ASEAN Scouting Report: Goalkeepers


This is the first of a new series of articles in which I’ve identified 25 players who could in theory be brought in to fill Port’s two spare ASEAN quota slots. All of these players are dual nationality, with most sharing European and South East Asian ancestry. We’ve seen a host of players of a similar ilk come to Thailand and find great success, and it has been bewildering to me that since the 3+1+3 quota has been introduced more clubs haven’t jumped to take full advantage. With just a little scouting – the sort that  a bloke with no scouting background only using free online resources could do – clubs could potentially identify ASEAN players who could be as influential as any foreign player in the league.

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The Portcast #24: Scouting ASEAN


Tom and James review an old series of Sandpit articles which looked in to 25 potential ASEAN quota signings, talking about how the players in question have got on since, and adding a few of the latest Suzuki Cup stars in to the mix.



The 5 original ASEAN scouting articles are here…








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