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Blunder Hassle: Port FC 0-2 Buriram Utd Match Report

    Port failed to mark the re-opening of PAT Stadium with a positive result, as individual errors ultimately saw a promising first half display go to waste. We lost 2-0 to a more clinical side who showed more composure when it mattered. The long-awaited return to the PAT was a subdued affair all-around. Despite […]

Boli Bosh! Overhead Strike Tops 2020/21 Goal of the Season Poll

  With a convincing plurality of the votes, Yannick Boli has stormed to victory in this year’s Goal of the Season competition. Continuing the trend of foreign attacking players scooping the award, Boli’s strike is the successor to Suarez’ magnificent chip in 2019, with the likes of Boskovic and Thiago Cunha having also won the […]

Bad vs. Worse: Port FC vs. Rayong FC Preview

  It’s that time of year again. After foolishly holding out hope that Port might be reinvigorated by a trip to the SCG, there is no longer any room for doubt that Port are deep in to our traditional mid-season slump. Five winless games is troubling enough, but two of those results – the 0-2 […]

Ratch Me If You Can: Port FC vs. Ratchaburi Preview

  Just under 11 months ago, Port welcomed Filipino champions Ceres Negros to PAT Stadium for an ACL second round qualifier in which we were widely expected to advance. Port had already unveiled a garish gold Champions League shirt intended to be used in the next round, and some foolhardy fans had splashed the cash […]

Who’s Trat? Trat FC vs. Port FC Preview

  Another game, another manager. It might not seem like it, what with the long break and the familiar figure of Jadet having been back at the helm, but by kick-off on Saturday Port will be on their third manager in just 7 games. And once again, new coach Sarawut’s tenure is unlikely to be […]

Suspended Sentence: Port ? – ? Police Tero

  Ahhh, how I’ve missed Thai football. With it’s flawless planning, military execution and complete aversion to games ending in farcical circumstances, it was just another predictable week where everything went to plan, and everyone went home happy. The end.     Wait. Why is everyone singing Happy Birthday? Well, Thai football did indeed make […]

Masks For Goalposts: Port FC vs. Police Tero Preview

  Finally! The long months of pining for the hallowed gravel of the sandpit are almost at an end. We may be masked, separated and deprived of the moo ping and cold Leo that fuel our howls of disappointment, cheers of celebration and insults in whatever language the opposition keeper speaks, but we’re back. Well, […]

Thailand Gain Extra Champions League Spot in 2021

  The Asian Champions League, which Port crashed out of in the qualifying stages this year, is expanding from 32 to 40 teams from the 2021 season. This, along with the fact that Thailand moved past Australia to in the AFC’s club rankings, means that Thailand will go from 1 automatic spot in the group […]