Red Lights Out! Pattaya Game Switched to Minburi


It was all going so smoothly. The pool villa was booked, the minivan was ready to go, and we were looking forward to the final weekend of the season. But no, once again the end of the season has been reduced to a farce, with a mere 4 days’ notice this time. To paraphrase John Lennon, “If you want to make the FAT laugh, tell them your plans.”

Apparently, last weekend’s storm did some damage to the electrics in the Pattaya area (whilst obviously leaving the rest of the country totally unscathed), and it seems the city’s electricians are unable to fix the lighting at Pattaya’s stadium, the Cialis Arena, in time for Sunday’s game. Too busy dealing with faulty vibrators one imagines.

One might think that the logical solution for this would be for Pattaya, unable to fulfill their obligations and provide a stadium fit-for-purpose for a fixture that has been on the calendar since January, to either forfeit the game or play it at the PAT, paying a fine either way; but no, this is Thailand we’re talking about it here, and so the game has been switched to a neutral venue – The 72nd Anniversary Stadium in Minburi, a ground so inaccessible that even Bear Grylls, when he attempted to get there for a Thai Honda game in 2016, said “Fuck this for a lark” and gave up halfway there (and even had he arrived, he’d have had to drink his own piss, so hard is it to get a beer at that godforsaken shithole).

The Sandpit has asked the FAT why the hell Pattaya have been allowed to move a game at 4 days’ notice and not get sanctioned for it; I doubt we’ll get an answer but we’ll update you if we do.


Tim Russell

Tim Russell

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