Flour Power: Pang Extends Port MOU


At a press conference this morning, the Port Authority and Mme Pang announced that her MOU with Port would be extended for a further 5 years. The agreement, which was due to run out at the end of 2019, will now expire in 2024. We also understand that the agreement can be cancelled at 6-12 months’ notice with the agreement of both sides.

Whilst most fans I know, myself included, still have their reservations about Pang’s tenure at Port, it has to be said that without her largesse the club would probably be playing in T2 if at all, and the quality of players she’s brought in, and the spectacle they’re providing, can’t be denied. It’s such a shame that, after 4 years, the commercial & PR side of the club is still virtually non-existent, but one might hold out some forlorn hope that, with a longer-term deal now in place, there is more reason to get this side of things sorted out.

With the worry of what might happen without Pang’s financial backing now lifted, we Port fans can get on with enjoying what promises to be an exciting 2019 season.


Pang to Rights! Chairwoman Charged for Air Force Rampage


Following her recent meltdown at Port’s defeat at Air Force, the FAT have thrown the book at fragrant Port chairwoman Madam Pang. With the game at 2-2 after Port had recovered from a 2-0 deficit, the ref awarded Air Force a late penalty after Pakorn was adjudged to have fouled striker Greg Houla in the area. La Pang was decidedly unhappy with his decision and stormed off the bench with the intention of tearing the linesman a new one, and had to be physically restrained by an extremely courageous Dragan Boskovic.

The upshot is that Pang has been hit with a two-game touchline ban and a fine of 50,000BHT – 10,000 for leaving the technical area – 40,000 for criticising and using ‘rude words’ to the match officials. Not her most expensive ‘handbags’ of the year for sure, but still a sizeable sum. Her faithful assistant Joh has also received a 2-game ban.

Of course, there are those, myself included, who would argue that the owner of the club shouldn’t be anywhere near the bench in the first place; let’s just say that, in a season when Port fans have been banned from going to Muangthong lest fines and points deductions should ensue, it’s ironic that our only fine so far this season has been incurred by our esteemed chairwoman. On the positive side, at least it shows she cares as much as we do.



Spit in the Sandpit: Opening Day Notes


Warning…I am about to tell you about many of my observations of the season opener last Saturday night and I don’t mention or sing Genki’s name even once. So all you Genki fan boys move on, nothing to see here.

Close to a sell out, which warmed my heart, and as I looked out upon the sea of Port support I noticed hey, where are the black shirts in Zone D known as the Ultras? Have they been banned because of last season’s shenanigans? I miss having them there. Sort of a security blanket…like The Hell’s Angels providing security for a Rolling Stones concert, though that didn’t turn out all that great.

The new 50th Anniversary home kit is meh. I prefer last season’s white sleeves to the black and where’s the badge commemorating 50 years? The black away kit is sharp looking.

Wow. The pace in TPL (or do they call it Thai League 1 now?) is so much quicker. The ball is moving around a lot faster and I think our players had trouble adjusting for the first half hour. It’s so nice to see fast paced football return to PAT and of course the obligatory poor officiating. Ha ha ha.

Hey, I like our new foreign players. I thought after a slow start Spaniard Sergio Suarez #5 and Serbian striker #10 Andrija Kaluderovic provided Port with a dangerous one/two punch up front. Swedish-Thai defender Elias Dolah #4 is pretty slow but solid in the back and he seems to make right decisions when opposition is threatening. I give the new players a B+ grade.

I am disappointed with our new electronic scoreboard. It’s boring. It cost a lot of baht to install it and I’ve seen it display things other than score & time. I know league rules prevents it from showing replays but how about crowd shots or scores from other matches when there’s a break in the action? You can accuse of me of being a typical North American sports fan needing lots of bells and whistles on the scoreboard to keep me entertained but come on, can we have a little bit more than score and time?

My final observation of the night – Madame Pang is a rock star. The supporters just wanted to touch her as she came up to greet them in Zone C. I think she is a great asset to Port FC. I really do. I’m sorry all you negative Nellie’s. But just one bit of advice for the Madame, it’s weird watching the owner of the team lead the cheer in the players’ pre-match huddle.



The Portcast #22: The Swedish Model


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The Portcast #15: Choked Out with Tim Russell


The biggest Thai League news of the season so far is Port and FA Cup winning coach Choke parting ways in unusual circumstances. I talk to Sandpit editor Tim Russell about the shock move, and analyse both Choke’s surprisingly honest interview and the club’s panicked response.

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