a similar set of players to Wednesday night and they’ll get a chance to regain some form.


Likely Line Up




Key Match ups


Baggio vs. Everyone else

Baggio (10)  is a great little player and if he’s given the freedom to play the ball around he can really cause Port some problems. If Port close him down they can close Sukhothai down. He is Sukhothai’s one creative driving force. Port’s midfield need to single him out, having one person man marking him and other players looking to close down his options.

He should start on Sunday, but away against Thai Honda he was brought on as a sub. Could be a new way to use Baggio, or it could be he was subbed on because it was a more defensive set up for an away match.


Diouf vs. Meechok

Mechook (20) has proved himself a quality right back, but if Sukhothai put Diouf (27) on the left wing the 32 year old wily striker will be another top level test for the 19 year old right back. Mechook is ready for it, but I think it will be a long day for the young man.


Key match up for Port vs.  BEC Tero


Dolah (4), Suarez (5), Nitipong (34) vs. The Ref.

Dolah(4), Suarez(5), and Nitipong (34) all find themselves on 3 yellow cards. Another entry in the book will see them miss a tough game next week. Next weekend Port face a half decent BEC Tero side currently sitting in 5th place.


Precious Points

We really need to take 6 points off the bottom teams this year. Sukhothai, Sisaket and Samut Prakan should be among those teams. Port have a habit of under-performing against lower league opposition, I just hope this trend stops on Sunday.


My Prediction

3-1 win for Port.

“Sukhotired: A View from Sukhothai” by Henry Musa

Where to begin, the season started with 6 losses out of 7, changing coaches twice and going from finishing 7th last year to now being in the relegation zone. It’s an understatement to say it’s been a disappointing start to the season for Sukhothai fans. After finally ending our 5 game winless streak on Wednesday, thanks to a 1-0 win over Thai Honda and being only 1 point away from safety, Sukhothai will definitely be hungry for the 3 points this Sunday. It’s unlikely that Coach Bae will change his starting 11 from Wednesday’s match. Whilst Sukhothai has slightly improved in both defence and midfield since the beginning of Coach Bae’s reign, 2 weeks ago, the team is still lacking the firepower and creativity we saw last season. Thankfully our goalkeeper, “Art” Pairote Eiam-mak (35) is in good form and has been keeping out the goals (most of them) and both Baggio (10) and Diouf (27) are also starting to pick up their game. Baggio seems to be the only play-maker on the pitch this season but Diouf does have his occasional spurts of brilliance. Thankfully Baggio walked away unscathed by that dangerous high tackle on him on Wednesday. Our two new foreign players, Anton Zemlianukhin (20) and Admir Adrović (9) also look hungry to prove themselves and have steadily been adjusting themselves to fit in with Coach Bae’s style of play. Sunday definitely looks to be an exciting match which everybody in the Sukhothai camp is looking forward to. It’s probably safe to say that Sunday’s match will most likely be a lot more competitive than Sukhothai’s last encounter with Port.

My prediction is a 2-1 win to Sukhothai.

For any Port fans travelling to Sukhothai, I wish you all a very pleasant stay in the nation’s historical first capital. For those of you who haven’t visited the ruins, it’s definitely a must see. Our two clubs have a very strong relationship and you can look forward to being greeted with hospitality at Talae Luang Stadium.”

Henry Musa is a long time Sukhothai fan now based in Rayong. He runs and regularly updates the Sukhothai English Facebook page, “Sukhothai F.C. English Fanzone”. While chatting to Henry, he told me he has a Thai Port connection. As a nipper Henry would come along to games at PAT stadium with his Dad and the Sandpit’s very own Peter Hockley A.K.A. “Hockers”. Henry sends his regards Hockers. 


The match will be shown live on True Sport 7 at 18:00 on Sunday 23rd April, 2017


Breaking Glass: Port FC vs. Bangkok Glass, 19 April 2017


Port will aim to continue their unbeaten run at home when they entertain Bangkok Glass on Wednesday. With Port flying high after a hard-fought draw with Buriram, a solid win against Ubon and then last week’s astonishing away victory at table-topping Chiang Rai, Port Coach Jadet will likely be trying to manage expectations both from his players and the fans. In-form striker Josimar told The Sandpit (interview coming later in the week!) that he and his teammates thrive when they are the David to their opponent’s Goliath, so despite the positive results and the surprising points total, expect a battling underdog’s performance from Port. It’s worked pretty well in the last few games, so let’s hope for more of the same!


Bangkok Glass

Players to Watch


There are only a handful of defenders as good as Port captain Rochela (22) in T1, and one of them is 34 year old Bangkok Glass captain Matt Smith (4). He’s strong, good in the air, reads the game well and never shuts up. Constantly organizing his back four and driving his team on, Smith is an invaluable asset to the Glass Rabbits. In what is set to be a key match-up, he will be tasked with keeping Josimar (30) quiet on Wednesday. With Josimar having scored 2 in this last 2 outings, Smith will need to use all of his experience to stop the Brazilian.

Ariel Rodriguez (7) is a speedy forward who has scored 22 goals in 31 games since signing for Glass in 2016. The diminutive forward won’t be winning much in the air, but his darting runs in behind will stretch the Port defence, who will have to be constantly vigilant in order to keep track of him. Ominously, the Costa Rican international has 4 goals to his name already this season. Port will have to be on top of their game to contain him.

Sarawut Masuk (14) may have been preferred to Jakkapan Pornsai (10) lately in Thai National Team squads, but I think Jakkapan is an absolute nightmare to deal with when he’s on his game. When he played for Suphanburi in 2015 he scored 13 goals and provided 14 assists, putting him in the TPL team of the season. He possesses a cultured right foot and has the ability to pass, cross or shoot with real quality from anywhere in the final third. Think of him as the opposition’s Pakorn, only a bit more consistent!


Matt Smith, Ariel Rodriguez and Jakkapan Pornsai



The Glass Rabbits have been hopping all over the place so far this season as far as their form is concerned. A crushing 0-4 home defeat against Muangthong on the opening day of the season was followed up by a disappointing 0-0 away draw at Super Power, who picked up their only point so far this season against Glass. Glass finally got off the mark at home in their third game, and made up for lost time by putting 6 past an admittedly awful Sisaket side. Impressive 3-2 home wins against Ratchaburi and Bangkok Utd sandwiched a 1-1 way draw at Suphanburi, after which Glass claimed an incredible third 3-2 win in four games to take all three points away at Navy. Just as they looked to be building up a head of steam at Leo Stadium, Glass suffered probably their worst result of the season so far, slumping to a 0-1 defeat at home to Thai Honda last week.

All I can say about Glass’ form is that it’s unpredictable! They’re unbeaten away from home, although they have played three teams in the bottom half, and they’ve had a huge win, a huge loss and a few dramatic 3-2s at home. Compared to the legitimately scary mob from up North who Port turned over last week, there’s certainly less to fear from Glass, although they are still a quality side who will be expected to be in the top 5 or 6 come the business end of the season.


Port FC

Starting XI – Getting Predictable


Jadet seems to have found a formula he likes, and the Port lineups are getting quite a bit easier to predict!

In goal will be Worawut (36) who – if he keeps up the heroic penalty-saving goalkeeping performances – could well make it difficult for Rattanai (17) to come back in to the team once he returns to fitness. A nice problem to have!

At the back there could well be a change, but only because of injury concerns. Panpanpong (19) picked up a knock and had to be substituted after the poor challenge that gifted Chiang Rai the penalty last week, and Jadet chose to bring on Meechok (20) at right back, shifting Nitipong (34) over to the left. If Panpanpong is fit I expect him to start, but if not then we will probably see Meechok and Nitipong again.

Rochela (22) and Dolah (4) seem set to continue at the back, although if Todsapol (6) has returned to full fitness, he could well be preferred to Dolah. Against a team who likes to play the ball on the floor and utilize the pace and trickery of Rodriguez up front, it may be wise to choose pace over power, but again it all depends on Todsapol’s fitness.

Midfield and attack now look to be very settled. After I called for Pakorn (9) to either be given a good talking to or dropped last week, he stepped up and won our Man of the Match award for a vastly improved display against Chiang Rai. It seems almost certain that Genki (18), Adisorn (13), Siwakorn (16), and Suarez (5) will join him in midfield, with a confident Josimar (30) leading the line after scoring twice in his last two games.


Predicted Lineup



Key Battle

Josimar vs. Matt Smith



I expect a lot of important duels to be going on all over the pitch between two quite well-matched sides, but the most intriguing one for me is Josimar vs. Smith. At 34 years old Smith, despite his experience, isn’t at the peak of his powers, whereas in-form Josimar looks like a real handful. Can Josimar make it three goal-scoring games in a row or will Smith keep the Brazilian under wraps?


The match will be shown live on True Sport HD 3 at 18:00 on Wednesday 19 April, 2017