Tom’s Transfer Talk: Sumanya, My Lord, Sumanya


Sumanya Purisai is Port’s first big signing for the 2019 season, although his acquisition hasn’t yet been confirmed by Port. The move has, however, been all but confirmed by Bangkok United coach Mano Polking, who cryptically stated “Actually easy to explain… but not here!” when asked why he was letting one his best performers in 2018 leave the club. The reported fee is a whopping 40 million baht which, bearing in mind Sumanya is 32 years old, is quite a statement of intent from Port, and could well be the easy explanation Mano is teasing us with. This transfer could be interpreted as a pretty shocking example of overpaying for an aging player, but I’ll shelve the skepticism for now as I think this is an excellent signing from the perspective of improving Port’s chances next season.



Sumanya is an attacking midfielder capable of playing in an advanced role (think Suarez) or a central role (think Siwakorn). Considering Port’s propensity to rely on width and their lack of penetration through the middle in recent seasons, playing Sumanya and Suarez together with a solid defensive midfielder behind them (think Anon or Port’s Asian quota midfielder) could really address this imbalance. Sumanya would offer Port a much more potent attacking threat, while also providing competition for set-pieces, which Pakorn has had a monopoly on for the last few seasons.

This is a really positive move from Port management, who have had a few fans worried by the lack of early movement this transfer window. Those doubters can now be assured that the club intends to strengthen their squad once again this season – whatever the cost – and with another big announcement possibly set for the coming days (my lips are sealed… for now) Port could yet be fielding a significantly stronger first XI than they did in 2018.

As always, new signings go straight on to our Squad Page where we have player profiles including everything you need to know about our players. Sumanya’s is here.


Tom Earls

Tom Earls

Having moved to Thailand aged 10, Tom has been playing or watching football in Thailand for more than 18 years. A keen follower of the Thai National Team and an avid fan of Port FC, he is a regular contributor to The Sandpit.

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  1. James says:

    ฿40m for a 32-year old is quite steep really, and although he was fantastic in the season just gone: he didn’t exactly do too much in the years before it! I’ll get behind him regardless, and I’m happy that we’re addressing the need for change in the engine room. He’s someone that will fight for the entire 90-minutes and not go missing, although I think this means that we know that we’re going to miss out on Thitipan [I certainly hope not!].

    At least we’re now in strengthening mode, and I’m looking forward to the next wave of announcements. A new CB and a winger to replace Pakorn would be the best Xmas gifts I could receive 😛

    • Tom Earls
      Tom Earls says:

      Yes, it’s definitely positive on the playing side, although almost certainly a bit silly financially. Unfortunately the club really has to proceed under the assumption that they’re not going to sign Thitipan, as whether or not he joins depends on something entirely out of our hands i.e. his Japanese move falling through. A winger to replace Pakorn would be lovely IF there were any wingers more productive than Pakorn. I don’t know if you watched the Suzuki Cup, but for some games Thailand had Mongkol starting on RW who is a pathetic excuse for a winger. That, along with the fact that Port provided 3 of Thailand’s wingers in that squad really speaks to the depth of players in that position. Having said all that, 5 minutes in to the new season I’ll be baying for Pakorn’s blood and saying I’d rather have anyone else playing there, so I don’t know why I’m defending him!


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