The Portlist 6: Redemption


You know the drill. Port’s players ranked in order of importance.




1 (4) Sergio Suarez

Sergio has spent more time out of the team than in the team since my last Portlist, but he’s back now and showing us what we’ve been missing. Who’s going to stand up and take the deciding penalty in the dying minutes? Sergio. Who’s going to gamble and get in to the 6 yard box for a tap-in? Sergio. Who’s top of the Portlist again? Sergio.

2 (2) Dragan Boskovic

Dragan has been anything but consistent this season. Fortunately for him he has not been punished for his poorer performances, and now he’s on the upswing again he’s good to retain his number 2 spot in the Portlist. Since a fair amount of abuse was thrown in his direction after Chainat away Bole has looked like a different player, and that hard-working committed striker is the man who is now at number 2.

3 (1) David Rochela

David has presided over a defence which has had some great games and some very poor ones in 2018. He himself, however, has been mostly consistent, and that calm presence at the back is one that certainly makes Port a better team. Whilst I don’t think he is in the very highest echelon of defenders in Thai football, he’s still a crucial player for Port.

4 (6) Kevin Deeromram

We’re at that point in the season now where the potential to play well and influence games is irrelevant. All season long I’ve been talking about how players could make a difference if and when they find form, but at this point it’s time to elevate the players who have been doing that all season long. Step forward Kevin, who has been an example to his teammates with his application and ambition, and more than deserves to be moving up and up the Portlist.

5 (8) Nitipong Selanon

For too long Nitipong has been kept down at number 8. The ability to put in a 7/10 performance pretty much every week is one that very few in this Port team possess, and Nitipong’s value is that he is consistently churning out performances regardless of whether those around him share his willingness to work.

6 (9) Nurul Sriyankem

Nurul’s end product still isn’t where we would like it to be, but he’s a hard worker and is starting to figure out how to get the best out of himself on that unfamiliar left wing. The more he can help out the forwards by popping up in the box and getting on the end of things the higher he will rise.

7 (7) Kim Sung Hwan

I was hoping that moving Kim down to seventh would be temporary, but on current form he certainly doesn’t deserve to be any higher. The hope still remains that he hasn’t quite adapted to Thai football yet and could still find his feet, but at the moment all he seems to be able to find is his finger and his voice. Shouting and pointing is all well and good, but more is required.

8 (5) Siwakorn Jakkuprasart

Siwakorn’s inability to make the right decision in the final third was brutally exposed against Korat. Yes, Siwakorn’s work is primarily done in the middle of the park, but why oh why does he have to be such a liability going forward? He has the awareness and the technique anywhere else on the pitch, but just can’t seem to summon it when it really matters. What a shame.

9 (17) Elias Dolah

This list’s big mover. Dolah has finally found his way back in to the side and made himself undroppable for now with some excellent, solid performances. The more he grows in confidence and works on his concentration the more Port’s back line will fulfill it’s promise. Could easily move up the list if he performs consistently.

10 (3) Pakorn Prempak

The list’s other big mover, this time in the wrong direction. Pakorn has been serving up utter garbage with the odd assist sprinkled in since his match-winning turn against Air Force, and with the options at Jadet’s disposal surely can’t hold on to his place indefinitely if he keeps up this level of performance. Send him to the monastery in the break please, guys!

11 (10) Worawut Srisupha

I never quite know what’s going on with Port’s ‘keepers, but in terms of minutes played Worawut is usually ahead of his friend and teammate Rattanai, and that’s enough to keep him at number 11.

12 (13) Bodin Phala

He just looks so damn smooth when he comes on. He’s not the quickest or the most energetic, but he certainly offers something different, and it ought to be enough to give him a run in the first XI sometime soon.

13 (12) Adisorn Daeng-rueng

Port’s back-up to Kim, Siwakorn and even Suarez is another extremely consistent performer. If possessed with a little more natural ability he would be a nailed-on regular, but both he and Port seem happy to keep him around as a key squad player.

14 (16) Rattanai Songsangchan

Rattanai continues to win back his place in the team and then be swapped out again. It’s probably an injury, and the same thing will probably happen again in a few weeks.

15 (14) Todsapol Lated

Since the last Portlist, Todsapol regained his place after an injury lay-off then lost it again. He’s a good man to have around as a back-up.

16 (12) Arthit Butjinda

Arthit has made some excellent cameos and popped up with a crucial goal, but the more Boskovic returns to form the fewer chance Arthit is likely to get in the side.

17 (18) Terens Puhiri

Terens has finally been given the chance to show what he can do, and the signs were looking promising. Then Terens picked up a knock and has been replaced in the squad by he who shall not be named until much, much later in the list. Still, surely when Terens returns to fitness which, judging by a video he posted on his Instagram will be if not this week then next, he will be back on the bench and primed for 20 minutes of action.

18 (11) Athibordee Athirat

Athibordee has had his chance in the side, performed as a squad player playing out of position would be expected to perform and now finds himself back on the bench. All is right with the world.

19 (19) Panpanpong Pinkong

Firmly installed at number 19, with Kevin going absolutely nowhere save for injury.

20 (21) Worawut Namvech

It’s a real shame that one of Thailand’s top young defensive talents wasn’t given the opportunity when Port opted to play Athibordee, and surely Worawut will now cut his loan spell with Port short and go somewhere where he actually has a chance of getting some game time.

21 (24) Chakrit Rawanprakone

Chakrit made his debut as a late substitute against former club Korat last week, but with Terens returning to fitness will probably be back to playing for Port B before long. He’s scored for the T4 side and seems to be handling the situation well considering that he was a regular T1 started last season. Surely must be seriously considering his future with Port with the transfer window approaching.

22 (22) Watchara Buathong

Still third choice goalie, and he was even named on the bench last week. How exciting! Watchara is reported to being close to a move away from PAT Stadium, so expect that to go through soon.

23 (23) Chaowala Sriarwut

Continues to earn rave reviews in T4, and must feel like a place on the bench isn’t all that far away. After all, Buriram fielded a 15 year old the other week!

24 (29) Chanayut Jejue

Chanayut has scored a couple of superb goals this season for Port’s B team. Probably not enough to get him elevated to the first team squad, but the quality of some of his play has been impressive.

25 (25) Jetjinn Sriprach

Playing consistently. In T4. Another surely looking for a way out.

26 (26) Pummared Kladkleep

There’s been no sign of Pummared anywhere near the first team. Arguably less likely to move on as he has always been a lower league player anyway.

27 (27) Anipong Kijkam

Keeping his place in the Port B side, and could potentially be in the frame to be Port’s third choice ‘keeper should Watchara move on as expected. It would make sense.

28 (20) Meechok Marhasaranukun

Meechok has already announced his impending departure from Port, with a deal apparently in place to take him to Port’s opponents this week Suphanburi. I’m not surprised that Meechok has chosen to move on, but I am surprised that he has chosen another club where he is unlikely to be getting regular first team football. He had some excellent performances for Port, particularly in 2016 when he broke through as an 18 year old, and will always be thought of well by port fans.


99 (99) Tana Chanabut



How I wish Tana would keep on this strapping uniform and take to the streets with a whistle rather than don the blue and orange and mooch about PAT Stadium pretending to be a professional footballer. How I wish that were the case.


Tom Earls

Tom Earls

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