The Portcast #24: Scouting ASEAN


Tom and James review an old series of Sandpit articles which looked in to 25 potential ASEAN quota signings, talking about how the players in question have got on since, and adding a few of the latest Suzuki Cup stars in to the mix.



The 5 original ASEAN scouting articles are here…








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The Portcast #23: The State of Things


Tom, Jim and James run through how the 2021-22 season has gone so far, touching on all of the big hitters but focusing on Port.



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The Portcast #22: The Swedish Model


No, this week’s guest Peter Sheppard hasn’t taken to strutting his stuff on the catwalk, but he has landed a position working in Swedish football, and he’s here to tell us all about it. How does football differ in one of the world’s most developed countries, with a league nearing it’s 100th birthday, and a developing nation in South East Asia who’s football league is in it’s teen years?

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The Portcast #21: National Team Talk


I’m joined by Gian Chansrichawla and Tommie Duncan to talk Thai national team. We consider all the major candidates for inclusion, and eventually agree on a 23 man squad which we think would serve boss Akira Nishino well.

Some big names miss out and some uncapped players make the cut, including a Sandpit favourite.

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The Portcast #20: Famed but Flawed with Gian Chansrichawla


Gian Chansrichawla joins The Portcast to give some us some more insight in to the crisis at Muangthong. We talk about SMM’s legal disputes with the Thai FA, SCG’s reported sponsorship cut-back and why Muangthong’s famous academy is not all it’s cracked up to be. there’s plenty we didn’t know about that Gian spells out in rapid-fire detail.

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The Portcast #19: Crisis or Strategy?


Muangthong’s ‘Dream Team’ of 2016 is no more, and the only question is how low can they go. Tom and James give their thoughts on how a club who, just a few years ago, could turn out an entire XI of Thai internationals could soon be realistic candidates for relegation.

Port’s transfers with Muangthong also go under the microscope, with James having particularly harsh words for T1’s top scorer.


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The Portcast #18: Thai Football Through a Foreign Lens


Tom and James talk about all the ways in which Thai football is experienced by foreign fans.

Are you the sort of fan who just turns up at the stadium and asks who’s playing?

Do you get your news from the newspaper?

Do you follow the official website or a fan-made equivalent?

Or are you following social media to find out what’s going on?

We cover all these areas and more, analyzing what’s good and what could be better in Thai football through a foreign lens.

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The Portcast #17: Around Thailand in 16 Stadiums

Tom and Tim take a virtual tour of Thailand, reviewing T1’s 16 stadiums and a few other particularly memorable venues. Along the way we give them our ratings, as well as telling some stories from our numerous away days.

From the Ballardian wastelands of Chaeng Wattana to the picturesque lakes of Sukhothai, we have experienced the good, the bad and the unsanitary.

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The Portcast #16: A Decade of Highlights


Tom and Tim are back for another Portcast, and this time we’re laying on an audio-visual experience for our audience.

Hit play on the podcast for a full explanation of what we’ve got lined up, and keep this page open so you have access to all the videos we’ll be watching, so you can watch and listen to the action along with us.

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The Portcast #15: Choked Out with Tim Russell


The biggest Thai League news of the season so far is Port and FA Cup winning coach Choke parting ways in unusual circumstances. I talk to Sandpit editor Tim Russell about the shock move, and analyse both Choke’s surprisingly honest interview and the club’s panicked response.

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