Aye of the Tiger: Nakhon Pathom Accept Friendly Invitation


Port have had a Rocky last couple of weeks in terms of results, so they’ve decided that if they want to be a T1 Survivor this season, they need to get a bit more practice. So tomorrow night at the PAT they entertain Nakhon Pathom FC, aka The King Tiger, in a friendly.

We Sandpitters have a soft spot for Nakhon Pathom after a memorable under-the-radar away trip at the end of last season, so it will be good to welcome them to the PAT, albeit for what is just a practice game.

We expect to see Jadet and co cast their eye over a few fringe players such as Tatchanon, Wanchalerm, Hansson and Kaludjerovic, and we also hope to see Maranhao, whose pace and inventiveness have been sorely missed upfront so far this season. I suspect we may also see a handful of triallists given the upcoming June transfer window.

The game kicks off at 17:00 on Wednesday 10 May, and admission is as usual FOC.