Enter the Dragan! Boskovic Joins Port

Just when we were getting worried about the lack of a decent striker at Port, the club today announced the signing of 2017 T1 top scorer Dragan Boskovic from Bangkok Utd. Yes, that Dragan Boskovic. The one who scored 38 goals in 33 games last season. The one who has scored 71 times in 95 games for Bangkok Utd. HIM. Mme Pang described the deal as “an early new year present for Port fans” and she’s right about that.



As of yet we don’t have all the details of the deal, but frankly, we don’t care. We assume he hasn’t come cheap and we also guess it’s probably a 1-year deal. But whatever the T&Cs, Boskovic is a Port player and we finally have the Scary Foreign Striker we’ve been crying out for for so long. Our mouths are already watering at the prospect of Boskovic teaming up with the likes of Pakorn, Nurul, Bodin and Nebihi in Port’s attack next season.

If Port can just tighten up at the back and stop conceding penalties and silly goals, then 2018 looks like being a very, very exciting season indeed.