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In the final installment of our 5 article series on ASEAN player scouting, it’s the turn of strikers. A perennial problem position throughout ASEAN national teams, this is also the position in which the biggest improvements could be made. Port have long struggled with finding both foreign quota and Thai strikers, so bringing in an ASEAN quota player who knows where the net is could be enormously influential. Here are five players we should be looking at.



Ilija Spasojević



Transfermarkt Value: ฿10m

Position: ST

Current Club: Bali Utd

Nationality: Montenegrin/Indonesian

Age: 29

Height: 1.80m


Spasojević has already been connected with a move to T1, and that’s no surprise. Thai clubs would be mad if they weren’t sniffing around. His scoring record in Indonesia is outrageously consistent, so you’re getting guaranteed goals, which from an ASEAN striker would be incredibly valuable. Spasojević was born and raised in Montenegro, but has played in Indonesia long enough to claim Indonesian nationality, which he did in 2017. His style is plain to see from his highlight reel, which is a litany of poacher’s goals. He does his work in the penalty area, and he’s good at what he does. Would probably be a massive signing for any team in T1.


Hoàng Vũ Samson



Transfermarkt Value: ฿6.5m

Position: ST

Current Club: Hà Nội FC

Nationality: Nigerian/Vietnamese

Age: 31

Height: 1.82m


Samson is the all-time leading scorer in the V League and he’s got Vietnamese nationality. He has unfortunately also had one complete failure of a stint in Thailand, when Buriram signed him only to play him twice and ship him back off to Vietnam. This doesn’t have to mean that the Nigerian-born forward couldn’t be a success here though, his goal record is so good that he surely has to chops to succeed given the right conditions. What those are is anyone’s guess, but the reward for being right is a boatload of goals, so why not chuck a fat wage his way and see what happens? Here’s a highlight reel from 2016.


Ikhsan Fandi



Transfermarkt Value: ฿1.5m

Position: ST

Current Club: Raufoss IL (Norwegian second tier)

Nationality: South African/Singaporean

Age: 20

Height: 1.83m


Ikhsan Fandi is the younger brother of Irfan Fandi, who was excellent in BG Pathum Utd’s defence last season. Ikhsan is a striker though, and impressively he’s notched 5 goals in Norway’s second tier this season, and he’s still only 20. He’s built like a tank, and he looks very useful in the air, which makes him practically unique in terms of South East Asian born players. This guy will be very hot property in years to come, so getting him while he’s still young could be a brilliant move. He’s still got a year left on his contract with Raufoss, so whether or not he’d be open to a move is questionable. Still, clubs should be making inquiries and keeping their ear to the Norwegian ground. Here’s a highlight reel.


Patrik Gustavsson



Transfermarkt Value: –

Position: ST

Current Club: Åtvidabergs FF (Swedish third tier)

Nationality: Swedish/Thai

Age: 18

Height: –


It’s an indictment of the lack of South East Asian strikers around that youngsters feature so prominently in this list, but with that said Patrik Gustavsson, who is apparently eligible to represent Thailand, could be a potentially shrewd signing. He’s only 18 and has made several appearances in the Swedish third tier. Here he is wearing number 14 assisting a goal for his team in the highlights of Åtvidaberg’s match with Lindome earlier this year. You’d probably want to bring him in on trial to see what he can do, but there’s a good chance he’d be a damn sight better than most of the Thai ‘strikers’ stinking out T1.


Marcel Sieghart



Transfermarkt Value: –

Position: ST

Current Club: SpVgg Unterhaching U17 (German Youth League)

Nationality: German/Thai

Age: 17

Height: –


They just keep getting younger, and there’s another family connection here, with Marcel’s older brother Alexander Sieghart playing for Bangkok United. Like Alexander, Marcel has spent time in Bayern Munich’s youth system, and is now playing for SpVgg Unterhaching’s U19s. He’s scored 4 goals in 16 games for them in the youth league this season, so looks to be a decent prospect, at least by South East Asian standards, although there are no highlights to whet the appetite. There would be little point in bringing over a 17 year old other than to give him a taste of training with a T1 team with a view to a future move, but there’s no reason we couldn’t be offering up that possibility.



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Tom Earls

Tom Earls

Having moved to Thailand aged 10, Tom has been playing or watching football in Thailand for more than 18 years. A keen follower of the Thai National Team and an avid fan of Port FC, he is a regular contributor to The Sandpit.

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