Tom’s Transfer Talk: The Christmas Special


Tom’s Transfer Talk has been rather busy of late, what with the festive season in full swing and visitors from the motherland forcing us to spend our time decorating trees, eating dangerous amounts of chocolate and missing irrelevant friendlies. The shame!

That’s my excuse for being an awfully long way behind with transfer happenings, anyway. In true Christmas spirit, though, my gift to you all is a full roundup on what has happened so far, including a quick word about a couple of big signings that have been brought in since the last Transfer Talk.



Obviously the biggest signing, not just for Port but arguably whole league, is The Beast himself, Dragan Boskovic. The scorer of an all-time Thai football record 38 goals last season, the fearless wearer of cravats and the man of Transfer Talk’s dreams, Dragan is set to light up T1 next season in the blue and orange shirt that isn’t accustomed to sitting on the broad shoulders of a true Scary Foreign Striker. Transfer Talk sincerely hopes not to have to mention your name again for the duration of your 2 year contract, Dragan!



Weirdly enough, the second signing since our last Transfer Talk is perhaps more well-known to the internet than any other Port player. Terens Puhiri is that bloke who you might have seen making like Usain Bolt after giving an unfortunate Indonesian defence a ridiculous headstart and still leaving them looking like absolute plums on his way to scoring this viral goal. He will fill Port’s ASEAN quota in 2018 after signing on a one year loan from Borneo FC, and is expected to be used largely as an impact sub unless he impresses Jadet as much in pre-season as he did the internet in 2017!

Finally, here’s the rest of Port’s transfer business to date. Click on any of Port’s new signings to see their profile, or here for the full squad list.




Panpanpong Pinkong (loan from Bangkok Utd made permanent)

Chakrit Rawanprakone (Nakhon Ratchasima FC)

Athibordee Atirat (Nakhon Ratchasima FC)

Bajram Nebihi (Ubon UMT)

Kim Sung-Hwan (Ulsan Hyundei)

Nurul Sriyankem (Chonburi FC)

Bodin Phala (Buriram Utd)

Dragan Boskovic (Bangkok Utd)

Terens Puhiri (one year loan from Borneo FC)

Marcel Essombe (Ratchaburi FC)




Genki Nagasato (released)

Josimar Rodrigues (released)

Anisong Chareantham (Nong Bua Pitchaya)

Pravinwat Boonyong (loan from Bangkok Glass ended)

Siwapong Jarenrsin (released)

Marcel Essombe (loaned to Police Tero)



As the Outs column is rather shorter than the Ins you can expect that a few more players will be heading towards the exit in the near future, especially those like Tana who are rumoured to be on the outs and who haven’t been spotted at training. Come on everyone, let’s all wish for a Christmas Miracle!