Bill Kills Port in Home Season Ender. Port 0- 1 Chiangrai Match Report.


As a school teacher, you see the telltale signs in the last few weeks leading up to the end of the school year. Students are listless, inattentive, impatient, lethargic, apathetic, lackadaisical, spiritless…Bingo! I have just described Port FC players in a discouraging home loss to Chiang Rai 0-1 on Saturday afternoon. It was the final home match of the season for the Lions and it looked like they can’t wait for this ‘endless season’ to end.

Bonilla, not the only one to find it a frustrating afternoon. 

The season opener at PAT Stadium was fourteen months ago. Port sported an impressive 9-3-2 home record until Saturday’s loss. The realization of the last home match of the season seemed to put a look of melancholy on many supporters faces at kick off. By the end of the match that look had turned to one of disgust. Fourteen months of wild ups and downs for supporters. This match was definitely on the downside. The match started off on the right foot, er..make that the left foot of Bonilla (99). At the 22 minute mark, Siwakorn (16) gave a streaking Bonilla a beautiful advance pass and his trademark laser shot forced Chiang Rai keeper Saranon to make a great diving save. Bordin (10) showed momentary signs of brilliance in the first half as he dipsey doodled past a couple of Beetle defenders and took a shot wide. Port had a great chance at the 42 minute mark when Bonilla fed Adisak (9) inside with a great ball but Adisak couldn’t convert (story of his season).

Bordin does the dipsey doodle

However, most of the match’s excitement centred around Chiang Rai’s number 9 Bill versus the entire Port FC side. Bill fell down in supposedly writhing pain in the Port FC penalty box after GK Worawut invisibly brushed him with his arm. Bill’s theatrics did not go unnoticed by Port assistant coach Milan Devic. He confronted Bill at halftime about the incident and there was enough shoving and pushing going on to warrant a red card for Milan. He continued to show his disdain for Bill as a spectator in the second half.

Milan – leader, legend, Bill truther.


The second half was when the lethargy and the disinterest began to show in Port player efforts. Fourteen months is a long time for a season and all the players can see the finish line. Chiang Rai outplayed Port for most of the second half and it was Bill who delivered the coup de gras as his 85′ mark low shot found the inside of the far post. It was Bill’s 16 goal of the season. The loss puts Port in a precarious position heading into next weekends season wrap up in Korat. Chances of finishing above Buriram for second place are remote and a hard charging fourth place Chiang Rai has got Port players attention. Their attention has been hard to find recently as this ‘endless season’ is about to end.

Port lost so heres the sad Oud sideline pic


Man Of The Match

We hate him, we loathe him and he is the poster boy for everything that we believe is wrong about Thai football but Rosimar Amancio of Chiang Rai Beetles is a damn fine football player. He scored his 16th goal of the season in Saturday’s match. Bill also scored as an agitator and seemed to have Port players paying attention to him instead of the football.

Bill, takes heaps of abuse from us but there are few more effective players in the league.


Unmarked Pictures: Allie Suwanrumpha(@endresultphoto)

Captions The Sandpit.

John Spittal

John Spittal

John Spittal is originally from Calgary, Canada and has been living in the Sathon area of Bangkok for eight years. After retiring from his work as a CBC radio news and sports reporter after 32 years, he came over to Thailand to teach English in Surin and in Bangkok. He has four children and two grandchildren who all live in Canada. John has been a Port FC supporter for 7 years.

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